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Texturizing sprays and dry shampoos are two hair products that are found behind the scenes during runway shows, movie sets, beauty salons and your bathroom. With similar functionality, it is hard to choose which one you should use.

Texturizing sprays are considered the hybrid between the sea salt sprays and dry shampoo. It is ideal for styling to create versatile styles without weighing hair down. Use for beach waves, second day hair, ponytails with texture, braids with texture – anything that may need more dimension. For a more voluminous look, spray it all over by lifting larger sections of hair and spraying throughout. You can also spray it in concentrated sections for better hold or a more defined style.

Dry shampoos are known as the hair refresher. Ideal in helping hair last longer in between washes, it helps remove oil from hair. It can help boost volume depending on how much product is used. Perk up hair by lifting hair in two inch sections and spray a light amount 10-12 inches away from your roots. Many dry shampoos may leave a dry powdery look – just blend. Use your fingertips to tousle your hair to make the powder blend into strands. Work a slim brush with bristles through your hair and you’re done!

Dry shampoos tend to help deodorize hair as well.

Texturizing sprays are great for styling but as it adds more product buildup, you may need to wash your sooner than if using dry shampoos.

Many products have become 2-in-1 adding texture and refreshing hair or refreshing hair and adding volume.

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