Black Friday Beauty Deals All Weekend Long!

Black Friday Beauty Deals

Black Friday Beauty Deals

This is the day to take advantage of the best beauty deals available on makeup, hairstyling products, and styling tools. Thanksgiving day marks the start of the holiday season and reminds us that December will be here soon. The season is for sharing and making memories not to be stuck at the mall figuring out what you are going to get your sister or your husband. Stocking up now for everyone on your Christmas list will save you money, but more importantly, it will save you time. Here we feature the best Black Friday beauty deals shipped immediately right to your door!

Hairstyling Products

TIGI S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer – $18.99 (Reg. 29.00) This lotion is a favorite of gals with really thick and curly hair. It defines, softens, and helps manage curls. And it smells amazing!

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque
$29.99 (Reg. 50.00) – If you curl, blow dry or chemically process your hair you need to wear this masque. Dry ends make your gorgeous hair look unhealthy.

Styling Tools

Bio Ionic Straightener
– $115.98 (Reg. 189.99) The best flat iron for straightening hair. While smoothing hair, this one pass flat iron silicone strips condition hair strands and help prevent frizz.

CHI Pro Hair Dryer – $89.99 (Reg. 159.97) Used by hair stylists to dry hair fast and protect it from damage. It uses ionic technology and infrared heat to eliminate frizz and static.


TIGI Cosmetics Perfect Eyeliner $10.99 (Reg. 17.00) – This eyeliner glides on like butter. It comes with a built-in smudgie for creating smoky eyes and using it as an eyeshadow. Find it in a deep purple called Royalty, a neon aqua called Peacock, and Black, a classic, to match your every mood.

TIGI High Density Quad Eyeshadow in Posh
$16.98 (Reg. 32.00) – Perfect for blue eyes, this quad eyeshadow brings 4 high density pigments for all day wear!

Want to see more? Find more of the best beauty deals on our Black Friday Sale Page.

Beauty Trends: Top 4 Hairstyles for Fall 2012

Pinterest Find - Upside Down French Braid with a Bow

On Pinterest, the Hair and Beauty category sees thousands of pins a day! Here we feature 4 of the hairstyles trending for fall and the styling products perfect for that hairstyle. Do you think there is another hairstyle that should be featured? Let us know! We will put it up right away!

The “Chic Ponytail” is a sleek and polished high crown ponytail and requires a small amount of effort and styling. First, a hair serum that protects against frizz and humidity is needed as the hairstyle is to look smooth. Rebecca, lead beauty specialists of approves of the TIGI Rockaholic Rock Out Shine Blaster for its non-greasy delivery of shine and control of frizz. A flat hair brush is needed to smooth hair back, and a band to secure the hair. A lightweight finishing spray can be used to maintain all day form and for avoiding flyaways.

In 2012, magazines all over the world saw Beyonce, Zooey Deschanel, and Jessica Biel sporting bangs of all styles. Bangs are the latest hair accessory equal to a fabulous mani-pedi done with the latest nail art designs. Whether bangs are full and thick or swept to the side, bangs frame the face and accentuate eyes. To style bangs, a hair dryer with ionic technology will prevent frizz and keep bangs looking smooth all day. The online company’s best-selling styling tool is the Bio Ionic Powerlight Pro Dryer. At 1875 watts, it is one of the most powerful hair dryers ever made, and its infrared and negative ion technology allows for faster drying and eliminating frizz and static.

The upside down French braid is a favorite among beauty bloggers. Wear this hairstyle on the weekends when running errands to keep hair tidy. It is done by flipping hair upside down and brushing hair from the nape of the neck and up. While keeping hair upside down, starting at the nape of the neck, a small chunk of hair is used to begin a French braid. The French braid should be continued until reaching the crown of head and hair is secured with a band creating a high ponytail. Next, hair is twisted into a bun and secured with another band. A hairspray with a flexible firm hold like Agadir Argan Oil Hairspray is applied to prevent flyaways.

The ombre is a French term that features darker more natural shades at the roots and a more highlighted shade at the ends. It’s a hair trend that gives more flexibility in-between visits to a hair colorist. The beauty specialists stated they have numerous clients donning this trend. There is the ombre mani, the ombre hair, and most recently ombre lips! This look on hair is very versatile and whether hair is curly or very straight it looks great. Examples of the ombre trend are Khloe Kardashian going dark to light and Gwyneth Paltrow going light to dark.

Travel Friendly Products Perfect for Back to School!

Back to SchoolWe all love our beauty essentials, but did you know that some of those beauty products have short shelf lives? Looking to update that old hair dryer? has all the beauty products and styling tools perfect for back to school! Check out these items that save space and time:

You studied all night and wake up in a rush. You overslept. Class starts in 10 minutes! Your hair looks like a hot mess. Don’t worry! Use TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo 3oz. This amazing styling product was formulated for hairstyles that need a fast fix or when your second day hair needs to be refreshed. It also leaves your hair with a clean scent and a better way to manage your hair care and comes in a perfect size for your purse or school bag!

Bio Ionic TravelPro Dryer Dual Voltage is the perfect dual voltage hair dryer for travel. This hair dryer has a compact design making it easy to fit in any carry-on, but it is still powerful and provides a faster drying time. Also, with its nano ionic mineral technology, it delivers frizz-free results. Included is its own diffuser so that your hair is protected from heat damage. Perfect for small shelf space in a dorm!

