Revamp His Routine with These Key Personal Care Products

It’s no secret that most women have their beauty routines down pat. But if you’ve ever wondered why your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, uncle, or just about any other guy in your life has never been too gung-ho on the whole personal care thing, it could be that they just haven’t found the right products.d32e5e434d32c762192d0f2bfbc94c94The key is to select personal care products that are quick, efficient, and easy to use—come to think of it, that’s what we all want. Here are four key personal care products for him that make it easy to revamp his routine, all courtesy of

Talk about genius. The Jack Black Turbo Wash Energizing Cleanser for Hair and Body ($48.99) does it all and makes showers even quicker than usual—and chances are he takes a pretty quick shower already. This heady blend contains notes of eucalyptus, rosemary, and juniper berry, all vibrant ingredients that will wake him up on those bleary-eyed mornings and get him ready for a long day at work. It’s even great for allergy sufferers; eucalyptus is reportedly very effective for clearing sinus passageways. What better way to start the day than with this skin- and hair-smoothing product?


Shaving is a necessary evil, but any man will tell you that the ouch factor is the realevil here. Enter Murad Man Razor Burn Rescue ($28.99), a healing cream that helps soothe razor burn, bumps, and irritation caused by shaving. Smooth it directly onto freshly shaved skin to achieve a softer finish. Neem and tea tree oil work together to prevent ingrown hair and reduce bacteria, leaving skin clearer over time. (And if you happen to nick your skin while shaving, feel free to apply it, too!)

If he’s not the type to run out and buy fragrances for himself, do him a favor and slip a bottle of Johnny B Noon After Shave Spray ($12.89) into his stocking. This vibrant scent contains invigorating notes of bergamot, cedar wood, and sage, all guaranteed to lift his spirits in the middle of a long, tiring day. It also smoothes skin and leaves it baby soft—and also has anti-bacterial properties to keep skin healthy.

If he’s a stickler for a perfect mustache, if he could use a little help with his tools. If he says yes, you must introduce him to Tweezerman Mustache Scissors ($11.99). They’re designed with comfort and precision in mind, from the large yet practically sized finger loops (which provide a more firm, controlled grip) to the long-lasting stainless steel. It’s easy to keep them clean, too, and they won’t rust or damage with time.

2015 Father’s Day Gift Guide

fathersdaygiftguideWe may be the one stop beauty supply for cosmetic, skin and hair care needs for women but we have great products meant for men’s grooming.

For the “Clean Cut” Man. Tweezerman’s Facial Hair Scissors are meant for precise trimming.

For the “Stay At Work Late” Man. This caffeine formulated treatment gel helps reduce redness and puffiness while giving him a much needed wake up call.

For the Business Traveler. This essential traveler kit includes 5 products to cleanse, moisturize, shave and provide lip hydration.

Shop these and many more gifts for Dad here!

Want to make sure it arrives on time?

  • Order by 2 PM EST on June 16, 2015 for 3rd Business Day Delivery
  • Order by 2 PM EST on June 17, 2015 for 2nd Business Day Delivery
  • Order by 2 PM EST on June 18, 2015 for Next Business Day Delivery


Good grooming will help you feel like a million bucks and look like a million bucks. With an array of products to select from in drugstores, retail stores and online stores, the options are seemingly endless!  With men’s grooming and fashion  on the rise, editors have selected the top grooming products for 2015.

Face Cleansers

Steer clear from bars of soap. The best facial cleanser is one that does not contain soap and that won’t strip the skin of essential oils that keep your skin healthy looking. Anthony Logistics Algae Facial Cleanser is the top product for this category. Ideal for dry, sensitive or mature skin it is a gentle cleanser that won’t dry skin.




Use it. Period. Moisturizers help ensure skin doesn’t age prematurely and prevents blotchiness and dryness. A daily moisturizer that will not clog pores is ideal. Anthony Logistics Oil Free Facial Lotion hydrates skin without leaving an oily residue. To protect against wrinkle-causing UVA rays, moisturizers with SPF protection are suggested even for cloudy days. Anthony Logistics Oil Free Facial Lotion SPF 30 soothes and tightens skin while providing sun protection. Murad Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 20 is great for those with acne-prone skin.

Murad_Anti-Aging-MoisturizeHair Styling 

From pastes to gels, there are many products to choose from designed to style your hair with various degrees of control. One of the favorites is TIGI Bed Head For Men Separation Workable Wax. It adds extra texture and definition with medium styling.



There are many shaving products available on the market. Dermalogica’s Shave Kit guarantees the closest shave while protecting skin . With a facial scrub, pre-shave guard, shaving cream, post-shave balm and a SPF protectant this will be the best shave yet.New-Shave-Kit-HR


Scent is crucial to proper grooming. Hugo Boss’s Boss Bottled is masculine and clean while exuding elegance and style all in one bottle.



