Mascara Reveal: Top Picks & Tips

It’s been argued that the single most important item in your makeup bag is mascara. Even if your top choice is lipstick (because, really, who can live without either of these things?), it’s hard to argue the quintessential status of the skinny, little tube with a wire brush hidden inside!
There are literally thousands of mascara choices in today’s marketplace and prices can vary from dirt cheap to competitive with the price of gold. Once you’ve picked the perfect mascara for your two eyes (and your budget), the perfect application seals the deal.
Finding the expansive mascara landscape hard to navigate? how-to-apply-mascara-1
Not to worry, the makeup experts from the Beauty Place have prepared the ultimate guide to buying and applying mascara. Grab some popcorn and move to the edge of your seat, it’s time for our big mascara reveal!
Choices. Choices. Choices.
Yes, there are thousands of mascara choices out there and, yes, they can be expensive…but you CAN get the look you want without breaking the bank.
Here are our some trending mascara picks for every mascara need:
• For thick, defined, healthy, check out: Tigi Cosmetics Luxe Lash Mascara – Black
• For sensitive eyes, check out: Jane Iredale PureLash Mascara
• For long lasting lashes, check out: Glo Minerals Water Resistant Mascara
• For lengthening and curl, check out: bareMinerals Flawless Definition Curl & Lengthen Mascara
• For serious volume, check out: Glo Minerals Volumizing Mascarag


Great Choice! Your mascara is on the way…but your next question: How do I apply mascara like a pro? Don’t worry. We’ve got that covered too! Use these tips to apply your mascara flawlessly and fabulously:
1. A Clean Start: Start with clean, dry, make-up free lashes. We can’t get enough of this makeup remover. Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt Cleanser.

2. Curl your lashes: A good eyelash curler is a must-have to get the look! Start at the base of you lashes near the root and hold firmly in place for 10-20 seconds.

3. Load Up: Don’t push and pull the brush! This will force air inside the tube and cause your mascara to dry up quickly. Instead swirl the brush around the tube to get makeup on the brush. Be sure to wipe off any excess from the brush before starting to apply.

4. Bottom First: If you start with the bottom of your lashes, they’re more likely to get the attention they deserve! Turn your brush vertically and apply from root to end.

5. Slowly, slowly…get every lash: start at the base of your top lashes and move the brush (ever so softly) from side to side so the wires of the brush separate your lashes. Repeat until desired thickness is achieved, coating both sides. Keep a eyelash comb handy to correct any clumps.
A few more mascara application hacks:
• Dusting baby powder over your lashes between the first and second coats will add depth.
• Heat up your lash curler with a blow dryer to get longer lasting curls.
• Use a spoon (curve side facing outward) to protect skin on lid or below eye from smudges.
You’ve got all the tips you need to apply your mascara like a pro and The Beauty Place has so many amazing mascara options, there’s surely one perfect for you. Do you have any great mascara tips to share? We’d love to hear all about it!

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