There are a lot of reasons we love backstage at New York Fashion Week: the models, the celebrities, the nails and of course the gorgeous beauty looks. But perhaps the most appealing aspect is that we get access to the top-tier makeup, hair, and nail pros in the world. These experts fly in for one week only to make sure every model is done up to perfection. And we beauty reporters are by their side, recorders out, soaking in all their knowledge. But we’re not greedy! So, here we’ve rounded some of the genius tips and tricks we’ve overheard backstage at the Fall 2015 tents. Keep reading to learn everything from how to turn your favorite shimmery lipstick into a velvety matte one to a new way to texturizing your hair.

Mattify Your Favorite Lipstick

Problem: you love a certain lipstick shade but wish it were matte. Backstage at Tibi, makeup artist Cassandra Garcia pressed a Pink lip shade on the pout and then dusted the mouth with a Porcelain Pearl blush to create an original matte hue. As with any matte lip color, make sure to let the lips marinate in lip balm first to rectify any dryness. This trick will also transition your favorite bright Summer lip hue to a more velvety, Fall-appropriate finish.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.11.00 PM

Play With Your Tools
Precise, geometric nail art isn’t just for the accurate hands of a manicurist — all you need to do is upgrade your everyday striper brush with a quick modification. Jin Soon Choi suggests cutting the tip off the brush. Instead of the standard pointed tip (like a v shape), hold your scissor perpendicular to the brush handle and snip the tip straight across to create a flat, squared-off edge. Forget those feathery designs — now your work will look blockier and crisper, like the Prabal Gurung runway nails.


Apply Cream Blush With Your Fingers
Remember the ’80s, when blush took over your entire cheek from lip to brow? Thank goodness trends are fleeting! Backstage at Misha Nonoo,makeup artist Marc Reagan taught us the more modern way to apply cream rouge — with your fingers. First smile and place product on the shelf of the cheek. Then, dab the color all the way back toward the hairline. Finally, use a separate clean finger to blend it downward. “[This technique] keeps the blush high on the cheek, which is lifting, and it covers the right area of the cheek where you naturally flush,” he said.


Mascara Free Eyes 
Much like the seductive sophistication found in Altuzarra’s Fall 2015 collection, the makeup also was sublet yet alluring. For this collection no mascara was applied, the eyes were smoked with great eye shadow in the inner corner of the eyes and copper on the bottom lid. Shading and blending the colors together for sheen.

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When we think about aging, the first thing that comes to mind is wrinkles. But there are many other issues that we ignore, one that adds years to our age even before our first wrinkle appears is thinning eyebrows. Loss of eyebrow hair tends to affect most us early, usually in our 30s but peaks by the age of 45 or so. And if you’ve been an avid tweezer (as most of us are) then chances are you’ll be one who will be hit the hardest.

Whether your eyebrows are thinning, graying or fading these simple tips will help you restore fuller eyebrows and regain a youthful looking appearance.

Enter, Rapidlash, an innovative way to regain fuller brows. What sets it apart from pencils and powders is its unique formulation or lash enhancing, conditioning, moisturizing and strengthining ingredients exclusive to Rapidlash.

Specifically designed to target eyelashes and eyebrows from every angle:

Polypeptides, comprised of beneficial amino acids, help protect against breakage and support more youthful appearance of lashes and brows
Biotin (Pro-vitamin B7 / Vitamin H / Coenzyme R), an essential factor in maintaining healthier-looking, youthful lashes and brows
Panthenol (Vitamin B5) helps coat the lashes and brows and seal in moisture and nourishment for improved overall appearance
Amino Acids help replenish the building blocks of lash and brow hair by boosting the protein structure and resulting in healthier-looking appearance of lashes and brows
Soybean Oil, rich in vitamins, helps impart sheen and luster to lashes and brows making them appear lush and beautiful
Pumpkin Seed Extract, high in zinc, EFAs, amino acids, vitamins and phytosterols, helps enhance the appearance of lashes and brows

SHOP NOW: Rapid Lash, $29.96 at The Beauty Place compared to $49.95 retail.




1) If you use foundation, apply it first, and then apply your concealer.
If you apply your foundation first, you’ll find that you don’t need to use as much concealer. If you apply concealer first, however, you’ll remove most of it while applying your foundation.

