Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s the one day of the year where you can let your hair down, be someone else for an entire night and of course indulge in candy. When the fun is done, the holiday can take a real toll on your skin.  So, before you apply that smoky cat-eye or dip your hand in the candy bowl check out our tips and tricks to protect your skin this Halloween.

Buy Quality Makeup: We know it’s hard to justify paying up for quality makeup for a costume you may wear once. But the least expensive makeup may contain ingredients that will clog your pores. The Beauty Place is the ultimate destination to find luxury beauty and skin care products at affordable prices. Trust me, you can thank us later. Consider using quality products that work best for your skin type. This will allow your skin to breathe through your makeup and not suffocate your pores.

Prep Your Skin: Thoroughly moisturize your skin before you apply makeup. It will help your face stay fresh and hydrated, but it will also give your costume makeup a more flawless finish.

Remove All Your Makeup Before Bed: No matter how exhausted you are you need to properly wash your face before you go to bed. We tend to wear much more makeup on Halloween and if it’s left on too long it can clog your pores and can cause a break-out the next day. Leave all of your face wash products out on the counter before you leave for the night  - it will help you remember after a long night out.

Go For the Dark Chocolate: It’s hard to resist at least a few pieces of candy on Halloween and we are happy to report that there are some skin-friendly options out there. Go for the dark chocolate pieces especially ones with nuts as they give you some protein. These are better than jelly candies or even milk chocolate which is higher in sugar, contains dairy and has been linked to acne.

SKIN PREP PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS: Clarisonic, Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser, Obagi Nu-Derm Action MoisturizerPeter Thomas Roth Pink Bombshell Lip Balm






From afros and blunt bangs to headbands and boho braids, 70’s inspired hair is top on our Halloween list. Taking cue from the Disco Days, this fun and flirty look is achievable with big false lashes, winged eyeliner, nude lips, peachy bronzed blush and most importantly – big bold hair.

Blow out your hair to the max, curl it, then brush it out. Finish the look with gold hoop earrings and a printed jumpsuit.

TOOLS: paddle brush, styling mouse, hairspray, curling iron


  1. Start with clean, blow dried hair.
  2. Prep the hair with a light-hold styling mousse so you get a little extra support + hold from the inside when you set it.
  3. Take a section as seen above and clip it up. Create sections then curl.
  4. The more room there is between your scalp + pin, the less volume it will create.
  5. Once you get to the very end, give it a mist of light holding hairspray or thermal styling spray. (Don’t worry if little pieces fall out! There will be so much texture, you won’t really notice those.)
  6. Your iron should be on medium, not high. Start at the bottom and curl the end piece first. That will keep the hair from unraveling. Work your way up to the base. Don’t let the hair get too hot. I like to do it on 300 degrees Fahrenheit and only clamp the flat iron for 5 seconds at a time.
  7. Once you finish your entire head let it cool then brush with a big paddle brush until you reach your frizziest potential. Give it a good spray and you’re done!




From argan to coconut, natural oils are having a moment. So which trendy, all-powerful oil is right for your skin type? Beyond their hydrating abilities, each one of the standout oils below targets a specific skincare concern. With a little help from our friends at GLAMOUR magazine, we’re breaking down the top natural oils for your skin type.



This Moroccan all-star just might be the MVP of the oil world. It’s a lightweight hydrator that softens face, body, and even hair. Rich in natural vitamin E, argan also works to lighten acne scars and other forms of discoloration.


Caribbean women swear by coconut oil to ward off sun-parched skin, and we love using it on chapped lips and dry hands. Look for cold-pressed virgin oils, which have higher levels of skin-beneficial nutrients than the heat-refined variety. Tip: ingesting coconut oil helps heal skin from the inside out—try using food-grade versions in salads and baked goods.


Sourced from the seeds of a shrub native to the Sonoran Desert, this heavy-duty oil can be used year-round to prevent moisture loss and soothe red, irritated skin. It’s especially great for dry and mature complexions, since these two skin types tend to have underactive sebum glands.


This newcomer to the oil world is trending in a big way. High in essential fatty acids, it’s been used by Kenyan women for centuries to keep their skin protected against dehydration. Plus, it deflects free radicals and helps reverse the signs of sun damage.


This super fruit’s oil has sky-high levels of antioxidants, which help to fade fine lines and wrinkles while brightening overall skin tone. Plus, it won’t clog your pores, so it’s ideal for blemish-prone types.




For the label’s London Fashion Week Show, makeup artist Wendy Rowe updated the classic ‘40s movie-star pout by pairing Burberry Lip Cover in Ruby No.18 with tanned, matte complexion. “It’s a classic with a twist,” she explained. It was all about the red lip, tanned skin with a nude eye and strong brow that made this seasons Burberry girl fresher and more modern.


The secret to this look is in 3 extra steps:

1. Add a lip liner to add extra definition

2. hold a tissue over the lips

3. Apply a light dusting of a powder over the tissue, sealing in the color.

We’re all about this Scarlet Pout.


LFW – Ombré eyes at Holly Fulton


Ombré isn’t just for hair, it’s for eyes too. If New York Fashion Week was all about taking makeup off, London has been about piling it on. One of the coolest beauty looks of the season was at Holly Fulton, where makeup artist Andrew Gallimore created an ombré eye, using a cyan kohl liner that faded into white under the models’ eyes. Gallimore kept the skin really scrubbed and natural with no definition in the brows to keep the focus on the faded liner. “We’re trying to get a definition of each color on either side,” he said. He dragged blue and white liner along the lower lash line, creating a fade between the two that was meant to recall the reflection of a pool. He finished with a hint of mascara on the bottom lashes, but kept the top ones bare and curled. His tip: “If you wear it and you blink a bit, it will melt into each other.”

