Tutorial Tuesday – Quick Updo



Have an event or holiday party coming up? Do you already have the perfect outfit? Is your hairstyle still up in the air?

Then try this quick updo that looks fun and elegant at the same time! In just a few easy steps you’ll be ready to strut your stuff with a hairstyle that looks like it took hours to perfect.

  • Pin back your bangs, or the front section of your hair and add a little volume for some oomph.
  • Take a section from each side of your hairline and bring together into a twist at the back of your head.
  • Twist the section around your finger and pin into a small bun. Pin and hold your  hair in place with bobby pins.
  • Repeat steps 2 & 3 until all your hair is twisted and pinned into a line down the back of your head.
  • Shown are five small buns but you can adjust this to suit your hair thickness and length.


Tutorial Tuesday – Use a Curling Wand

The use of curling wands can be tricky. Depending where you hold it, vertical or horizontal position or how tightly you wrap your hair around the barrel and so on can change the look and feel of your curls at the end. To end this battle with yourself, follow our tutorial to get easy curls perfect for any occasion!

You will need:


  1. Before you begin curling, make sure your hair is clean and dry.
  2. Prepare your hair by gently detangling it with a paddle brush or wide tooth comb.
  3. Horizontally part your hair starting at the temple and clip it out of place.
  4. Start with a vertical section of hair around an inch thick (the smaller the section the more curls you’ll have).
  5. Start wrapping your hair at the base of the barrel, and keeping a firm grip on your hair, wrap the entire section around the barrel without overlapping.
  6. Hold the tip of the section tightly around the barrel for a few seconds and release. The longer you keep your hair on the barrel the more defined your curls will be.

P.S. When you’re done with your whole head, don’t forget to run your fingers through your hair! This will give your curls a more natural look.

Spritz a shine mist to leave your hair smooth frizz-free.

Stay beautiful!


Quick Beauty Tip – Homemade Treatments for Damaged Hair

treatments-for-damaged-hairI’m obviously obsessed with beauty products and I’m not ashamed to say it – but I am also a fitness buff and fully understand and recognize the power of the natural ingredients we all have access to. So many of the delicious & nutritious things we include in our diet can also be used to make us more beautiful too! Here are a few of my favorite hair masks using all natural ingredients you can get at any grocery store!

1. Banana & Avocado: YES we are obsessed with avocados! Mash a ripe avocado and ripe banana and mix well. Apply an even layer to clean, dry hair and let sit for at least 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and condition as usual. Your locks will be moist & shiny when you’re done! Plus, this mixture smells delicious!

2. Honey & Olive Oil: Sounds like the beginning of a salad dressing recipe – but this combo does wonders for your tresses! Combine equal parts of the two and apply from roots to tips. Secure hair in a shower cap and let it sit for 45 minutes. Shampoo lightly and condition normally afterwards. Your hair will be silky & shiny when you’re done!

3. Thyme Treatment: If you suffer from dandruff, try this – boil 8 sprigs of fresh thyme in 2 cups of water. Once rapidly boiling remove from heat and let cool. Strain and massage the leaves into your scalp. Rinse and repeat with leftover mixture in a couple days. This is a natural way to fight flakes!

Tutorial Tuesday – How To Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron

Everyone is always asking us how to use your flat iron to create loose, large waves in their hair. Today, we reveal the secret. As shown here, start to rotate your wrist toward the bottom of the piece of hair you are working on. For a tighter curl, start closer to the scalp. If your hair usually holds a curl, you’re ready to go. If it has the tendency to drop when you leave the house, put a mist of light hairspray before you bounce. No pun intended! TT-CurlwithIron

Flash Beauty Sale 1PM – 3PM EST – TIGI Styling Products and Makeup!

Give your hairstyle high gloss with TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Mist. Bold eyeliner never goes out of style and always adds a refreshing pop of color to any ensemble. Our favorite is the TIGI Cosmetics Perfect Eyeliner in Peacock. It is a cool blue that complements green and blue eyes perfectly! When paired with brown eyes, it makes them look more golden and any green flecks in them will really stand out. Made up of over 70% moisturizing ingredients, it requires very little pressure to apply the eyeliner and with its built-in smudgy it doubles as an eyeshadow!

When you want to impress, your hairstyle is still your best budget-friendly accessory! Give your smooth and sleek hairstyle high gloss with a finishing spray like TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Mist. Its super-fine mist is lightweight and won’t weigh your hairstyle down. Highlights and hair color will look more vibrant and rich. This super shine spray is perfect for curly hair! Those beautiful round curls will look like they have more bounce.

Get a salon blowout by using the TIGI Bed Head After-Party Smoothing Cream. A dime-size amount applied on towel-dried hair will keep your hair looking sleek and smooth for days! Apply from the middle of the hair strand down to the ends to tame frizz. After you blow dry your hair in sections, dab a tiny bit on finger tips and apply around your hairline to smooth flyaways for the entire day.

The BioSilk Silk Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner Set Flash Beauty Sale!

BioSilk SIlk Therapy Set Shampoo and Conditioner

BioSilk SIlk Therapy Set Shampoo and Conditioner

Achieving frizz-free and smooth hair should not take hours of salon hair treatments or hair straightening. It can be as easy as washing and conditioning hair.

Today’s flash beauty sale features BioSilk Silk Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner Set for $10.99! The Silk Therapy Shampoo and Silk Therapy Conditioner are infused with silk proteins to seal hair cuticles making frizz and “poof” a thing of the past!

