For moisture and growth



Protein for strength, volume, shine and texture


For damage control


The remedy for thinning, dry, or frizzy hair


Think of this as a food lovers conditioner


A trifecta of olive, jojoba, argan and coconut oils to strengthen, moisturize and rid your hair of any dandruff




When you have dry skin on your face, it can be difficult to wear the makeup that you want. Take these skincare tips and apply them to your makeup routine when your dry skin refuses to behave. Here’s how to ensure an all-day, flake-free complexion.

Trying to apply makeup to your dry skin is no easy task. The dreaded no peeling, foundation flaking, concealer cracking, well good news! It’s all preventable. Here’s how to ensure an all-day, flake-free, perfect complexion.

It’s All in the Preparation

1. Begin your routine by using a creamy exfoliating cleanser like Skinmedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleaner with gentle beads to sweep away any dead cells sitting on the skin’s surface.

2. Use a fast-absorbing SkinCeuticals serum in place of your moisturizer, so that the product can quickly work its way into your skin, delivering immediate relief and hydration.

3. An essential step in prepping your skin for a flawless makeup application is primer. The creamy texture will keep skin moisturized and act as a “blur,” smoothing out pores and any imperfections. We love Youngblood Miner Primer.

The RIGHT Formula
Dry skin is practically begging for nourishment (with flakes acting as tears!), which is why liquid or textured makeup is the only way to go. Anything heavy or cakey will almost instantly cause irritation and botch your beautiful makeup job.

Opt for lightweight foundation and apply it with a synthetic foundation brush since it’s gentle enough to keep your skin from flaking. The same goes for blush! Use a creamy compact or liquid stain instead of powder for added hydration that won’t crack.




Textures are no new concept in the beauty world. From leather-inspired nail polish, to metallic gold hair spray, I think we’ve seen it all.  This season, we can’t get the crystal “eyeliner” at Rodarte out of our heads.  Makeup artist James Kaliardos was exploring a new way to do natural, transparent makeup. He’s calling it “Reflective Makeup” gluing strips of Swarovski crystals under the lower lashes in a straight line to highlight the eyes. “The Swarovski crystal effect on the eye adds depth and shine to the lower lash and the glossy lip reflects light” It’s a new, sparkly way to decorate our lower lashes.



This may be the most glam way to cover up under eye circles.




Despite any opinions we may have on a matchy-matchy beauty, we love Kendall Jennder’s siren look at this years amfAR Gala in New York City. She paired a bright, reddish-orange dress with vibrant lips (For a similar hue give TIGI Cosmetics Decadent Lipstick in Luxury a whirl) While matchy-matchty can definitely feel dated, when done correctly, it reads sophistication and class. When matching your lipstick to your outfit, first decide if you want to go with a shade that is complementary or an exact match. Next, look at the undertone of the lipstick and of your outfit to ensure it’s a match. Your complexion will also play an important role in this decision. For a flawless look, try to match cool lipsticks with cool skin tones and warm lipsticks with warm skin tones.

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1. Spritz hair with (VOLUME PREP) to give volume and thickness in preparation for the hair to hold the finished style.

2. Blow dry hair straight to help expand the volume while also creating sleekness; add a light mist of Big Sexy Hair Shine Spray for a touch of sheen.

3. Create a solid center part before pulling hair tightly back into a ponytail that rests just above the nape of the neck, but below the center of the head; firmly secure with an elastic.

4. Taking two sections from the ponytail begin to strongly knot the sections tightly doing this continuously until the end of the ponytail.

5. Coil the knotted sections up into the base of the ponytail letting random pieces poke out for a sculptured look and added detail. Secure the knotted bun with pins until it is tight to the head.

6. Apply Hair Spray onto a small bristled brush and gently use on the top of the head toward the bun to smooth flyaways.




There are a lot of reasons we love backstage at New York Fashion Week: the models, the celebrities, the nails and of course the gorgeous beauty looks. But perhaps the most appealing aspect is that we get access to the top-tier makeup, hair, and nail pros in the world. These experts fly in for one week only to make sure every model is done up to perfection. And we beauty reporters are by their side, recorders out, soaking in all their knowledge. But we’re not greedy! So, here we’ve rounded some of the genius tips and tricks we’ve overheard backstage at the Fall 2015 tents. Keep reading to learn everything from how to turn your favorite shimmery lipstick into a velvety matte one to a new way to texturizing your hair.