BioSilk Silk Therapy comes in a travel size of 2.26oz this lightweight hair treatment is popular for being able to repair hair, add shine and provide deep moisture to dry or damaged hair. It is best used before any thermal styling like blow drying or flat ironing for help in preventing hair damage due to high styling tool temperatures.

Agadir Argan Oil is a very popular line for their travel size products. They have 2 popular products that come in small sizes, perfect for small bathrooms or just to take on the go. The Agadir Argan Oil 2oz and Agadir Argan Oil Spritz 2oz. This oil repairs and moisturizes hair of all types. So nourishing and full of antioxidants is this highly concentrated alcohol-free hair treatment that it eliminates dry ends and itchy scalp problems.

Not prepping for back to school? No worries take advantage of the best beauty products at discounted prices in our Back to School Sale!

Smooth and Straight Hair, Carly Rae Jepsen

If you haven’t gone shopping for your summer wardrobe, now is the time to go! Before thinking of breaking out your cutest sandals, what hairstyle are you going to sport this Memorial Day Weekend? It is just around the corner, and we saw the perfect hairstyle on Carly Rae Jepsen, last weekend, at the Billboard Music Awards 2012! The “Call Me Maybe” singer’s really straight hairstyle looked fabulous and glam. Here we show you how you can get this gorgeous hairstyle at home.

After cleansing hair, apply TIGI S-Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum. This serum is non-greasy and protects hair from thermal damage. It moisturizes hair, so that hair is left soft and really smooth after blow drying. Since it contains sunflower seed extract, your locks will look healthy and shiny.

After blow drying, separate your hair into sections. Flat iron your hair with an iron with ceramic plates. Bio Ismooth Conditioning Flat Iron 1’’ flat irons your hair fast, but effectively! This flat iron uses ionic technology to condition and smooth hair while protecting it from breakage.

To finish the look, apply a holding spray like TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Firm Hold Spray. The spray prevents frizz and does not leave hair hard! It contains violet, jazmine and lavender so it adds even more protection and conditioning to hair. And of course, locks your hairstyle with instant shine!

The best beauty products at discounted prices are at

Suitcase Friendly Beauty Products at

Summer is just around the corner and many of us may decide to take a weekend get-away or a vacation with the family. A great idea would be to have a suitcase-friendly styling tool like the Bio Ionic Travel Pro Dryer Dual Voltage. This hair dryer compact design makes it easy to fit in any carry-on, but it is still powerful and provides a faster drying time. Also, with its nano ionic mineral technology, it delivers frizz-free results. Included is its own diffuser so that your hair is protected from heat damage. A great benefit if traveling overseas is its dual voltage feature. It will connect anywhere an electric adapter plug is available! No converter or transformer needed. Take with you an anti-frizz serum, that will pass TSA inspection like the Bio Ionic Super Hydrator Weightless Shine Sealer. Its size is approved for carry-on and the vibrant shine it provides after blow-drying will have you posing and looking fabulous for awesome vacation photos. Get ready with all your favorite beauty items to take on your get-away at All the best beauty products at discounted prices are available here. When you come back from your sure to be amazing trip let us know how fabulous a time you had.

Bio Ionic StyleWinder in Stock!!!

For all of you who have been trying to purchase the Bio Ionic StyleWinder that I wrote about in Get Gorgeous Curls with the Bio Ionic StyleWinder Rotating Styling Iron, good news: We have them back in stock! Not only do we have the 1” Bio Ionic StyleWinder, but we now also have the ¾” StyleWinder for tighter spirals! Put in your orders before they run out again…and please do let me know how you like yours!

Cut Your Own Bangs

Bangs are everywhere you look these days. Vanessa Hudgens has them; Hilary Duff; Emma Stone – the hair trend is in full force. Should you get inspired to do them one day and you don’t want to make an appointment to then chicken out during the wait for the big day, cut your bangs yourself! Surprisingly, cutting your bangs well is simple as long as you become familiar with the steps and you use the right tools. Most important are the technique, correct sectioning and the right scissors.

First thing’s first: Make sure you start with dry hair so that your bangs are cut to the actual length at which you want them to hang.

Sectioning: Collect hair starting 1 inch in from your hairline (in the middle of your face) and gradually thinning towards the sides. Clip the rest of your hair back and out of the way with Bio Ionic iTools iClips. DO NOT section your bangs wider than the outsides of your eyebrows.

Cutting: Using hair-cutting scissors, hold the scissors vertically and cut vertically. Use the tip of the scissors to point cut so your bangs don’t form a very strong, straight line across your face.

– Cut the edges slightly longer for a softer, more natural look.

If you have a cowlick in your bangs: Using a fine-tooth comb like any in the T3 Professional Comb Collection and a Bio Ionic iDry Whisper Light Pro-Dryer, comb your bangs in towards the middle of your face while blow-drying.

Good Luck! And if you try it, let me know how it came out 🙂

2 Easy Ways to Curl with a Hair Iron

Want to know how to curl your hair with a straightener? Here are 2 easy ways for creating 2 stylish curly hairstyles with hair irons.

Method 1: Curl your hair with a flat iron as demonstrated here with the Bio Ionic straightening iron

  1. Wrap a small strand of hair around your pointer and middle finder.
  2. Carefully slide the curl off your fingers and don’t let go!
  3. Press the curl with the ionic flat iron.
  4. Stretch out the curl.

Next > Method 2: Curl your hair with the ceramic CHI Volumizer

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