Popular in the runways, the negative space mani is the equivalent to the cutout dress in the fashion world.

The mani doesn’t require a base color and gives the illusion of nail polish colors and designs floating against a bare nail bed. From linear styles to curved patterns, there is a design for anyone’s taste!negativespacemani


1. Apply a clear base coat and let it dry thoroughly.

2. Use nail tape to cover the areas you want to keep bare. Nail tape is great for creating designs as well for those inspired to try it out.

3. Paint over the nail in the desired color.

4. Let the polish dry and carefully peel off the nail tape.

5. Follow with a clear top coat.

Tip: Having a nail polish correcter pen handy can help clean up smudged polish around the nail bad and make your negative space designs more precise. Run it along any uneven spots to make the lines and curves crisper before applying the top coat.


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