2) The most flattering way to apply concealer is to draw a triangle with the base under your eye and the point toward your cheek.
This shape not only conceals dark circles, but it also instantly creates the illusion that your face is lifted. Think of it as holding a flashlight against your cheek, shining the light right underneath your eye, and drawing the focus upward.
3) To prevent your eye shadow from falling off your lid and settling in the creases, prime your eyelids first with a dab of concealer.

4) When concealing a pimple, first use a green concealer, then cover the area with a concealer that matches your skin tone perfectly.
Cancel out a pimple’s redness by applying green concealer with a clean brush to only the pimple (not the skin around it) to avoid spreading the bacteria. Then, use a cotton swab to dab on a high-coverage liquid concealer that matches your skin tone to camouflage the pimple. Blend it into the surrounding skin and finish with setting powder

5) If you have a pimple on your chest or back that you need to conceal, cover the trouble spots with a concealer that matches your skin tone exactly, and then top it with a translucent powder.
Continue to alternate concealer and setting powder until the blemish is undetectable. The concealer will hide the blemish and the setting powder will prevent it from wearing off.

6) If you find yourself without concealer, place a small dot of liquid foundation on the area, wait a few minutes for the formula to set, and then lightly blend it out.
The trick is to wait until the foundation dries and thickens a bit (it will eventually reach the consistency of concealer) before trying to blend it. If you blend it too soon, the foundation will be sheer and rub off, leaving you with very little coverage.

7) Use a concealer that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone to line three tiny sections of your eyes: the inner “V,” the middle section of your eyelid, and just below your brow bone.
Lightly blend for instantly well-rested eyes and a highlight that looks natural.

9) Know what issues different colors of concealer fix.
Peach shades cancel out blue circles or bruising, green hide red blemishes, and yellow-toned concealers correct almost all uneven skin tones.




The term “anti-aging” seems pretty straightforward, but it’s really anything but …. Anti-aging products are preventative; they can’t turn back the clock, so most don’t actually treat aging skin. With that said, the fact that most women don’t start using these skin tone-evening, wrinkle-inhibiting products until after their fine lines have formed is certainly not the optimal approach. Your anti-aging regimen should start as young as your twenties and gradually become more thorough as you age. Here’s the lowdown on what ingredients should be incorporated into your routine as your skin matures through the years.

In Your 20s:
Once you reach your mid-twenties, your skin begins to produce less collagen, the protein that keeps the skin firm. The result is soft lines and spots—we call this “pre-aging.” Although these signs will be minimal in your 20s, it’s important to practice proper prevention to keep them that way.

They help to repair any damage that was caused by the sun, pollution, or stress by neutralizing these damaging free radicals and also promote skin cell growth. Because the effects of sun damage become more pronounced later in life, it’s imperative to treat and prevent sun damage as it occurs.

In Your 30s:

Your skin’s moisture level has dropped, making formed fine lines even more noticeable. This dryness also contributes to a duller complexion, so it’s time to up the ante of your anti-aging routine to make it a little more powerful.

Vitamins A and C
When choosing antioxidants, opt for vitamins A and C: Not only do they repair damage, but they work to brighten the skin, too.


Peptides are small proteins that help promote skin cell growth and help to make your skin look younger. Collagen is held together by peptide bonds—thus, the more peptides, the more collagen.


Niacinamide helps to protect and repair skin from damage by preventing the formation of dark spots, boosts collagen growth, and improves your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Not only are they natural exfoliators, so your skin looks brighter and healthier instantly, but alpha hydroxy acids also boost your skin’s cell turnover rate. This helps to fade dark spots and fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prevent them.

In Your 40s:

This is the era in your life when you really want to start boosting collagen production, so it’s time to turn to the big guns.

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid boosts collagen production and helps your skin to maintain a healthy hydration level.

Topical Retinoids

Retin-A has been proven to boost collagen production more than any other ingredient out there, so it’s wise to consult your dermatologist for a high-strength prescription version.




No matter your skin type or concern, the key to glowing skin is easy as 1,2,3.


Wash your face twice daily to remove dirt, debris, makeup, dead skin cells and accumulated oils. Use toner—no more than twice a day—to restore skin’s pH and prepare it for the next step.



