Tutorial Tuesday – Tousled Fishtail Braid

TT-fishtailtousleWe can’t help it. We are in love with fishtail braids this summer!

We wanted to update our fishtail braid tutorial. This summer, a side fishtail braid that has a messy look matches almost any outfit and feel.

You will need:

  • 1 Pony Tail
  • 1 Plastic/Rubber Elastic


Step 1: Start off with textured hair. Next day hair works best but you can also apply a hair texturizer. For our assistant, we did a side part and began the braid in the direction of the part.

Step 2: Add the elastic to keep the hair in one place.

Step 3: Split the hair into two sections with hair hands.

Step 4: Grab hair from one side of section 1. To give the fishtail look, grab the hair from the back of section 1.

Step 5: Cross over the hair grabbed in Step 4 to section 2 of your hair.


Step 6 & 7: Repeat but this time you will grab hair from the second section of your hair and cross it over to the first.

Step 8: Continue this process alternating from section 1 to section 2 until you are done. Tie the end of the braid with a ponytail.

Step 9: Cut the elastic carefully with scissors. Make sure to not cut strands of your hair!

Step 10: To add to the tousled look, pull lightly on the fishtail braid from top to bottom.

How did your fishtail braid turn out? Let us know in the comment section below!

Stay beautiful!

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Tutorial Tuesday – Messy Fishtail Braid Bun

Braids are a great way to get different hair bun styles. Today’s braided bun style is great for special occasions whether it be a wedding, family party or even a fancy date night.

You want your hair to have volume and texture. Try using a small amount of styling product like the Sexy Healthy Soy Paste to help you style and texturize.


1. Add quick curls to your hair. You can use a curling wand or a straightening iron to make strands curly/wavy for the needed texture.

2. This particular bun is done by doing a fishtail braid to the side but you can also do the braid so that the bun will be in the middle.

3. Use a hair tie to keep the braid put. Begin teasing the braid by pulling on it lightly to make it loose and wide.

4. Twist it into a bun.

5. Use bobby pins to maintain it in place and voila!

Stay beautiful!


How to do a Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are quite stylish these days. When I see them, I think they look pretty simple to do…if I could only see the technique done at least once. Well, I finally saw it! And of course, I’m going to share the “how-to” with you!

First, prep your hair:

  • Apply a smoothing balm like BioSilk Smoothing Balm to clean hair and blow dry.
  • For best results, follow with It’s a 10 Miracle Styling Serum and flat iron your hair.
  • Start Braiding:

  • Divide into 2 sections like a regular braid
  • You should also keep your hair in two separate sections throughout.
  • Grab a small amount from the outside edge of one side (lets say the left side) and cross it over to the other (right) side.
  • Next grab a small amount from the outside edge of the other side (right) and cross it over to the (left) side.
  • Continue alternating sides and doing the same thing until you reach the ends.
  • When grabbing pieces of hair from the outside edge, make sure the pieces are small. Otherwise, using big chunks of hair will just look like a regular braid.
  • Once you’ve reached the ends of your hair, secure the braid with a hair tie.
  • Then, lightly tug at the two sides of the set braid to slightly loosen.
  • Please share your thoughts and comments!



    Braids, braids, braids—we can’t get enough of them. Fashion Week is only halfway through, and we’re already beauty trend spotting for the Spring 2015 season. The hair trend we’re really excited about is the return of the braid. We’ve seen it in past seasons, but when it came to the runways in New York City, it was all about making it your own. Not only are these braids extremely cool to look at, but they work for almost any occasion from work, to a night out, to a wedding. One thing about the fishtail braid, though, is that so many girls avoid it altogether because they think it’s a challenge. If you know how to do a basic braid, you can learn the fishtail and herringbone braid (and they shouldn’t be too perfect, anyway!)



    Despite the classy, complicated look, it’s actually super-easy and can be accomplished in four easy steps.

    1. Start by taking all of your hair and dividing it into two equally-sized halves. It’s easiest for beginners to start by using an elastic at the base of the braid as you would a ponytail.

    2. Take a small section of hair from the right side and bring it over to the left, combining them together. Always take the strands from the underside of the section, then place them in the front of the opposite section.

    3. Take a small section of hair, the same size as the last, from the left side, and combine it with the hair on the right.

    4. Repeat the process until you reach the ends of your hair, then finish with a hair tie. Spritz with a bit of hairspray to keep loose hairs in place, and rock your herringbone braid all day long.


    Tutorial Tuesday – Fishtail Twist

    TT-fishtailtwistThis summer, we are a fan of all things braided for hairstyles. This one in particular is great for any situation – summer party, summer wedding (can you tell we are loving this for summer?).

    NOTE: We suggest using clear elastics for a discreet look.


    Step 1: Blow dry and straighten your hair. For a beachy look, add curls and waves.

    Step 2: Take two sections above each ear and twist them backward.

    Step 3: Once the two sections meet, secure the two strands with an elastic.

    Step 4: Create a fishtail braid with the hair from the two twisted sections. To make sure the braid stays put, use a thin hair elastic at the end. (If you need a fishtail braid tutorial, follow these instructions.) Remove the first elastic.

    Step 5: Spritz a shine spray and hairspray so your style lasts all night.

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    How To Get The Look: Blake Lively’s Messy Sidebraid Hairstyle

    Blake Lively’s Chic Sidebraid Is A Hot Look For This Holiday Season

    We don’t know about you but we LOVE Blake Lively’s effortlessly chic messy sidebraid hairstyle.  We are so enamored with the look, in fact, that we sought out our resident Beauty Place stylist and asked her “How do we get the look?!”  Here, her advice on how to achieve the of-the-moment hairstyle yourself.

