Treat & Prevent Acne Scars

How-to-get-clear-skinAs if suffering from acne isn’t hard enough, we also run the risk of developing acne scars. These three simple techniques can help to prevent and reduce the appearance of those dreadful resulting imperfections.

1. Exfoliate. I probably sound like a broken record, but exfoliating is an extremely important, and often skipped step in skin care. Exfoliating removes dead skin and dirt that cleansers often miss. Skipping this step leads to more constant breakouts and ultimately, a higher risk for scars. I personally recommend a Clarisonic.  If your scars are painful, you may want to stick to a sensitive brush head.

2. Facials. The only way to benefit from facials is to get the regularly! After an intense week of workouts, treat yourself to a facial instead of rewarding yourself with dinner at a nice restaurant. You’ll be giving yourself positive for your hard work instead of reverting yourself back to where you started. If you don’t want to splurge at the spa, you can use an at home spa kit to achieve the same result. Facialists do have access to more tools, but there is a lot that we can achieve in the comfort of our own home. Or, you can switch off between at home facials, and spa facials to save your wallet.

3. Masks. Skin masks can help to heal acne scars. Look for a mask rich in Kojic acid. This ingredient helps to even the skin color and treat hyperpigmentation.

Beautiful Benefits of Avocado

beauty-benefits-of-avocadosAvocado has the ability to make you beautiful in more ways than just being a great at home sunburn remedy! Here are 4 reasons why you should pick up a few of these remarkable fruits on your next trip to the grocery!

1. They’re great for your skin: both eating them and applying them directly to your skin are beneficial. They’re rich in Vitamin A which gives you essential fats and helps keep your skin moisturized and glowing when consumed. Avocado oils are used in natural moisturizers and there are many masks that call for an avocado base to soften your face!

2. They reduce wrinkles: Avocado has anti aging properties! They’re loaded with antioxidants that prevent wrinkles!

3. They make your hair shine too: those same vitamins are great for your hair giving you gorgeous shiny locks!

4. Weight loss: Avocados are a dieter’s best friend! While they aren’t a low calorie or low fat food, they’re a very healthy snack and a fruit with a high protein and low sugar content. They’re a great addition to any salad or sandwich that will keep you fuller longer and more satisfied. They’re one of those “good fats” or monounsaturated fats.

Importance Of A Clean Canvas

Always apply makeup to a clean canvas. It is important to exfoliate, cleanse and tone your skin before putting makeup on. The smoother the surface of your skin, the better the makeup will go on, and the more lustrous it will appear. Plus, you won’t need as much makeup to cover imperfections if you’ve scrubbed them all away!


1. Clarisonic 2. Dr. Brandt Cleanser 3. Peter Thomas Roth Toner

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

“Drink Responsibly”.

You’ve heard that phrase many times before, but this time we mean it in a totally different way. While you’re having fun in the sun & sipping on a Margarita, or Corona with lime, you’re putting your skin at serious risk. The month of May is Skin Cancer Awareness month, and we want to be sure that all of our readers take extra precautions to protect their skin.


The combination of citrus on your skin that is exposed to the sun can cause a severe chemical burn. The reaction is called phytophotodermatitis. The severity can vary based on exposure, but we also like the phrase “better safe than sorry”.

One of the worst parts about this scary situation, is that you cannot feel it happening. 24 hours after exposure, your skin will blister, and trust us it is PAINFUL! Not to mention, the burns can leave permanent scars.

To prevent this painful reaction, wash any skin exposed to citrus immediately before returning to the sunshine. This includes the sides of your mouth!

Now pass the guacamole! Ole!

The Benefits of using Exfoliating Skincare Products

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Most of us know that exfoliating is a good way to shed that top layer of dead skin and uncover that soft layer of beautiful skin underneath. However, there are several other benefits to exfoliating with skincare products. First off, exfoliating is not just for your facial skin. You can exfoliate your legs, lips, feet and scalp. Following are a few of the benefits of using exfoliating skincare products:

Fights signs of aging
With time, the skin’s natural ability to shed dead cells decreases, making dry skin and face wrinkles more obvious. Removing the dead skin reveals fresher, brighter and younger-looking skin. DDF Anti Aging Glycolic 6% Exfoliating Wash is a great face wash for facial skin exfoliation.

Reduces Dark Spots
When you get rid of that top layer of skin, you diminish any leftover scarring or discoloration from blemishes.

Evens Skin Texture
The beads in exfoliation skincare products polish the skin, leaving it softer and smoother.

Prevents pimples and blackheads
Allowing your pores to get clogged with dead skin and oil may result in pimples.

Prevent dry, flaky lips
If you allow dead skin to accumulate on your lips, they become dry and chapped and lipsticks may appear flaky.

Reduce chest breakouts and dullness
The skin on your chest produces just as much oil as your face and back. Exfoliate the chest once a week to keep skin looking vibrant and to prevent breakouts as a result of trapped dead skin and oil in the pores.

Promotes Circulation and Hair Growth
As it is, the scalp constantly sheds dead skin. Additionally, styling products lead to buildup. Exfoliating removes debris and dead skin as well as unclogging follicles. Nioxin Scalp Renew is a product made just for this purpose.

Prevent Back Acne
If not exfoliated, the back can get clogged with oil and dead skin. Murad Acne Body Wash is a good body scrub to use to maintain clear skin.

Exfoliate Hands and nails to prevent the build up of dead skin cells.

Remove dead white skin
If you do not usually wear socks, your feet may get dry and cracked, particularly in the heels.

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