Formulated with botanical ingredients, this renewing oil cleanser maintain’s the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Perfect for face, eyes and lips, removing impurities, irritants and even makeup. Star magazine’s beauty team also rated this The BEST Facial Cleanser of 2014!


This is the most important step of every skincare regimen. Use as instructed to repair existing damage and optimize the health of your skin so it can defend itself against further injury.

#PRODUCTSPOTLIGHT: MURAD Essential-C Daily Renewing Complex


Murad Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex to protect and repair photodamaged skin. The potent anti aging formula strengthens skin with a large dose of Vitamin C to help protect against future damage. The anti aging skincare effects of Vitamin C are enhanced by Murad’s Skin Repair System. Together, they improve the skin’s elasticity, clear the skin, encourage collagen production and provide powerful antioxidant protection. Murad Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex restores and reverses premature skin aging. Clinical studies have shown a 17% decrease of fine lines and skin wrinkles after just one use of the anti aging skin treatment, and a 46% decrease in signs of photodamage in just 4 weeks.


Apply a moisturizer to replenish and restore your skin. Be sure to use a sunscreen every day, regardless of your activities or the weather.

#PRODUCTSPOTLIGHT MURAD Essential-C Night Moisture


Restore hydration to your skin overnight with Murad Essential-C Night Moisture, a rich, anti wrinkle night cream. The antioxidant-packed anti aging night cream renews your skin’s youthful texture and increases elasticity and firmness with the help of Murad’s Skin Repair System. Murad Essential-C Night Moisturizer works overnight to promote healthy cell turnover, revealing bright, younger-looking skin where environmentally stressed skin used to be. Shea Butter delivers lasting, instant hydration while vitamin C counteracts damaging free radicals.






From argan to coconut, natural oils are having a moment. So which trendy, all-powerful oil is right for your skin type? Beyond their hydrating abilities, each one of the standout oils below targets a specific skincare concern. With a little help from our friends at GLAMOUR magazine, we’re breaking down the top natural oils for your skin type.



This Moroccan all-star just might be the MVP of the oil world. It’s a lightweight hydrator that softens face, body, and even hair. Rich in natural vitamin E, argan also works to lighten acne scars and other forms of discoloration.


Caribbean women swear by coconut oil to ward off sun-parched skin, and we love using it on chapped lips and dry hands. Look for cold-pressed virgin oils, which have higher levels of skin-beneficial nutrients than the heat-refined variety. Tip: ingesting coconut oil helps heal skin from the inside out—try using food-grade versions in salads and baked goods.


Sourced from the seeds of a shrub native to the Sonoran Desert, this heavy-duty oil can be used year-round to prevent moisture loss and soothe red, irritated skin. It’s especially great for dry and mature complexions, since these two skin types tend to have underactive sebum glands.


This newcomer to the oil world is trending in a big way. High in essential fatty acids, it’s been used by Kenyan women for centuries to keep their skin protected against dehydration. Plus, it deflects free radicals and helps reverse the signs of sun damage.


This super fruit’s oil has sky-high levels of antioxidants, which help to fade fine lines and wrinkles while brightening overall skin tone. Plus, it won’t clog your pores, so it’s ideal for blemish-prone types.


Replace M.D. Forte Products with VIVITE

M.D. Forte and VIVITÉ are skin care lines developed by Allergan, Inc. that aim to provide beautiful, healthy skin.

Out of the two, M.D. Forte is well known in the anti-aging skin care market because of the higher levels of glycolic acid. Containing alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), these products normalize the skin’s exfoliation process while moisturizing your skin.

With M.D. Forte’s loyal following, many will be shocked to know that line is being completely discontinued. Yet, there is already a line that is substituting M.D. Forte – VIVITÉ.

VIVITÉ was launched in 2007 and has since clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with regular use. The anti-aging skin care line is formulated with GLX Technology, a blend of antioxidants and glycolic compounds that allow for deeper penetration into the skin.

Though TheBeautyPlace.com has carried VIVITÉ for years now, the online merchant store has a loyal following of M.D. Forte skin care customers. Over the past few months, the stock in M.D. Forte has been decreasing while the growth of VIVITÉ is exponential.

