CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Waver

CHI Auto Digital Waver

Upgrade your old curling iron for the CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Waver. This is a truly unique styling tool because you can crimp, wave and curl your hair with its three barrel design. Do not let this curling iron’s appearance intimidate you! It is super easy to use and you will be creating different hairstyles every day, to achieve fresh new looks for work, school, or events!

Apply a defining serum or oil to protect your hair from thermal damage and to avoid frizz. First, separate your hair in a half up part. Next, separate a section of hair from the bottom half, take the CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Waver and start pressing the curling iron from the top of the section of hair to the bottom. Press down for about 2 or 3 seconds or more depending on how high you put the temperature of the curling iron. Immediately your hair is wavy or crimped with lots of volume. Spray on a finishing spray, to hold your hairstyle and to minimize fly-aways and frizz.

If you want to do tight curls, part your hair half up and start at the bottom in sections. There are two barrels on one side of this curling iron. You can use just one barrel or use both. If you use one barrel, you know to wrap your hair around it and slide the curling iron down. When you use both barrels, you can intertwine your hair between the two barrels and make sexy, volume filled curls.

The CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Waver is truly a must have styling tool. Get yours today and show your friends your great hairstyle. They will ask what did you use. Tell them you got the curling iron from us and at a low price! At, we have the best beauty products at discounted prices. Come back and show us your results!

BioSilk Silk Pomade

BioSilk Silk Pomade

BioSilk Silk Pomade will help you achieve natural looking waves for a hairstyle that looks as if you just came from the beach. What is so great about this silk-infused pomade is that it is non-greasy and will not weigh your hair down. You can use it on wet or dry hair to get waves that are detailed and defined. If you want to up the ante, apply the pomade before using a curling iron. You can achieve curls that will look fresh all day. Sleek looking hairstyles as unique as you are possible because it provides a medium hold. Since, it is silk infused your hair will be more manageable and it is suited for all hair textures. Get your jar of BioSilk Silk Pomade today and experiment your wish list of hairstyles. We have an entire selection of BioSilk hair care products available. For these low prices, you will not go over your budget. Come today and get the best beauty products at discounted prices are available now at

Healthy Sexy Hair Products

Healthy Sexy Hair Porducts

Do a sexy voluminous blowout for your next night out or do a straight and smooth hairstyle for a sleek look with Healthy Sexy Hair! This hair product line of styling products are formulated with soy and cocoa. Soy proteins penetrate, strengthen, and moisturize hair. Cocoa helps smooth the hair and acts as a conditioner. This Sexy Hair line is one of our favorite hair care products to style hair and we are proud to offer it here at

We styled our hair using Healthy Sexy Hair Soya Want Full Hair. We wanted to get a va-va-voom hairstyle so we sprayed at the roots for extra volume. First, blow dry hair and sections, spraying at the roots to create extra volume. Finally, we used it as a finishing spray to add shine, strengthen and protect hair.

Straightening is not just for girls with curls, but if you do have curls try this too! You can get a sleek look to highlight layers or just get a smooth, frizz-free hairstyle. Make sure the cuticle is smooth and polished. Try TIGI Love Peace & The Planet Save the Earth Straightener. It fights frizz and humidity and adds shine. It is free of parabens and 85% organic. Next, before flat ironing apply Healthy Sexy Hair Soya Want Flat Hair to dry hair. Spray sections of dry hair from top to bottom. You will achieve a stick-straight look while providing your hair thermal protection. Use a heavier application to create straight, solid panels of hair.

Want to try an alternative look? After flat ironing use a curling iron at the ends of your hair. You will get a sleek look at top and cute volume at the bottom. Like it or love it?

There are other fabulous Healthy Sexy Hair styling products! This line includes a shampoo, conditioner, and treatments. For styling, they provide hairsprays and pomades. Try one or try all of them! The results are amazing! Let us know or show us the results. As always, find the best beauty products at discounted prices at

Curl It Up A Notch With CHI

CHI Turbo Digital Ceramic Spring Curling Iron 1-1/2"

CHI Turbo Digital Ceramic Spring Curling Iron 1-1/2"

This new year’s eve, we suggest you embrace one of the hottest hair trends of the season and turn your back on perfectly straight hair in favor of a curled style.  And even if you don’t have naturally curled tresses, you can achieve the look with the help of a CHI curling iron.

The CHI haircare brand is well known for its heated styling tools, which are some of the best on the market.  They are easy to use with an ergonomically designed handle and versatile heat settings to provide you with total control and comfort.

The state-of-the-art ceramic heat seals the hair cuticle to repel the effects of humidity and create a shiny finish. What’s more, the CHI curling irons heat up evenly to ensure a stellar end look.

CHI produces three sizes of curling iron to produce an array of different curled  looks.  The CHI curling irons come in 3/4″ for tighter curls; 1″ for medium curls, and 1 1/2″ for looser curls or waves.  All of the CHI curling irons use 44 Ceramic Technology with Far Infrared allows these hair curling irons to offer flash quick heating while locking in moisture and protecting your hair.

How to Clean Your Hair Styling Tools

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Should you clean your hair styling tools? Most definitely! By hair tools, I’m referring to hair brushes/combs, hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons. There are so many advantages to keeping your hair styling tools clean.

For starters, build up of hair product or substances on your hot tools causes them to heat unevenly, which ultimately leads to hair damage. Dirty or greasy hair brushes lead to breakouts. You wash your hair to keep it from getting dirty, so it only makes sense to keep the styling tools that you put through your hair clean, as well. Hair styling tools collect dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Aside from transferring dirt and grease to your hair and scalp, passing that along can also clog pores and hair follicles. Here is the best way to clean…

Flat Irons and Curling Irons
Wipe with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball. For any hard-to-reach-places, you can use Q-tips. Use a clean towel to wipe dry.

Hair Dryers
Remove the air vent on the back of the hair dryer and clean out the lint with an old toothbrush. Then, rinse with hot water.

Hair Brushes and Combs
Pull out hairs from the hair brush/comb. Then, wash it with shampoo and rinse with conditioner. For combs, use hot water to rinse. Gently towel-dry a bit and then let it completely dry, standing teeth-down on a towel.

Questions? Suggestions? Comments welcomed!

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