    1.  You want to build up texture by prepping hair with a texturizing spray, such as CHI Infra Dual Texture Hairspray.

    2.  Then you want to create extra body and bounce by drying your hair with a diffuser. We like the CHI Rocket Professional Hairdryer.

    3.  Use your fingers to rake your hair to one side and create two ponytails by fastening both the top and the bottom with elastic bands.

    4.  Pull out the top section and create a fishtail braid.

    5.  Next, add a festive clip to the base of the ponytail. (Lively wore a vintage Chanel brooch here.)

    And voila!  You are rocking one of the best hairstyles of the season.



    With Ultra Music Festival 2015 and Miami Music Week in sunny South Florida, we found the best hairstyles for music festivals for you to try!

    Fishtail Pigtails



    Chic, easy and manageable this hairstyle will keep your hair out of your face so you can enjoy the music and good vibes.

    Part your hair in the center and use a dry shampoo to add texture. Back-comb the sides and crown. Start two fishtail braids. Here you can add a twist and braid them only halfway of the pigtails or all the way down as in the picture. Tie them off with an elastic. Massage the fishtail braid to make it look tousled.


    Goddess Crown


    For all the long-haired beauties, this is one of our favorite styles. The braided crown allows you to accessorize your hair with flowers to match the feel-good festival feel. Section off two sections of hair – one section from the right and one from the left. Braid these two sections and then wrap them around the crown of your head. Pin the two braids in place.

    Mini Braids


    Mini braids are accessories in themselves. Braid small sections of hair and tie it with an invisible elastic.


    You can never go wrong with beach waves or textured waves. Follow the instructions here to achieve this look.

    Are there any other styles you love?

    Happy Miami Music Week!

    Summer Hairstyles to Beat the Heat!

    Summer is in full force and the scorching high temperatures demand picked up hairstyles like braids, ponytails, and buns. Try one before going on a date, to the park, or a day at the beach! The hairstyles below are interesting, fun, and may definitely help you keep your cool.

    The Fishtail Braid :

    1. Use an oil like Agadir Argan Oil. Start by gathering your hair to the side and dividing it into two sections.
    2. Hold both sections in one hand, separated by your pointer finger, and use your other hand to grab a small piece from the outside of one section.
    3. Pull the strands over to the other half, and then take a piece from the outside of that section and braid the opposite way. Imagine that you’re doing a typical braid, except the moving pieces are tiny.
    4. Keep going until you’ve just about reached the end and finish it with a clear elastic. It’s even better if it’s messy, so pull out some strands and stretch out the braid for an intentionally undone look.

    The Smooth and Sleek Ponytail :

    1. Use a medium hold gel like Paul Brown Hawaii Gelatine Goo $9.39, to slick your hair back and pull it into a tight ponytail at your crown. Use a help of a boar bristle brush to get hair super-smooth.
    2. Use a flat iron and a flat iron control comb to smooth and straighten the ends of your pony. Remember to apply an anti-frizz serum before using any styling tool. Finish with a firm-hold hairspray to prevent fly-aways and frizz.

    A Top Knot :

    1. With dry hair or if still damp, apply a leave-in conditioner like BioSilk 17 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner $10.45, and rake your fingers through hair to give your pulled-back bun a texturized look.
    2. Next, get a few bobby pins and start securing the ends of your hair to the base of your ponytail.
    3. You can put on a headband, ribbon or scalp to decorate your top knot.

    The fishtail braid takes a little practice, but if you keep on perfecting it you will end up mastering it. Are you ready to try one or all of these hairstyles? Go for it and let us know where you rocked the look. Looking polished and cute is easy this summer. Do not forget your sunscreen! The best beauty products at discounted prices are at TheBeautyPlace.com!

    Romantic Date Night Hairstyle

    Date night is the perfect time to show off your unique fashion sense while still looking gorgeous! You have chosen the perfect outfit, shoes and makeup, but still haven’t figured out your hairstyle. Your hairstyle should be romantic, fun, and easy to do (you don’t want to be late!). Sleek and smooth hair looks sexy, how about you save that hairstyle for the 3rd date. This hairstyle displays confidence and fun, and you’ll know it took you under 20 minutes to make.

    Use a curling iron with a 1’’ or wider barrel to curl hair at the crown of head. If you don’t own a curling iron, or want to upgrade your current version the Bio Ionic Style Winder Rotating Styling Iron 1 ½’’ is super easy to use. The curling iron features an ergonomic design, where the barrel rotates avoiding burn accidents and weird contortions on your part. It also features different heat settings for fine hair, medium thick or thick and coarse hair. The temperature settings are very important because they assist in preventing damaged hair and split ends.

    Second, once the romantic waves are done, start braiding your hair from the nape of neck. You can choose whichever braid style. Fishtail, French, or a regular old braid will work. How does it look? You can stop here or keep on going!

    If you are here, you are going for the wispy knot! This very romantic chignon will keep your hair in place all night avoiding it being in your face when enjoying dinner or wherever your date full of fun takes you. Grab a few bobby pins and secure braid forming a knot. Voila! Finish with a medium-hold spray. A great little accessory to keep in your makeup bag is the Travalo Refillable Perfume Spray – Classic Pink. This smart little tool lets you refresh your fragrance without you having to carry your big bottle of perfume!

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