The Met Gala, also known as the Met Ball,  is one of the most awaited events of the year. Marking the grand opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute annual fashion exhibit, attendees follow the theme in fashion and beauty looks making this one of the headlining events that set trends in our beauty world.

One of our favorite looks reminded us of Hollywood Glamour. Elegant and understated, Jessica Chastain’s natural beauty was enhanced with her look.


  1. Makeup artist Kristofer Buckle, a frequent MUA for Chastain, focused on accenting the gold sequins of her gown by using gold and taupe eye shadow shades to create a warm, smokey eye. Use shades of gold at the inner corner and center of the eye. Use the taupe eye shadow to blend at the outer corner and lightly across the crease.
  2. Coral blush was used to add warmth to her cheeks and enhance her radiant complexion. When applying bright blush colors, use a fluffy brush and a light hand to not overdo it.
  3. Finish the look with a red, matte lipstick

Who was your favorite look from The Met Gala 2015? #WeWantToKnow


Here in sunny south Florida, we have been experiencing high heat and high humidity this past week. This means trouble for clear complexions – high humidity brings the onslaught of more oil and the potential of frequent breakouts and blemishes.

Unlike winter skincare where the focus is on heavy moisturizing so skin doesn’t dry out, humidity requires different skincare tactics. With summer around the corner, it’s better to be prepared!

To achieve red carpet worthy, glowing skin like the celebrities had at the Latin Billboard Music Awards this past Thursday, use these tips:

Acid Is Good

Humidity causes sweat to sit on skin longer leading to clogged pores and breakouts if not cleansed well. Using a skin cleanser with alpha or beta hydroxy acids will ensure that your skin is exfoliated and that built up oil in the pores are dissolved. Pick a cleanser with light amounts of alpha or beta hydroxy acids as too much may dry out skin leading to more breakouts.

Lightweight Is The Right Way

Humidity itself feels heavy on skin but don’t forego the moisturizer to avoid oiliness! Instead, opt for a lightweight moisturizer  that is not formulated with any heavy oils (i.e. macadamia nut oil or argan oil).  For sunscreen protection, water-based sunscreens will absorb faster leaving less residue on your skin. We like La Roche Posay Anthelios 30 Cooling Water-Lotion Sunscreen.

Hands Off!

This one is very important, year round, in all types of weather – hands off. Try to avoid touching your face, leaning on your hands, holding your chin, etc. Your face is already dealing with perspiration from the heat and humidity and touching your face can lead to the transfer of bacteria and grime from your hands.

Are there any tips you recommend?


Amika Heat Defense Serum

Amika Heat Defense Serum is formulated with Sea Buckthorn Berry, or Obliphica, containing omega 7 + vitamin c to smooth and protect hair against heat styling.
Ideal for all hair types, this serum is also safe for color-treated hair and revives dull, tired hair while providing deep hydration without the greasy feel.

Packed with nutrients, the heat defense serum forms a protective layer around the cuticle for a frizz-free and smooth finish.

About the Obliphica Berry:

The Obliphica berry is known as one of the super fruits. With antioxidants, vitamins, healthy fatty acids, Omega 3, 6, 9 and the rare Omega 7, it is known for its healing powers. It has been used for internal and external medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

How To Use:

Apply 2-3 pumps into palm of hand and distribute through damp or dry hair prior to blow drying or styling.

After styling, apply 1-2 pumps into palm of hand and distribute through dry hair focusing on ends.

SHOP NOW: Amika Heat Defense Serum, only $23.99 at TheBeautyPlace.com


With Mother’s Day 15 days away, the countdown is on! On May 10, the women who bathed us, fed us, dealt with our tantrums and continue to be overprotective will be honored and everyone can do better than a last minute card from the drug store.

Here at TheBeautyPlace.com, we believe in utility so shop around for a gift she will need or use on May 10 and last long afterward!

For the traveling woman, the Amika Spoil Your Hair Travel Kit will ensure her tresses are flawless and ready for anything.



SkinMedica’s TNS Lip Plum System allows anyone to revitalize their lips. By improving the texture and condition of the lips, it makes lips appear more youthful.



Your mother will appreciate this cleansing tool to amp up her skincare regime. Previously known as the Aria, the Clarisonic Mia 3 is a sleek device with 3 speeds for delicate, universal and powerful cleaning power.  She will notice smoother skin and clearer pores with regular use.


