When we think about aging, the first thing that comes to mind is wrinkles. But there are many other issues that we ignore, one that adds years to our age even before our first wrinkle appears is thinning eyebrows. Loss of eyebrow hair tends to affect most us early, usually in our 30s but peaks by the age of 45 or so. And if you’ve been an avid tweezer (as most of us are) then chances are you’ll be one who will be hit the hardest.

Whether your eyebrows are thinning, graying or fading these simple tips will help you restore fuller eyebrows and regain a youthful looking appearance.

Enter, Rapidlash, an innovative way to regain fuller brows. What sets it apart from pencils and powders is its unique formulation or lash enhancing, conditioning, moisturizing and strengthining ingredients exclusive to Rapidlash.

Specifically designed to target eyelashes and eyebrows from every angle:

Polypeptides, comprised of beneficial amino acids, help protect against breakage and support more youthful appearance of lashes and brows
Biotin (Pro-vitamin B7 / Vitamin H / Coenzyme R), an essential factor in maintaining healthier-looking, youthful lashes and brows
Panthenol (Vitamin B5) helps coat the lashes and brows and seal in moisture and nourishment for improved overall appearance
Amino Acids help replenish the building blocks of lash and brow hair by boosting the protein structure and resulting in healthier-looking appearance of lashes and brows
Soybean Oil, rich in vitamins, helps impart sheen and luster to lashes and brows making them appear lush and beautiful
Pumpkin Seed Extract, high in zinc, EFAs, amino acids, vitamins and phytosterols, helps enhance the appearance of lashes and brows

SHOP NOW: Rapid Lash, $29.96 at The Beauty Place compared to $49.95 retail.


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