Mattify Your Favorite Lipstick

Problem: you love a certain lipstick shade but wish it were matte. Backstage at Tibi, makeup artist Cassandra Garcia pressed a Pink lip shade on the pout and then dusted the mouth with a Porcelain Pearl blush to create an original matte hue. As with any matte lip color, make sure to let the lips marinate in lip balm first to rectify any dryness. This trick will also transition your favorite bright Summer lip hue to a more velvety, Fall-appropriate finish.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.11.00 PM

Play With Your Tools
Precise, geometric nail art isn’t just for the accurate hands of a manicurist — all you need to do is upgrade your everyday striper brush with a quick modification. Jin Soon Choi suggests cutting the tip off the brush. Instead of the standard pointed tip (like a v shape), hold your scissor perpendicular to the brush handle and snip the tip straight across to create a flat, squared-off edge. Forget those feathery designs — now your work will look blockier and crisper, like the Prabal Gurung runway nails.


Apply Cream Blush With Your Fingers
Remember the ’80s, when blush took over your entire cheek from lip to brow? Thank goodness trends are fleeting! Backstage at Misha Nonoo,makeup artist Marc Reagan taught us the more modern way to apply cream rouge — with your fingers. First smile and place product on the shelf of the cheek. Then, dab the color all the way back toward the hairline. Finally, use a separate clean finger to blend it downward. “[This technique] keeps the blush high on the cheek, which is lifting, and it covers the right area of the cheek where you naturally flush,” he said.


Mascara Free Eyes 
Much like the seductive sophistication found in Altuzarra’s Fall 2015 collection, the makeup also was sublet yet alluring. For this collection no mascara was applied, the eyes were smoked with great eye shadow in the inner corner of the eyes and copper on the bottom lid. Shading and blending the colors together for sheen.

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Well-moisturized lips look plumped at the surface, while dry, dehydrated lips will look the opposite of plump—thin, weathered, and wrinkled. Apply a thick layer of a super-restorative lip balm like Peter Thomas Roth Lips To Die which will go to work on dry, chapped lips while you sleep. In the morning, you’ll wake up with lips that already look fuller (and softer).

In the morning swipe on a buttery, plumping and conditioning lip balm, like Bliss Fabulips Glossy Balm Citrus Mint.

BRIGHT LIPS 101 Unlike a nude lip, a bold hue requires more effort. Follow these five-steps to ensure poppy pout perfection.


Dab on a concealer for an even base (try TIGI Cream Concealer; $12.05), then paint on your color with a lip brush, starting from your Cupid’s bow and working outward. We love TIGI Cosmetics Decadent Lipstick in Finesse, a great vibrant hue. Blot with a tissue. Apply a neutral lip liner to clean up the edges along your lip line. Pat a fine highlighting powder on the center of your lower lip to create the illusion of fullness.




Everyone likes a good debate right? Well in our office, the latest debate is about toners. Do they play a critical role in a skincare regimen or are they an unnecessary step in the cleanse-tone-moistuize process? According to Dr. Murad, tonins is an essential step in any healthy skin care regimen. It restores skin’s natural pH balance.

When we look at the aging process, basically there are three types of aging. Genetic, Environmental aging, which is being in the sun, pollution, smoke, wind, heat, all of that. Then there is hormonal aging: our hormones begin to shift, and what happens is that your skin becomes thinner, you get larger pores, you’re a little drier, you get a little bit of facial hair and breakouts.

If you’re looking to add a toner or astrigment to your skincare routine, its curtail to find one that’ll work best with your skin type. So keep these tips in mind.

Have oily or combination skin? Use an astringent. These work best when it comes to removing excess oil, says Dr. Nathan Newman, M.D. Astringents have ingredients such as alcohol, witch hazel, or acids (like salicylic acid) that help reduce oil production and fight acne. Using an astringent is critical for oily skin as it helps “clean and tighten your pores, making it harder for debris and dirt to penetrate your skin and cause irritation or breakouts,” says Murad.

• Have dry or sensitive skin? Use an alcohol-free toner. Those with dry skin should avoid using astringents or toners that have retinols, glycolics, or benzoyl peroxide in them. These will be “too drying and may even cause the skin to breakout,” says Newman. Instead, look for one that is water-based and has ingredients like rosewater or chamomile extracts, and vitamin B derivatives like panthenol, which help lock in moisture and prevent makeup from looking cakey.

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