Your body’s largest organ is your skin. The epidermis, the top of your skin, is the fastest growing organ. In Chinese Diagnosis, problematic skin or new skin concerns can actually be a reflection of internal organ health. Becoming familiar with areas of your face that are linked to certain organs can help address the reason behind breakouts that are occurring.

skinacea-acne-map1. Above the brows. Chinese medicine specifies this area as being linked to your gallbladder and liver. Frequent breakouts in this area may mean that you need more water and eating healthy foods to eliminate and filter out waste better.

2. Between the brows. This area is also related to the liver. Heavy consumption of alcohol, rich foods and even food allergies will trigger breakouts in this area.

3. Nose. The nose is connected to your lungs and heart. Breakouts may also signify lack of vitamin B or high blood pressure.

4. Left cheek. Differentiating between left and right is important in Chinese medicine. Concerning the cheeks, the associating to internal organs is different. The left cheek is associated with your liver. Cooling foods are suggested like cucumber , green beans and melon.

5. Right cheek. The right cheek is associated with your lungs and respiratory system. People with allergies or that smoke will experience congestion in this area. If you have a high intake of sugar, consider cutting back as well.

6. Mouth. Breakouts occurring in this area reflect poor dieting. Associated with your digestive organs, it’s suggested to cut back on spicy and fried foods. Try out eating more fiber, fruits and vegetables.

7. Chin. This area screams of hormones. Frequent breakouts may require a visit to the doctor or gynecologist to check your hormone levels. Try and relax as well. Stress can be a huge factor in breakouts. Some suggest drinking spearmint tea or taking omega-3 to soothe breakouts. For women, breakouts occurring on the sides of the chin typically will occur during that time of the month.

As you can see, many of the breakouts can be reduced with a change in diet. Make sure to have proper hygiene as well and you should notice a reduction in breakouts.

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