bbeauty-marcjacobs-tmagSFMakeup artists and hair stylists backstage for fashion shows are pressed for time to achieve the nail, makeup and hairstyle looks that models will strut down the runway. Because of this, we find that the best tips  come from the behind the catwalk.

Heat Styling Tips

To help protect hair from heat and to avoid frizziness, slip a sock diffuser over the hair dryer nozzle.

For big curls with lots of volume, use a texturizing gel in each section before curling. Do it section by section so the gel doesn’t dry up before you can curl it.

Hair Tips

To protect hair from getting stained from temporary hair chalk/color, spritz a shine spray or hair spray before applying the color. The spray will create a shield. After applying color, spray again and it will lock it in until it is washed away.

Textured waves in 15 minutes or less – rub mousse into dampened hair and pin hair in a low bun.

Create a faux bob in minutes by french braiding a section of hair underneath the length desired. Loop it around the base of the head and pin it in place.

Nail Tips

For a perfect nail moon, pat three small dots in the shape of a triangle where your half moon would be and fill in.

Use two nail polish colors to create a unique shade. The key? Let the first layer COMPLETELY dry before applying the second nail color. The opaque color should go first and the sheer color on top.

We want glitter nail polish on our nails to look like how it does in the bottle. Apply three layers to get complete coverage. Make sure to let dry in between layers!

Lip Tips

Apply light touches of foundation to the lip and lip balm to create the perfect nude lip.

To make lip color last longer, use a lip pencil to cover the entire mouth. Then apply a layer of loose powder. Layer on the lip color. A matte lipstick is preferred. Apply another coat of lip liner.

When using matte lipstick, apply lip balm and let it set for a couple of minutes. Wipe away the balm and apply the matte lipstick afterward.

Offset glowing skin by using a matte lipstick and pressing your finger on your lips for a softer look.

Face Tips

To avoid the glittery look of using a highlighter, mix it with eye cream to make skin look like it is glistening.

Use a child’s toothbrush with hairspray to tame your eyebrows. The result is more natural looking and it helps stimulate hair growth with the massage the bristles give.

Apply a thin layer of concealer on top of your blush to make it seem like it is coming from underneath your skin.

Eye Tips

For the perfect smoky eye, dab eye shadow onto the middle of the  eyelid and blend outward on each side.


Which of these tips will you try? We want to know!


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