Happy grooming!


How To Shape Your Eyebrows Like A Pro


The secret to a perfectly shaped eyebrow can be summed up in 4 points… or rather 4 lines: the beginning, the highest point of the arch, the end and where it all comes together.

1. The inner edge of your brow should line up with the outside of your nose.

2. The highest point of your arch should be where the diagonal line extending from the outside of your nose to the outside of your pupil would hit.

3. The outer edge of your brow should taper off at the point where your eyebrow and the diagonal line from your nose to the outside corner of your eye would intersect

4. The bottom of the inner and outer edges of your brow should line up horizontally.


Spoolie brush: The spoolie brush is really the unsung hero of beauty tools. It’s a must for separating eyelashes and removing mascara clumps, and you can also use it on your brows to brush the hair up and away.

Small scissors: After you’ve brushed all the hairs in one direction, snip any strands that are noticeably longer than others. And always cut across the top of the brow, never down.

Brow pencil or powder: Before you begin to pluck, give yourself a guide. Fill in your browswith a brow pencil, and pluck away only the strays.

Tweezers: The most important tool is, of course, a sharp pair of tweezers.

Armed with these tools and tips you can achieve shapely brows.


New Year – New Look


There’s something about the turn of a calendar year or a change in season that makes everyone crave dramatic change, especially when it comes to physical appearance. But you don’t have to dye your hair red or max out your credit card to reinvent your image—smaller changes can add up to a big impact. Here are 4 almost-effortless ways to update your appearance. They’re quick, inexpensive and unlike the many trendy diets the season brings, require nearly zero willpower.

1. Try A Different Part
Experimenting with a new look can be as simple as flipping it to the opposite side of your head. The simple switch can add new volume at the roots and alter the way the front sections frame your face. Changing your part is an especially great way to get long hair out of a rut without sacrificing any length. Move your part before bed using a comb and a bit of styling cream, then put on a wide, no-slip elastic headband. Slip folded tissue beneath the band to keep it from leaving crease marks in your hair.

2. Red Lipstick
Don’t be scared off by its boldness—the truth is, red is one of the most universally wearable lipstick shades, and it’s a classic way to add both impact and femininity to your look. In general, reds that are more blue-based are flattering on all skin tones, and they make your teeth look whiter. When shopping for one, trust your instincts. Choosing a red lipstick is like choosing a great piece of jewelry—you should go for the one you’re immediately attracted to.

3. Modernize Your Manicure
Your nails may seem like minor details, but they say a lot about you. For example, oval-shaped tips painted with pale-pink polish are pretty, but a little predictable. Try this of-the-moment twist instead, and watch your nails suddenly spark attention: Instead of rounding off the tips, file them straight across and then round off just the corners, creating what manicurists call a “squoval” shape. When it comes to color, the chicest choices right now are warm brownish-beige shades, like OPI “Over The Taupe” Or, try one of the new palest-gray hues, such as OPI “Ballet My Point Exactly,” which is soft and subtle, but still thoroughly modern.

4. Get Glowing
Get your skin glowing! Foundation isn’t the most thrilling makeup topic, but it makes a huge difference to your overall look. To get the most flawless finish, take your application technique up a notch with Youngblood. The subtle shimmer in this foundation gives skin a youthful, dewy look, and by reflecting light, helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and other flaws.



3Good morning Beauties!

Our Haute Halloween contest is now LIVE!


1. Become a follower on Instagram (@thebeautyplace)
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Contestants must enter by October 22nd, 2014 11:00AM Standard Eastern Time.
The winner will be announced after 12PM Standard Eastern Time on October 22nd, 2014.


CHI is one of the leading and most trusted brands in hair styling tools that can be found backstage for fashion shows, beauty shoots and are the trusty tools for stylists across the nation.
The CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Waver, a truly unique styling tool that gives the freedom to crimp, wave or curl hair with precision using a three-barrel, is this year’s Halloween giveaway.


Winner is responsible for contacting with the shipping address to obtain the prize. Must redeem by October 24th, 2014 4:00PM Standard Eastern Time. No purchase is necessary to win. Valid for U.S. entries only.

Good Luck!


2014 Father’s Day Gift Guide

fathersdaygiftguideFind the perfect Father’s Day gift for the man who can do it all.

They are our superheroes, our knights in shining armor, our role models and our fathers.

In addition to the tool boxes and new grills, the fathers in our lives could use the best in grooming products.

1. Neat Trims.  CHI Turbo Super Charge Clippers is great for use after a shower or on dry hair. The adjustable lever allows for different cutting options without the need to switch blades. It also includes 8 attachment combs for different hair lengths.