What we really like about this silk-infused duo is the manageability of thick, curly hair after using it! After washing, detangling curly hair can be a chore, but with the Silk Therapy Conditioner curly hair is soft and defined and brushing it gets really easy. An added bonus – it leaves hair with the most luxurious scent!

This flash beauty sale goes on today 12/19/2012 between 1 PM – 3 PM EST for $10.99! Make next year, the best hair year you’ve had in your life!

Day #11 of Our 12 Days of Beauty Deals at TheBeautyPlace.com

Macadamia Natural Oil Luxe Travel Set at TheBeautyPlace.com

Macadamia Natural Oil Luxe Travel Set

Need help choosing a Christmas gift for the girls at the office? Traveling to see friends and family this holiday? Today’s beauty deal is the Macadamia Luxe Travel Set and it drops from $30 to $18.26! Just what you need for healthy, soft, and nourished hair, this set cleanses, conditions, and styles curly hair or straight hair gorgeous!

Macadamia Natural Oil’s finest hair care products with Macadamia and Argan oils

  • Rejuvenating Shampoo – Moisturizes while cleansing, protecting dry, damaged, or color-treated hair.
  • Moisturizing Rinse – Creamy conditioner nourishes hair and repair split ends.
  • Healing Oil Treatment – Protects hair from heat damage when blow drying or straightening with a styling tool.
  • Deep Repair Masque – Deep conditioning hair masque treats hair making it smooth, frizz-free and helps color last longer.
  • Nourishing Leave-In Cream – Detangles and nourishes hair long after you’ve washed and conditioned.
  • Healing Oil Infused Comb – Wide-tooth comb helps manage and detangle hair gently preventing breakage and split ends.
  • Travel Bag

6th Day of 12 Days of Exclusive Beauty Deals at TheBeautyPlace.com!

Bio Silk Silk Therapy Set at TheBeautyPlace.com

Bio Silk Silk Therapy Set

Today the Bio Silk Silk Therapy Set is on sale! It includes the Bio Silk Silk Therapy Shampoo, Conditioner, and Silk Therapy Hair Treatment, a $67.60 value at $27.99!

BioSilk Silk Therapy is known for creating the perfect environment for healthy hair. It is silk-infused to gently nourish and moisturize all types of hair. It leaves hair silky smooth after one wash. It also strengthens and revitalizes dry, damaged hair.

The original hair serum for creating the softest and glossy-looking hair, Bio Silk Silk Therapy is included. If you regularly straighten hair or curl hair with any heated styling tool, the Bio Silk Silk Therapy hair treatment will prevent your strands from damage all the while making your hairstyle look as if you just came from the salon!

What are you waiting for? This 3 piece set will not be around for long! Give it as a gift for friends or family with really thick, curly or unmanageable hair. They will love this set!

Day #1 of 12 Days of Exclusive Beauty Deals at TheBeautyPlace.com!

Braid with Curly Hairstyle using a 1.25'' Bio Ionic Style Winder

Braid with Curly Hairstyle using a 1.25” Bio Ionic Style Winder

As part of our Christmas celebration we will be featuring awesome gift ideas for the next 12 days starting today! We have meticulously curated the best salon-quality beauty products worthy of presenting as gifts. So while you find the best beauty deals you want, they get the gifts they want!

Our 1st Day of Beauty Deal starts with the Bio Ionic Style Winder in ¾’’, 1’’ and 1 ¼’’ inch barrel sizes. It drops from $140.00 to $74.88 while supplies last and with free shipping it is the best price you’ll find by $65!

Digital Temperature Control of up to 440F/226C

Rotating barrel design curls hair easy

With Nano Ionic Technology to prevent frizz

Far Infrared Technology for long lasting curls

With an Automatic Shut Off

Includes a FREE DVD for curly hair tutorials and an Iron Holder ($30 Value)

Party Curly Hairstyle with Braid as Hairband:

Step 1: Grab a 1” section of hair starting from the top of hairline. Braid hair from one side to the other side creating a head band. This braid headband will keep your hair away from your face.
Step 2: Next, starting from the the top grab 1” sections of hair and use the Style Winder to curl section. You will notice the barrel turns so you don’t need to twist hair around barrel with hand. Use the finger grip located on the bottom to twist barrel and wrap hair section around barrel. Clip hair and hold for 5 seconds.
Step 3: Release finger grip and style winder will unwind.
Step 4: Repeat with various sections of hair.

Naturally Curly Hair Care at TheBeautyPlace.com

If you were born with naturally curly hair managing your curls can be aggravating at times. Have you thought about using styling products that work with your hair instead of against it? Some styling products control your hair by making it stiff. Here we give you some great tips in maximizing the potential of your curly hair!

Keeping frizz controlled involves moisture. Keep your hair moisturized with the correct shampoo and conditioner. TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Defining Shampoo and TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Hydrating Conditioner have smoothing properties that moisturize and condition hair. It enhances curl retention and fights frizz! They are sulfate-free because your hair does not need to be dried out.

Going natural is a great way to show off the health, shine and strength of your curls. Plus, it helps save you time. Flat ironing your hair for hours and then for humidity to make it look like a cotton ball is depressing. Another great advantage is you will stand out in the crowd! Try Curly Sexy Hair Curling Detangler to make your curly hair look bouncy, glamorous, and grab all the attention! It is a leave-in detangler that helps not weigh your hair down. By delivering extra moisture and protein to your hair, your hair gets soft support that defines every curl, but still touchable. Starting off with a detangler after washing is a great tool in managing your hairstyle.

Curly hair is easy to manage with the correct styling tools. The best beauty products at discounted prices are at TheBeautyPlace.com.

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