Refreshing in its simplicity.




Ever notice how glam your hair tends to look after a day spent by the ocean? Even if you can’t make it to the beach anytime soon, you can still get perfectly tousled waves, AKA “beach hair“, regardless of your hair type, and with very little effort!

Most people have some sort of natural wave to their hair anyway, and using texturizing products is a great way to bring them out. Blow Pro Beach Blow Texturzing Mist captured the very essence of bohemian beach waves. This natural weightless mist is a carefully constructed blend of marine extracts, Dead Sea salts and milk proteins. Never sticky or stiff, Blow Pro Beach Blow Texturzing Mist adds fullness and volume by strengthening and thickening the hair’s cuticle

Using Beach Blow texturizing mist to create beach waves is pretty simple. Onto wet or damp hair, spray on the ends of your hand and scrunch up to your roots. Either let it air dry or use a diffuser, and you’re good to go! Personally, I find that this method gives me even better second-day beach hair than right after it dries – just apply a little After Blo Finishing Spray and Weather Girl Anti Frizz to rejuvenate your waves.


Marine extracts and Dead Sea salts thicken, texturize and enliven hair without drying it out. Moisture is locked in to give a natural seaside sheen. Nourishing milk proteins add flexibility and luminosity with a soft matte finish.

What sets Blow Pro apart from the rest? Developed, tested and proven by the experts at Blow, New York’s premier blow dry bar, Blow Pro hair care is formulated with an exclusive pure protein blend that is nourishing yet weightless – delivering all the protection you need and the lasting style you want. Blow Pro products are also free of harsh sulfates, parabens & sodium chloride and are 100% keratin treatment compliant.




For Tom Ford’s Spring 2015 show, models walked the runway in shaggy, Joan Jett-inspired wigs and ultra smokey black glossy eye makeup. Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury and hairstyle Sam McKnight joined forces to create a major rock n’ roll look. Though we loved this entire look, we couldn’t help but zone in on the eye makeup. For these gorgeous glossy lids, Tilbury blended two dark cream shadows in black and grayish-khaki. After creating a smudgy affect with the shadows, she then added a coat of lengthening black mascara to the lashes. Before the models stepped onto the runway, Tilbury used her fingers to dab a clear lip gloss onto the lids and just under the eye for a super glossy finish. Lip gloss on your eyelids? Sounds crazy! We tried it and are hooked. If you want to try this look but you’re not fully committed to the lip gloss, Tilbury recommends swiping some Vaseline instead for shine.


This look was all about making a statement when it comes to your eye makeup and boy, did it succeed.





Making an appearance on the runways from Alexander Wang to Carolina Herrera, slick hair is having more than a moment at New York Fashion Week. Take cue straight from the spring 2015 collections and rock that sleek, always chic ponytail. Whether parted down the middle or groomed into a deep side sweep, its perfect for day or night.


When it comes to mastering a highly-gloss, rigorously perfect ponytail, a comb is essential. Celebrity stylists recommend using a mousse starting at the roots to give the hair shape and weight, and go through it with a comb—not a brush—to guide the direction of your hair.




“I wanted to create a look that was bold, but still looked soft and natural. I was inspired by the iconic supermodels of the ’90s and the great structure of their brows. I kept the makeup very pure, adding just a touch of natural flush to the lips by mixing two lip products together, and I used a brow pencil to create subtle freckles and a dramatic brow to top the whole look off.”—Gucci Westman, global artistic director for Revlon.

The fresh face has made an appearance yet again at Rag & Bone for the Spring/Summer season. For this effortlessly chic look, Gucci Westman created a fresh, feminine face enhancing natural skin tons by illuminating the cheeks for a look that was all about the glow and shine.




The skin was a dewy look, which called for lots of moisture. To achieve this look, it’s best to moisturize your skin before application of your foundation. If your moisturizer contains light reflecting elements or luminous properties, even better! Then apply your foundation using a large buffing brush (Brush Blender by Glo Minerals is great for this) Take your concealer (1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone) apply it to the centre of the face and under the eyes. Blend with the same buffing brush in a circular motion. Then, take a nude-pink blush; apply to the apples of your cheeks, brushing outwards to the hairline.


Use a chocolate brown liner and brush towards the top of your lash line, smudging it with your finger to blend. Then, apply two coats of the mascara of your choice (we recommend Lashes to Die for by Peter Thomas Roth) Lastly, the brows were “groomed and brushed up, so they felt expensive”


For the lips, a rosy nude, with a slight hint of brown is best. Line the lips, and then fill in with lipstick. Add a bit of gloss to the center of your bottom lip for a bit of shine.

“This look is effortless, aspirational and chic, while still feeling luxurious and cool” says Westman.




I’m the first to admit that I—like a lot of woman – am guilty of staying in the classic red and pink lipstick zone. Who can blame us? It’s safe. We know what undertones work with our complexion and we have our go-to shades. That being said, we’ve spotted nearly every star in Hollywood wearing a version of this trend (glossy, matte and stains) which means it actually can work for all women. We’re currently obsessed with this trend and decided to give it a try. When going for this trend, its important to experiment with different shades on the wine spectrum, then play with intensity by blotting and layering.


For Fair skin I recommend opting for deep red or rich blueberry hues. Women with olive or medium complexion should choose red-based maroon shades, which will warm the gold and yellow tones in your skin. Ladies with darker complexion should venture into the blue-based purples. For more power to the burgundy pout, add some gloss. Just be sure to blot well to avoid bleeding outside the lip lines.


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