2. The Right Hair. Men with longer hair can use TIGI B For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax for a natural-looking hold that won’t flake.

3. Traveler’s Instinct. A travel set is great for the man on-the-go. Anthony Logistics Traveler Kit carries all the essentials from lip balm to facial moisturizer.

4. Perfect Shave. Did you know the pre-shave oil makes shaving easier? Or that the after shave balm cools skin on contact? Give him the ingredients for the perfect shave!

For the complete gift guide, visit’s Gift Guide section.



Quick Grooming Tip – The Right Cut









The right cut can make all the difference. Men and women have many different ways in which to give their appearance a much needed boost. Just as there is a right shade of foundation for your skin or a certain style of watch that matches your suit, there is a cut for every face shape.

We typically follow the celebrity trends. What is trending amongst celebrities serves as inspiration for our next look or hairstyle. Yet, what we forget is that those styles are tailored to their face shape.

We did some research and found some helpful tips from the CEO of the Grooming Concierge, Craig the Barber. Thanks Craig!

First, note the different types of shapes. Men can have pear, triangular, oval, round and square faces.

Pear shaped faces are identified by the broad jaw line and narrow forehead. Round haircuts work best for this shape. Make sure the sides are equal in length to help balance the face.

Triangular faces can be quickly identified by the narrow chin. If you don’t want to have others focus on the wide hairline, keep your hair short.

Oval faces allow for more versatile cuts. Men with oval faces can try any hair cut and length because of the face’s symmetry.

Round faces benefit with haircuts and hair styles that have more length. With a round jaw line and sometimes a round hairline, longer hair aids in lengthening the face.

Square faces, like the oval faces, can work with any haircut. Typically, we suggest staying away from flattops (think Simon Cowell from American Idol), it will just make your face look more square.

Next on your list gentlemen: Find the perfect suit.

TheBeautyPlace Men’s Styling Product Bestseller: TIGI B For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax



Tutorial Tuesday – DIY Teeth Whitening

When asked what you would like to improve about your smile, what comes to mind? Whiter teeth perhaps, brighter smile, straighter – the list can go on.

Teeth whitening procedures belong to the cosmetic arena of dentistry. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry a brighter smile reflects youthfulness, warmth, happiness and good health. In a survey they facilitated, 74% of adults felt that an unattractive smile hurt a person’s chances for being successful in their career.


Tooth whitening is suggested to be done by your dentist but there are also many home tooth whitening systems available. Even so, professional supervision for teeth whitening is still preferred to ensure safety and effectiveness.

When we are not able to do either of the above or prefer a cost-effective natural remedy, we turn to DIY tutoruials like this one! With toothpaste, water, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda you can begin to notice the difference in your smile within weeks.


  • One Teaspoon of Baking Soda
  • Small Amount Toothpaste
  • Half Teaspoon of Water
  • One Teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide


  • Container
  • Spoon/Mixer
  • Toothbrush


STEP 1: Mix the baking soday, toothpaste, water and hydrogen peroxide in the small container. Make sure the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and look like a paste.

STEP 2: Apply to toothbrush and brush for about two minutes and rinse. We suggest doing this at the end of the day.

That’s it! Use the mixture once a week until you see the shade of whiteness you would like. Once it is achieved, use this teeth whitening method once a month to maintain that bright, white smile in full force.

Stay beautiful!


Quick Grooming Tip – The Perfect Shave

quicktip-perfectshaveLooking for a smoother shave? Use the following tips to ensure your shaving routine is the best yet!

When to shave:

The best time to shave is after a hot shower. The steam will soften your hair and the steam will open your pores

How often:

You can shave daily if you keep your skin moisturized. The plus of shaving is that it helps exfoliate your skin by removing dead skin cells. If your skin gets irritated, shave less frequently.


Use pre-shave oil and make sure you lather the shaving cream or gel with warm water soften even more so the coarse hair.


There are multiple options for what type of blade or razor to use. Angled multiple-blade razors are meant to glide easily around the curves of your face while catching any stray hairs. Electric razors and shavers are better for sensitive skin.

Shaving Cream or Shaving Gel:

It depends on your skin type. Normal skin type can use either. Gels are better for sensitive or dry skin while creams are better for oily skin. Look for moisturizing ingredients and make sure it is alcohol free. Check out this DIY Shaving Cream as an alternative as well!

To reuse or not:

Replace disposable razor blades and cartridges weekly and clean electric razors/shavers with alcohol after each shave.  If your blades are dragging or pulling on your skin that time has come to let go of that blade gentlemen. It has been said that being limited to a razor of three blades does the job. Two if your skin is sensitive.


Use an alcohol-free aftershave and/or moisturize your skin. In the long run, this will create a huge difference in your skin health.

Stay tuned for more posts in honor of Men’s Week at!


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