In honor of last nights #VSFashionShow we’re taking it backstage with a look at the soft and glamorous beauty straight from the runway. This show has its own identity; it isn’t about trends. To make the magic it took an army of hair and makeup artists to create VS’s signature beauty looks.

#AllTheDetails on The Hair at the 2014 VS Fashion Show:

#LetsTalkHair As for those cascading waves seen on every model, lead hairstylist Akki said, “I wanted them to feel a little more chic, wearable and easy since we’re in London” The look required a lot of extensions (they were mostly used to add volume, not length) endless cans of mousse and about eight big rollers per head. Akki massaged the mousse through damp roots, blow-dried the hair and ran the a circling iron through the mid-length to the ends. Then, he set large sections of the hair in rollers that stayed through makeup touch-ups, lunch and rehearsal. Right before the girls were about to get dressed, Akki unrolled the waves, running his fingers through them for separation and softness and adding a touch of shine serum to prevent frizz.


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