Body Beautiful: Must-Haves for Summer

When we think of skin care most of us focus on our face, but how about skin care for our body? The temperatures are rising and that means baring more skin. Is your skin swimsuit-ready? Rough spots, dry spots, and back acne are some of the skin concerns that can make us feel a little self-conscious. Wear that super cute halter dress you scored on sale with confidence! Here we feature body beautifying must-haves.

Exfoliate and reveal smooth and soft skin with a body scrub like Pevonia Body Scrub. With jojoba seeds, rosemary, and allantoin, this creamy scrub gently smoothes rough patches and reveals radiant, silky-soft skin.

NIA24 Sun Damage Repair for Decolletage and Hands is a targeting fading treatment. Eliminate age spots, sun spots, on chest area or on the tops of hands. You can also apply anywhere you see discoloration or hyperpigmentation.

Take care of scars by improving and minimizing the look, color, coarseness and tenderness of scars. Kinerase Scar Healing Therapy is for use on all skin types and you can use it underneath sunscreen or moisturizer. So if you have signs from surgeries, cosmetic procedures, burns, cuts, or accidents you will surely appreciate this cream.

Sunscreen should be used every day. It is the best anti-aging and cost-effective skin treatment out there. Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum protects skin from sun damage and sun burn. It also helps repair previous damage done by tanning or exposure. Prevent premature aging and apply this hardworking serum right away.

The best beauty products at discounted products are available at Enjoy your time out and about and don’t worry about your skin. It looks great!

Skin Care Cleansing Transformed!

Clarisonic skin cleansing systems are changing the way we take care of our skin. Think about it as an upgrade from the washcloth. Clarisonic skin cleansing systems use delicate brush heads to gently exfoliate skin. They work to remove embedded dirt, oils, and makeup from skin. Washcloth users state clear and smooth skin is the ultimate benefit of this cleansing method and find that the transition to a Clarisonic system is easy. Whereas a washcloth is changed every day, a Clarisonic brush head is easily cleaned and sanitized with an antibacterial under running warm water. The system is waterproof and it gets power from a charging station included.

The skin cleansing systems feature different models and come in colors and prints. The Clarisonic Pro is recommended for professional use and features 4 speeds. One speed is set for spot therapy mode, where you can target rougher areas of skin like knees or elbows. There is the Clarisonic Plus which features 3 speeds. And then there is the very popular Clarisonic Mia, a smaller version of the Pro and Plus models. The Mia model features a 1 speed. Because of its more affordable price it is perfect to take with you in your gym bag or for travel. It works just as effectively as the other Clarisonic models, but it is a more affordable way to own a Clarisonic. Every model brings Clarisonic face cleansers to help you get squeaky clean skin.

Clarisonic is fast becoming a best seller due to its popularity in effectively helping to achieve clean and smooth skin. Are you ready to transform your skin care routine? Get one now and let us know about your great results! offers the best beauty products at discounted prices.

Common Skin Concerns and How To Address Them

There are a variety of skin care products available so which one do you use to treat your specific skin concern? Here we feature skin care items formulated with ingredients that are gentle, yet effective.

Age Spots

Age spots or more appropriately named sun spots form because of overexposure to the sun. They have nothing to do with how old you are, but with how long you have been in the sun. Prevention is crucial, and it means avoiding the sun and using sunscreen. This is the reason we always stress the importance of sunscreen! If the damage is already done, avoid further damage by applying sunscreen. If you want to take care of those pesky age spots, StriVectin-EV Get Even Brighter Serum evens out skin tone, boosts skin clarity and brightness. You should start noticing a difference in two weeks from starting to use the product. In 8 weeks, a youthful glow in skin is noticeable.


The cause of rosacea is not really known, but some doctors believe it happens when blood vessels expand too easily, causing flushing. It is a chronic condition and begins as redness on the central area of the face across the cheeks, nose, or forehead. There are certain triggers that cause the development of rosacea. Sun exposure, emotional stress, certain skin care products are just a few. Avoiding the triggers is crucial to minimizing the symptoms, but there are certain products gentle on skin sufferers with rosacea. Kinerase Cream is given great reviews for its moisturizing properties and because it is gentle on sensitive skin. It also improves skin’s texture, tone, freckles, and sun damaged skin.

