All That Glitters: Chanel’s Metallic Cat-Eye Makeup


If you really wanted to rock an eye-catching look, you could really go for it with Chanel’s glitter glam cateye.

Peter Phillips, the key makeup artist behind the look shared that for his beauty inspiration, Karl Lagerfeld gave him a few key ideas to start off with: Iridescence, and a focus on the eyes,” says the artist. “We decided to go for light and fresh makeup, with a twist. For the eye makeup, I went for a classic black eyeliner and combined with an exaggerated holographic under-eyeliner in different-sized glitters.”To get the look right, the Phillips paired the dramatic eyes with bare-looking faces and sheer lipshine.

No, it’s not your everyday makeup — but, we’re dying to take it for a spin for our next big night out. What do you think about Chanel’s haute-couture take on the cat-eye? Would you give these lids a whirl, or do you think that it’s best left on the runway?



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