For more gift suggestions, visit our Mother’s Day Gift Guide page here: http://www.thebeautyplace.com/gift-guide/mothers-day-gift-guide-2015.html



Found in one of TheBeautyPlace.com’s best sellers, ferulic acid is an antioxidant with many anti-aging benefits that makes it a necessity in your skincare regimen.

Ferulic acid is a plant-based antioxidant found naturally in the seeds of fruits like apples and oranges, vegetables, grains and nuts.  It is commonly formulated with products containing vitamins C and E to stabilize it, optimize the performance of these vitamins and provide protection against free-radical damage.

By introducing products with ferulic acid to your anti-aging skincare regiment, you will protect skin for UV-induced skin discolorations and photoaging.

The following are products that are formulated with ferulic acid that can be found at TheBeautyPlace.com:


883140004356-aox-eye-gelSkinCeuticals AOX+ Eye Gel is a serum-in-a-gel with a punch of antioxidants that corrects photodamage and fights free radicals to reduce visible signs of aging.

635494215007-serum-15SkinCeuticals Serum 15 AOX+ helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The inclusion of ferulic acid allows the skin to absorb the antioxidant benefits of vitamin C.

CEF_web_imagesThe best seller, SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic is an antioxidant superpower in the anti-aging skincare realm. Lasting 72 hours, this serum provides protection against environmental damage, free radials, infrared radiation while increasing skin’s firmness and replenishing lipids.





Photo from: glamradar.com

Photo from: glamradar.com

Kylie Jenner’s lips have been a popular topic in the Instagram world and beauty world. Plastic surgery or not, there is a makeup trick that allows your lips to look fuller and unlike the rule in kindergarten where you’re supposed to color inside the lines, this one requires coloring outside the lines.

The Essentials:

  • Concealer
  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick
  • Gloss (if desired)

Begin by using the concealer. Apply it to the center of your lips to brighten the area. This helps to make it look fuller. Apply it to the edge of your lip line and blend the top edges up onto your skin.

Use a freshly sharpened lip liner (your color of choice) and apply it right on top of your natural lip line but leave the center of the bottom lip without liner. Exaggerate the liner slightly by feathering the color in a bit.

Blend it all together using the preferred lipstick color. For better blending, it’s suggested to use a lip brush.

If you would like to use lip gloss, add a light-colored gloss that has hints of shimmer to the center of of your top and bottom lips.

All done! We suggest picking mauve colors like the color Kylie Jenner is wearing in the picture or mauve-like nudes. These shades help give the appearance of fuller lips with this concealer and lip liner tip.

Editor Suggestions:


bbeauty-marcjacobs-tmagSFMakeup artists and hair stylists backstage for fashion shows are pressed for time to achieve the nail, makeup and hairstyle looks that models will strut down the runway. Because of this, we find that the best tips  come from the behind the catwalk.

Heat Styling Tips

To help protect hair from heat and to avoid frizziness, slip a sock diffuser over the hair dryer nozzle.

For big curls with lots of volume, use a texturizing gel in each section before curling. Do it section by section so the gel doesn’t dry up before you can curl it.

Hair Tips

To protect hair from getting stained from temporary hair chalk/color, spritz a shine spray or hair spray before applying the color. The spray will create a shield. After applying color, spray again and it will lock it in until it is washed away.

Textured waves in 15 minutes or less – rub mousse into dampened hair and pin hair in a low bun.

Create a faux bob in minutes by french braiding a section of hair underneath the length desired. Loop it around the base of the head and pin it in place.

Nail Tips

For a perfect nail moon, pat three small dots in the shape of a triangle where your half moon would be and fill in.

Use two nail polish colors to create a unique shade. The key? Let the first layer COMPLETELY dry before applying the second nail color. The opaque color should go first and the sheer color on top.

We want glitter nail polish on our nails to look like how it does in the bottle. Apply three layers to get complete coverage. Make sure to let dry in between layers!

Lip Tips

Apply light touches of foundation to the lip and lip balm to create the perfect nude lip.

To make lip color last longer, use a lip pencil to cover the entire mouth. Then apply a layer of loose powder. Layer on the lip color. A matte lipstick is preferred. Apply another coat of lip liner.

When using matte lipstick, apply lip balm and let it set for a couple of minutes. Wipe away the balm and apply the matte lipstick afterward.

Offset glowing skin by using a matte lipstick and pressing your finger on your lips for a softer look.

