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The 84th Annual Acadaemy Awards is announces their beauty picks to achieve a red carpet glow, inspired by the 84th Annual Academy Awards. For a limited time, the products used to create a “celebrity look” will be available for a fraction of the price at pays tribute to the 84th Annual Academy Awards’ winners and attendees by offering the public an discounted prices on select beauty essentials used to create a winning look. The experts at selected beauty products from categories ranging from skin care and hair care to styling tools and nail polish, all inspired by the glamour and beauty seen at Hollywood’s biggest night of the year.

This year’s award ceremony was host to a wide variety of looks, all beautiful and distinct. In contrast to previous year’s Oscars, this year did not seem to have one common theme in regards to fashion; the colors and styles were all across the board, ranging from pastels and cream to bright red and black. Yet, while the gowns and colors were unique and individual, one similarity was clearly evident: glowing skin, perfectly styled hair, luscious lashes and manicured hands; an elegance and beauty celebrities effortlessly maintain. However, with the right products – and the right price – that star quality is easily attainable.

In honor of beauty and elegance throughout Oscar’s history, is featuring discounted prices on select products for a glamorous glow. Now is the perfect time to look and feel like a star, without having to spend a fortune. is “allowing the general public to indulge in themselves, to feel as luxurious and worthy as an Academy Award winner – and that can do wonders for the soul, especially without having to break the bank”.

Products within the category of skin care are of high significance, whether the tone is deep bronze or pale. Any color can be complimentary to skin when it is smooth and glowing. As seen with Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz, a pearly blush tone looks equally beautiful on both Jennifer’s bronze tone and Cameron’s light complexion. For flawless skin, look for discounts on items such as Dr Brandt Crease Release, a fast-acting wrinkle relaxer for expression lines, containing GABA complex, which releases muscle relaxers to instantly calm, tighten and smooth fine lines and wrinkles – a natural and affordable alternative to Botox.

Another feature that can drastically create a movie star appearance are luscious and full eyelashes. Also on sale is the Talika Eyelash Extender, made of rayon fibers that smoothly adhere to lashes for longer length and instant volume.

When it comes to hair, styling for a major event is crucial, and keeping that style in place is the key. To start with, recommends the hair be in a state of manageability. To best achieve silky hair that’s easy to work with, the
Macadamia Natural Oil
hair care line is top notch. Chosen as not only a staff favorite, it is one of the best hair product lines on the market today. This product will be featured in the sale as well, and further complimented by the strength and durability of
TIGI’s Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray
, which not only provides extreme hold, but also smells delicious and feels natural. Of course, none of these styles would be possible without the use of some beauty tools, so the sale also features one of the best dryers to date, the
CHI Rocket Hair Dryer
; the fastest and most effective flat iron, the Bio Ionic Ismooth OnePass Flat Iron 1 1/2”; and of course, a beauty must have, the Chi Digital 1” Flat Iron.

For the finishing touches for overall elegance, well-groomed hands and feet are vital. has an extensive line of nail polish in the latest colors. It appeared that most celebrities were opting for the neutral look this year. Yet, the idea of wearing a fire engine red polish would have still popped with glitz and glamour for stylish celebs in head turning red like Michelle Williams and Emma Stone. To further amplify any shining moment, the sale will offer brighter colors for the flashier personalities, and for the more subdued, there is always the standard French manicure or neutral beige. All polishes are of the highest quality from the OPI Collection.

To take advantage of these incredible finds at significantly low prices, visit

Macadamia Natural Oil Salon Intro Kit

Macadamia Natural Oil Salon Intro Kit

Macadamia Natural Oil Salon Intro Kit is an easy and affordable way to try Macadamia Natural Oil hair products. It includes everything from shampoo, conditioner, leave-in oil treatment, a hair masque, a leave-in cream, and an oil infused comb. This natural oil hair treatment is perfect for everyone seeking healthy and rich looking hair. Each of these hair products contain macadamia nut oil and Argan seed oil. Macadamia nut oil has long been known for its nutrient and vitamin containing properties, and Argan Oil has been used for centuries by the people of Morocco on skin and hair. This incredible combination, strong enough to repair damaged hair, works double duty to achieve strands that are rich and luxurious. Dry and unmanageable hair, with split ends, or chemically over processed hair can be restored and look shiny and healthy again! From root to tip, this natural oil treatment increases strength, elasticity, and health. You will notice a difference in texture and shine. Also, it will leave your hair with the most amazing scent! With UV filters, it will protect your hair from future damage from the sun’s rays and also reduces color fading colored hair. This lightweight formula is non-greasy, and will promote tangle-free and frizz-free hair. Try it now, your hair will look amazing for it. We promise your friends will admire your gorgeous and luxurious mane. Come back to and bring your friends with you so that they too can reap the benefits of Macadamia Natural Oil.

