For the psychedelic-themed Dior Couture show, hairstylist Guido Palau came up with an inventive new way to do a ponytail using extensions and colored plastic links and we can’t get enough! The style was classic Dior—chic, tongue-in-cheek and designed down to the last detail. First, Palau worked mousse through the hair for volume, then he tucked the bottom section up under the top and molded the hair into an egg-like shape at the back of the crown before making a loop from which to attach the linked rings to. Then, he looped a thick hair extension around the second ring for a symmetrical ponytail that was totally far-out.

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All That Glitters: Chanel’s Metallic Cat-Eye Makeup


If you really wanted to rock an eye-catching look, you could really go for it with Chanel’s glitter glam cateye.

Peter Phillips, the key makeup artist behind the look shared that for his beauty inspiration, Karl Lagerfeld gave him a few key ideas to start off with: Iridescence, and a focus on the eyes,” says the artist. “We decided to go for light and fresh makeup, with a twist. For the eye makeup, I went for a classic black eyeliner and combined with an exaggerated holographic under-eyeliner in different-sized glitters.”To get the look right, the Phillips paired the dramatic eyes with bare-looking faces and sheer lipshine.

No, it’s not your everyday makeup — but, we’re dying to take it for a spin for our next big night out. What do you think about Chanel’s haute-couture take on the cat-eye? Would you give these lids a whirl, or do you think that it’s best left on the runway?





When we think of our ideal sleeping environment, we picture a soft down comforter, an array of fluffy pillows, and perhaps some soothing flute music to lull us to sleep. Nowhere in this scenario does sopping wet hair make an appearance—but in real life, it just might. If you shower at night and are sick of blow-drying before bed, there’s hope yet. Here’s some advice on how to sleep on damp strands and wake up with beachy waves.

Start by flipping your head upside down—it dries faster this way—and blasting it with a hairdryer until it’s damp, not wet. Then, twist your hair into four loose buns (secured with scrunchies, of course), and call it a night. (A single bun will give you a looser wave.) Or, if you want more of a rock ‘n roll look, you can braid instead of twist you hair. We recommend a loose French braid, starting just behind the front layers of your head.

Whatever you do, remember to keep it loose and messy. “Your inability to make a perfect braid or perfect curl is working in your favor when you’re styling before bed. It’s what makes the final outcome look cool—don’t worry about making it look fancy or perfect.




The term “anti-aging” seems pretty straightforward, but it’s really anything but …. Anti-aging products are preventative; they can’t turn back the clock, so most don’t actually treat aging skin. With that said, the fact that most women don’t start using these skin tone-evening, wrinkle-inhibiting products until after their fine lines have formed is certainly not the optimal approach. Your anti-aging regimen should start as young as your twenties and gradually become more thorough as you age. Here’s the lowdown on what ingredients should be incorporated into your routine as your skin matures through the years.

In Your 20s:
Once you reach your mid-twenties, your skin begins to produce less collagen, the protein that keeps the skin firm. The result is soft lines and spots—we call this “pre-aging.” Although these signs will be minimal in your 20s, it’s important to practice proper prevention to keep them that way.

They help to repair any damage that was caused by the sun, pollution, or stress by neutralizing these damaging free radicals and also promote skin cell growth. Because the effects of sun damage become more pronounced later in life, it’s imperative to treat and prevent sun damage as it occurs.

In Your 30s:

Your skin’s moisture level has dropped, making formed fine lines even more noticeable. This dryness also contributes to a duller complexion, so it’s time to up the ante of your anti-aging routine to make it a little more powerful.

Vitamins A and C
When choosing antioxidants, opt for vitamins A and C: Not only do they repair damage, but they work to brighten the skin, too.


Peptides are small proteins that help promote skin cell growth and help to make your skin look younger. Collagen is held together by peptide bonds—thus, the more peptides, the more collagen.


Niacinamide helps to protect and repair skin from damage by preventing the formation of dark spots, boosts collagen growth, and improves your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Not only are they natural exfoliators, so your skin looks brighter and healthier instantly, but alpha hydroxy acids also boost your skin’s cell turnover rate. This helps to fade dark spots and fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prevent them.

In Your 40s:

This is the era in your life when you really want to start boosting collagen production, so it’s time to turn to the big guns.

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid boosts collagen production and helps your skin to maintain a healthy hydration level.

Topical Retinoids

Retin-A has been proven to boost collagen production more than any other ingredient out there, so it’s wise to consult your dermatologist for a high-strength prescription version.




When Sienna Miller stormed onto the red carpet at Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards it wasn’t just her plunging Miu Miu frock that has us obsessed! It was her beautiful, sweeping hairstyle. This look is youthful, edgy and seemingly low-maitenance. While we’re guessing Sienna had a team of hair & make-up artists to get her red-carpet ready, we believe you can easily recreate this look at home.


Start by blow drying with volume throughout, using a medium sized curling iron to create a bend from the mid-length to the ends of the hair

Finish by using texturizing spray to create the perfectly disheveled edge. Mist all over whilst running your hands throughout.



