ice-facialOne of our team members has a date tonight and when she woke up this morning she noticed a blemish. Specifically an underground pimple, just starting.

The horror!

Armed with products from and experience, she took immediate action. The result? The blemish has a shorter lifespan and reduced redness (and wonderfully hidden with makeup).

The product winner is SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Mask. Instead of applying it on your entire face, use it as a spot treatment on the blemishes. The magic number is 25 minutes before washing off.

Continue the spot treatment with ice. Keep ice on it for 1 minute. Remove for 5 minutes and reapply for 1 minute.

Finish off with an acne spot treatment.

Whatever you do, resist the urge to touch or squeeze the blemish. It will enlarge the swelling and worsen the redness.

Finish off with concealer and the remainder of your makeup application for a worry free day or night!

Any tips for other blemish concerns? #WeWantToKnow!

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