Macadamia Natural Oil: Professional Haircare Products

Macadamia Natural Oil Products

Macadamia Natural Oil Products

Here at, we know more than most that there is always a latest beauty buzz on the block.  Currently, we are all excited about  Macadamia Natural Oil.  The professional hair care line contains two of the most beneficial oils: Macadamia and Argan.

Together, macadamia oil and argan oil replenish the hair’s natural emollients with the high content of essential fatty acids found naturally in both of these exceptional oils. The combined benefits help to nourish and protect the hair from harmful UV rays while repairing hair follicles for improved elasticity and shine.

Macadamia nut oil is extremely similar to the body’s natural oils and is therefore easily and quickly absorbed by the hair and skin. Use the complete regimen of Macadamia Natural Oil haircare products for best results to revitalize your hair. Macadamia Natural Oil products include a full line of haircare products as well as an extensive selection of styling products, all of which are excellent for dry, damaged hair. Buzz: Agadir Products

Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment

One of our favorite lines right now is the Agadir collection of Argan Oil products.  Agadir hair products are made with Argan oil, a centuries-old oil that is native to Morocco.  Though these days many people are talking about Moroccanoil, Agadir has in fact been creating hair products since the mid 1960s.

Agadir haircare products use 100% pure and certified Argan oil to create products that are lightweight, non-greasy, and instantly absorbed into the hair to detangle, moisturize and leave hair brilliantly shiny.

Agadir’s alcohol-free formulas give hair a wonderful silky, soft feel.  The products–which include shampoo, conditioner, masques and more–also help to tame split ends. currently carries 14 products in the Agadir line, which includes haircare and styling products.  The most popular is the Agadir Argan Oil Treatment, which is so easy to use.  After shampooing, simply apply a few drops to the palms of your hands.  Rub together and then comb fingers through damp hair.  Comb through and style as usual.


Argan Oil Lovers: Meet Macadamia Natural Oil


Argan Oil, from Argan trees native to Morocco, has been the most recent phenomenon in hair care. Moroccan women have used Argan Oil for centuries as a key beauty ingredient that improves hair’s strength and health. Aside from improving the skin’s condition, Argan oil also treats hair loss or dandruff. MoroccanOil is a brand of hair products that has skyrocketed in popularity in the past year or so. More recently than that, Macadamia Natural Oil was created as a more affordable brand that contains the sought-after Argan Oil that MoroccanOil consumers love as well as other beneficial additives. Following are a few of the things that set Macadamia Natural Oil apart from the other “oils” on the market today.

1. More budget-friendly (first and foremost)
2. Contains Macadamia Oil: Enriches, replenishes and rapidly absorbed
3. Reduces drying time by up to 50%
4. Natural UV protection
5. Extremely lightweight
6. Promotes healthy hair growth and maintenance

Other Argan Oil Benefits:
Conventional moisturizing and hydrating hair products like conditioners and serums coat the hair for a temporary glossy shine. Argan oil is actually absorbed by the hair, instantly improving the hair’s health and making it silky, flexible and shiny. So, when your hair looks glossy and healthy as a result of using Argan oil, it’s because it is actually healthy and shiny – not just temporary coated with shine-inducing ingredients.

Bringing Macadamia Oil into the Mix:
You don’t have to use a lot of product when using Macadamia Natural Oil. Macadamia Oil is very similar to the body’s natural oils; therefore, it provides intense hydration, while remaining non-greasy.

Ever tried Macadamia Natural Oil? What are your thoughts?

Stay beautiful!


Breaking News – We’ve Got MoroccanOil!!!

The very popular MoroccanOil hair care brand has joined family.  MoroccanOil has quickly become one of the world’s best-selling hair care lines. Just this year, their hair products have been featured in Lucky Magazine, InStyle, Self Magazine, Seventeen, Marie Claire, StyleList, Tyra Banks Show, The Today Show, People, USA Today and many more. The ingredient in the MoroccanOil hair products that has people going wild is Argan oil from Southwest Morocco, which provides protection from UV light and free radicals and adds softness, strength and elasticity to hair while eliminating static and frizz. These are some of the hottest hair care items on the market right now. They offer great dry frizzy hair products, dry hair shampoo and dry hair treatments. Get MoroccanOil hair products at at a great price.

MoroccanOil Oil Treatment

MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream

MoroccanOil Hydrating Styling Cream

MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask – 8.5 oz

MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask – 16.9 oz

MoroccanOil Restorative Hair Mask -8.5 oz

MoroccanOil Restorative Hair Mask – 16.9 oz

MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Shampoo

MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Conditioner

MoroccanOil Glimmer Shine Spray

MoroccanOil Luminous Hairspray

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