#GETTHELOOK Model Off Duty: Georgia May Jagger

The cool factor that comes with this look is no effort, models who are off duty look simultaneously put together and as if they couldn’t be bothered to worry about their hair and makeup. Whether they’re coming from a photo shoot or heading to brunch with friends, the look is simple and chic.

Above is one of our favorite model off duty looks, combining smudged, smokey eyeliner and texturized hair. Below are a few tools you will need to get the look!

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How To Shape Your Eyebrows Like A Pro


The secret to a perfectly shaped eyebrow can be summed up in 4 points… or rather 4 lines: the beginning, the highest point of the arch, the end and where it all comes together.

1. The inner edge of your brow should line up with the outside of your nose.

2. The highest point of your arch should be where the diagonal line extending from the outside of your nose to the outside of your pupil would hit.

3. The outer edge of your brow should taper off at the point where your eyebrow and the diagonal line from your nose to the outside corner of your eye would intersect

4. The bottom of the inner and outer edges of your brow should line up horizontally.


Spoolie brush: The spoolie brush is really the unsung hero of beauty tools. It’s a must for separating eyelashes and removing mascara clumps, and you can also use it on your brows to brush the hair up and away.

Small scissors: After you’ve brushed all the hairs in one direction, snip any strands that are noticeably longer than others. And always cut across the top of the brow, never down.

Brow pencil or powder: Before you begin to pluck, give yourself a guide. Fill in your browswith a brow pencil, and pluck away only the strays.

Tweezers: The most important tool is, of course, a sharp pair of tweezers.

Armed with these tools and tips you can achieve shapely brows.




Whether you’re gearing up for a party or just looking to switch up your hair look, a chignon is an easy way to look pretty and polished. Amp up the classic updo with this chic twist!

#GETTHELOOK Low chignon

1. Gather your hair as you would if you were making a half-pony, with 2/3 of your hair in the ponytail. Clip this top section away.
2. Twist the remaining bottom section of hair (section 3) into a bun and secure in place with bobby pins. For a fuller appearance, tease this section and give a spritz of texturizing spray (we love Blo Pro Beach Blow Texturizing Mist) before creating the bun shape.
3. Unclip the top section of your hair and divide it in half, split diagonally down the middle from left to right.
4. Taking the right section (section 2), wrap it over and around the bun in a counterclockwise direction and pin it in place. Repeat this step with the section 1, crossing it over the bun in a clockwise direction and pinning it in place.

Finish with a strong-hold hairspray like TIGI S Factor Vivacious Hairspray to set everything in place. If you have any tendrils left in the front, use a 1-inch barrel curling iron to create pretty, face-framing curls.

And there you have it – a simple, chic and elegant chignon you can wear on the daily or save for special occasions.


What Does Nail Color Say About You?


Ultimately, your mood determines which nail polish color you choose. Are you feeling feminine, a sheer nude with a hint of pink like OPI Samoan Sand or bold like a vibrant yellow or pink? According to many studies, a person’s attraction to particular shades can speak volumes about their personality. Where do you fall?

If you always wear black nail polish, you are…


A beautifully painted black manicure is extremely chic. Having said that most women wearing a black mani are creative types that think out of the box — and a little bit of a rebel. It takes a lot of confidence to wear a black manicure, and for most women that do wear one, it’s their signature look.

Polish Picks: OPI Black Onyx

If you sport neon nail colors, you are…


Bright colors are an awesome visual for anyone wearing them. You have no choice but to get your energy up and get going!

Polish Picks: OPI I’m India Mood For Love 

If you are into pretty pastels, you are…


Soft colors like pale pinks, creamy beiges and even variations of bright colors like a soft yellow or coral can definitely add to a relaxed state.

Polish Picks: OPI Mod About You 

If your go-to nail polish is orange, you are…


Shades that would be ballsy or impulsive are a bright pop of orange, an opaque baby blue or a metallic green.

Polish Picks: OPI Tazmanian Devil Made Me Do it 

If your nails are painted in a rich wine shade, you are…


Sexy, sultry for me is always a dark burgundy nail. It’s a modern classic.

Polish Picks: OPI Midnight in Moscow

If you prefer a clean white mani, you are…


A solid white manicure is fresh and very chic. It works on all ages and lends an element of youth to anyone wearing it.

Polish Picks: OPI Ridge Filler 

If you like to mix it up with neutral and bright colors, you are…


If your go-to manicure right now is a beige nail with a pop of metallic, bright or neon color on the tips you’re happy! You can even switch it up by putting a different color on each tip. Play around with designs, too; you can do a chevron tip, a classic French, asymmetrical or even a row of dots. The possibilities are endless!

Polish Picks: OPI My Vampire is Buff 

If your nails are always a fiery shade of red, you are…


I’d like to think there isn’t such a thing as an ‘angry’ manicure, but if I had to choose, I would venture to say a blood red manicure could be construed that way.

Polish Picks: OPI On Collins Avenue 


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