Face Tips

To avoid the glittery look of using a highlighter, mix it with eye cream to make skin look like it is glistening.

Use a child’s toothbrush with hairspray to tame your eyebrows. The result is more natural looking and it helps stimulate hair growth with the massage the bristles give.

Apply a thin layer of concealer on top of your blush to make it seem like it is coming from underneath your skin.

Eye Tips

For the perfect smoky eye, dab eye shadow onto the middle of the  eyelid and blend outward on each side.


Which of these tips will you try? We want to know!



With Ultra Music Festival 2015 and Miami Music Week in sunny South Florida, we found the best hairstyles for music festivals for you to try!

Fishtail Pigtails



Chic, easy and manageable this hairstyle will keep your hair out of your face so you can enjoy the music and good vibes.

Part your hair in the center and use a dry shampoo to add texture. Back-comb the sides and crown. Start two fishtail braids. Here you can add a twist and braid them only halfway of the pigtails or all the way down as in the picture. Tie them off with an elastic. Massage the fishtail braid to make it look tousled.


Goddess Crown


For all the long-haired beauties, this is one of our favorite styles. The braided crown allows you to accessorize your hair with flowers to match the feel-good festival feel. Section off two sections of hair – one section from the right and one from the left. Braid these two sections and then wrap them around the crown of your head. Pin the two braids in place.

Mini Braids


Mini braids are accessories in themselves. Braid small sections of hair and tie it with an invisible elastic.


You can never go wrong with beach waves or textured waves. Follow the instructions here to achieve this look.

Are there any other styles you love?

Happy Miami Music Week!



We covered how to apply makeup with dry skin already. For those with oily skin types, makeup application and remaining shine free is a struggle.

The first step is always skin preparation. It’s important to have a toner that will balance out the oiliness of your skin.

Look for products with two-in-one benefits or more. You want to avoid applying too many layers. Choosing foundations with SPF protection or primers with SPF protection are great options to eliminate the SPF protection layer you apply before foundation. Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30 will help avoid the greasy feel of some sunscreens while providing a base for foundation.

Powders and matte primers, period.  Matte primers will help absorb oils all day long. You should also keep a powder with you for quick touch ups. This Glo Minerals Matte Finishing Powder can be used once done with makeup application and then throughout the day  whenever needed. Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel can be used as a primer instead and it will leave your skin shine-free and oil-free. Note that primers should be applied anywhere where makeup is applied, including your eyelids.

Consider using matte blushes and bronzers. We agree that minimal amount of layers is important but that does not mean you cannot add definition and color to your makeup look!

Show your beautiful, no matter the skin type!


Your body’s largest organ is your skin. The epidermis, the top of your skin, is the fastest growing organ. In Chinese Diagnosis, problematic skin or new skin concerns can actually be a reflection of internal organ health. Becoming familiar with areas of your face that are linked to certain organs can help address the reason behind breakouts that are occurring.

skinacea-acne-map1. Above the brows. Chinese medicine specifies this area as being linked to your gallbladder and liver. Frequent breakouts in this area may mean that you need more water and eating healthy foods to eliminate and filter out waste better.

2. Between the brows. This area is also related to the liver. Heavy consumption of alcohol, rich foods and even food allergies will trigger breakouts in this area.

3. Nose. The nose is connected to your lungs and heart. Breakouts may also signify lack of vitamin B or high blood pressure.

4. Left cheek. Differentiating between left and right is important in Chinese medicine. Concerning the cheeks, the associating to internal organs is different. The left cheek is associated with your liver. Cooling foods are suggested like cucumber , green beans and melon.

5. Right cheek. The right cheek is associated with your lungs and respiratory system. People with allergies or that smoke will experience congestion in this area. If you have a high intake of sugar, consider cutting back as well.

6. Mouth. Breakouts occurring in this area reflect poor dieting. Associated with your digestive organs, it’s suggested to cut back on spicy and fried foods. Try out eating more fiber, fruits and vegetables.

7. Chin. This area screams of hormones. Frequent breakouts may require a visit to the doctor or gynecologist to check your hormone levels. Try and relax as well. Stress can be a huge factor in breakouts. Some suggest drinking spearmint tea or taking omega-3 to soothe breakouts. For women, breakouts occurring on the sides of the chin typically will occur during that time of the month.

As you can see, many of the breakouts can be reduced with a change in diet. Make sure to have proper hygiene as well and you should notice a reduction in breakouts.

Editor Suggestions:

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