Quick Beauty Tip – Use Colored Liner

If you’re rocking the super hot, Summer bang look, you may be suffering from “disappearing eyelid syndrome”.

Depending on the weather, or how long it has been since your last cut, your bangs have the tendency to cover your done up eyelids, and you miss out on the chance to brighten them up.

In order to pull off that POP use a colored liner on your top and bottom lid, like Kourtney’s royal blue eyeliner look shown here.

Hairstyle Trend Alert: The Side-Braid

Lately, everywhere you look, you are seeing more and more of the trendy side-braid. The artsy, half-fast-looking hairstyle trend has found its way into celebrity news magazines. Celebrities such as Thandie Newton and Rachel McAdams are among the list of stars that are fans of the side-braid hairstyle trend.  The hairstyle trend can be described as semi-undone with a messy finish. Its very easy to do for yourself.
  • Apply a volumizing mousse such as the Big Sexy Root Pump Plus Volumizing Spray Mousse to damp hair and then blow dry
  • Roll up 2-inch sections of hair in medium-sized Velcro rollers and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Begin French braiding your hair starting behind the left ear
  • Use a hair-tie for the bottom of the braid or let it naturally unravel a bit
  • Use bobby pins to fasten any loose ends for a playful finish
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