M.D. Forte has already discontinued some of their products including the Facial Cream II and II, Facial Cleanser II and II and the Advanced Hydrating Complex Cream.

Currently, TheBeautyPlace.com carries M.D. Forte Facial Lotion I and II, M.D. Skin Rejuvenation HYDRA-MASQUE and M.D. Forte Skin Rejuvenation Lotion I, II and III. Once the online store’s stock of these products is depleted, they will no longer be available on the site.

To better assist M.D Forte customers’ transition to VIVITÉ products, TheBeautyPlace.com has listed the products that are comparable and the glycolic compound of the VIVITÉ product.



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2014 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

This Mother’s Day, give Mom something special.

We have released the 2014 Mother’s Day Gift Guide with skin care and hair care products she will adore.

On May 11th, many last minute shoppers will rush to drug stores for flowers, balloons and cards. By shopping ahead, you can make sure the mothers in your life receive a thoughtful and useful gift.

The suggested items and ideas are customer favorites and popular in the beauty market today.

1. Kits. The easiest way to learn what system works for your skin is to try the kits that brands provide for their products. With the emphasis on skin care, a kit that aids in undoing damage to the skin and resurface the youthful glow will be a winner for her. 

2. Pearly Whites at Home. Teeth whitening procedures in the dentist office can be time consuming and costly. will give your Mom a bright, white smile while strengthening her teeth.

3. Convenience. The TIGI Pro Mini Flat Iron can smooth, curl or add waves to hair and is ideal for women with short hairstyles. Easily transportable, the mini flat iron is ideal for traveling. 

4. Frame the Face. Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush is the perfect duo to achieve great eyebrows. Whether it is to maintain her recent eyebrow threading or wax, or to aid her own eyebrow shaping and definition, this set is the definition of quality. 

5. Beautiful Skin. The Clarisonic Mia Sonic Cleansing System gently removes embedded dirt and oil to reveal healthier, clean, beautiful skin. The cleansing brush has proven to remove dirt and oil better than hands and allows the rest of her skin care products to be absorbed by the skin for better results. 

6. Germ-Free Hair Styling. The CHI Nano Digital 3-Button Flat Iron is a ceramic hairstyling iron that eliminates bacteria on the appliance with Nano Silver Technology. With this gift, she will have shiny, silky hair quickly no matter the hair type.

For the complete gift guide, visit TheBeautyPlace.com’s Gift Guide section.

NOTE: This information first appeared in our Press Release released April 26, 2014 at 6:00AM via PRWEB.

Stay beautiful!


Tutorial Tuesday – Grapefruit Anti-Aging Mask

We would love to age like a supermodel. Really, who wouldn’t? There are many natural ingredients in Mother Nature that help prevent premature aging and combat existing signs of aging. Here are the top vitamins and antioxidants that make the list: Vitamin … Continue reading 

Tutorial Tuesday – DIY Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin  C is one of the most well-known vitamins available on the market today.

Known already for is immune boosting properties and potency in delicious fruits, vitamin c is a water-soluble vitamin that is crucial for growth and development.

Because this vitamin is an antioxidant, it helps block damage done by free radicals created when your body breaks down food or if you are exposed to tobacco smoke and radiation. In doing so, it helps work against the aging process as free radical buildup affects the aging process.

In fact, for anti-aging skin care, brands have formulated vitamin c serums to use in conjunction with your cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc. These serums promote collagen production while reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Today, you will learn how to receive the benefits of these brand-name serums by doing it yourself!
















You will need:

  • 1 TSP of Vitamin C Powder (L-Ascorbic Acid)
  • 1 TSP of Distilled Water
  • 1 TSP of Vegetable Glycerin
  • Small, resealable container


Step 1: In the small container or in a small bowl, mix the vitamin c powder with the distilled water. Make sure the vitamin c powder completely dissolves to avoid a grainy serum.

Step 2: Add the vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin will provide the base necessary to leave your skin soft and a natural glow.

Step 3: Apply on face, neck and décolleté.

This serum provides enough for a week supply. This timeline will allow you to reap the most benefits and it is safe for daily use. You can switch it to a bottle with a serum dropper for easier application.

Start seeing results and stay beautiful!

Examples of Vitamin C Serums Available:


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