We love our heat – blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons – the works.

With so many features to consider and different types. it can be a daunting item to have on your shopping list.

We gathered the important deets you need to know before choosing one of these items to be your partner for years to come.

Hair Dryers – Master of Blowouts

There’s nothing like the feeling of an AMAZING blowout. Well, almost nothing. Hair dryers are probably one of the more complicated hair tools to consider given the different ones on the market (of both good and bad quality).

First consider the power of the hair dryer. 1800 watts is ideal for fine to normal hair types. 1800 – 2500 watts would be better for thicker, coarser hair. These numbers determine how efficient your hair dryer is and the right watts for your hair type can cut your drying time significantly.

High quality dryers will be on the pricey side  but they have the ability to improve the appearance of your hair and allow it to look healthy. Low quality dryers typically have low wattage and intense heat that damages hair, leaving it dull and frayed.

You also need the cool shot. It’s necessary and many don’t understand its function. Use the cool shot to help seal in your style, bring out your hair’s shine and reduce frizz.

We prefer hair dryers with adjustable heat settings. This helps avoid heat damage during styling and makes it ideal for styling hair one day and restyling the next without using too much high heat. Attachments concentrates the airflow of the dryer.

There are also different types. Ceramic/Titanium dryers are ideal for curly hair, keratin-treated hair, frizzy hair and hair prone to heat damage. Ionic dryers are ideal for dry, damaged hair, frizzy hair and coarse, thick hair types.

For the wanderlust hair stylers, blow dryers with dual voltage are ideal for overseas trips.

Flat Irons – Sleek and Always Chic

Let’s just start off with the cardinal rule – always use heat protection products with tools coming into direct contact with heated plates.

Flat irons have different plate types. Similar to hair dryers, straighteners have ceramic plates, ceramic and teflon plates, tourmaline/ceramic plates, and even ceramic diamond plates. Ceramic plates helps add shine and doesn’t cause friction between the hair strands and plates. Ceramic plates with non-stick teflon coating prevents snagging. Tourmaline/ceramic plates contain ionic and infrared technology that helps hair appear healthier and makes it manageable leaving it frizz-free. Ceramic diamond plates are of high-performing quality in less strokes with a much smoother glide.

You also want to make note of the width of the straightener. For short hair lengths, 1/2 inch flat irons are ideal. Short to medium hair lengths benefit best from a 1 inch while longer hair lengths will be handled best by 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch plates.

While thicker hair can handle high heat, those of us with fine hair would benefit from a flat iron that has adjustable temperature settings to reduce the amount of heat damage.

Curling Irons/Wands – Curls Run The World

Curling iron or curling wand? How will we ever decide! At, editors are definitely partial to the curling wands due to the versatility of curly styles we can create. Curling irons have hair clamps to keep her secure while the heat works its magic. Curling wands are clamp-free but can be trickier to use for the beginner curler and can be used with a protective glove.

There are also spiral irons that help guide the beginner on where to place the hair.

Similar to dryers and flat irons, these are made of different materials.

Ceramic irons/wands helps heat hair evenly  and smooths frizz. Tourmaline helps the wand heat quickly for quicker styling while titanium smoothes hair but can also have high heat. Be sure Try to avoid any metal barrels, metal heats up quickly but does the most heat damage to hair.

Fine hair types should pick an iron/wand that has adjustable heat settings to prevent high heat from frying hair.

Happy shopping beauties! We listed some of the top sellers for hair tools below. #WeWantToKnow about your favorite hair tool – let us know!

Top Sellers:

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