Wrinkles, Crow’s Feet, and Fine Lines

Treating your skin with a night cream is the most important anti-aging step. Skin works to repair itself at night and it’s the most important time to moisturize. The reason wrinkles form is as we age elements like elastin and collagen wear out, leading to sagging or wrinkly skin. Avoiding sun damage, cigarette smoke, eating healthy are some of the ways we can prevent wrinkles. Some wrinkles may still form and a night cream like BioElements Sleepwear provides moisture and treats wrinkles and fine lines. It contains hyaluronic acid fillers which reduce wrinkle length and depth. It also contains skin strengthening calcium which helps collagen get firm and elastic.


There are many causes for acne and some happen due to genetics, certain foods, and stress. We can use skin treatments to alleviate the symptoms and prevent the formation of blemishes or pimples. Acne Complex 30 Day Kit includes a cleanser, treatment gel, a perfecting lotion, and a spot treatment for surprise blemishes. A consistent acne treatment will keep blemishes at bay and skin clear and smooth. offers the best beauty products at discounted prices. Treat your skin concern without compromising your budget. Come back and let us know your results.

Best Hand Lotions for Soft, Smooth, Touchable Hands

Washing dishes, cleaning around the house, and plain old time can take a toll on our hands. Dry, cracked skin sufferers like those in the medical field suffer from dry skin because of the constant hand washing necessary. Secretaries, printing professionals and people who work with paper all day long or those who live in extreme hot or cold climates can suffer from dry skin. We all use our hands so treat this delicate area by using a hand moisturizer and one that includes anti-aging benefits is recommended for hands to look healthy and younger-looking. Here we take a look at the best performing hand creams!

Jan Marini Age Intervention Hands contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids. These gentle acids help improve any discoloration and age spots. It lightens skin and addresses the signs of aging and sun damage. It contains sunscreen to protect hands from any more wrinkles, freckles, and age spots. In about two weeks, if applied twice daily, you will notice a significant difference in texture and tone! The result: soft, silky, younger looking hands.

Strivectin Volumizing Hand Cream this brand knows all about skin care and they have included nourishing ingredients in this effective anti-aging skin care hands product. It contains shea butter, botanical oils and brighteners that will help you achieve the most soft and young looking hands you can achieve. This hand lotion address dryness, firmness, brightness and tone. This hand cream is perfect for the office type because it is non-greasy so you will spare the keyboard and it does not contain sunscreen. If you are out and about during office hours use StriVectin Age Protect SPF 30.

NIA24 Sun Damage Repair for Decolletage and Hands this anti-aging nutrient rich hand cream delivers intense moisture. You can apply this cream to hands, decolletage and shoulders! These areas receive maximum sun exposure and may be prone to photo-damage with signs like age spots and discoloration. This cream contains botanicals, antioxidants, and vitamins to help brighten and repair skin that is sun damaged. It will also condition and protect skin from future damage. This skin treatment will help you get skin that is supple, moisturized, and younger looking.

All of these great hand creams to achieve soft and smooth hands are available at A really great benefit is the anti-aging ingredients they contain. After looking at our face, people look at our hands. Show them soft and silky hands that look younger than your age! offers all the best beauty products at discounted prices. Come back and let us know the results you achieved.

How to Treat Dry Skin

Many dry skin sufferers drink plenty of fluids and wonder why they still have dry skin. Drinking water to stay hydrated is very important, but to hydrate skin, adding water from the outside is the trick. Right after bathing moisturizing is key to having smooth and supple skin. Apply a moisturizer right after toweling off. This will trap moisture and help get hydrated skin. If you do not apply a moisturizer, water evaporates and then skin gets dry. Applying a moisturizer with a sunscreen like Supergoop! Everyday UV Lotion for Face and Body gets skin hydrated, soft, and protected from the sun’s harmful rays that cause wrinkles, age spots, and dry skin. To hydrate the delicate skin on the face, DDF Sensitive Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew SPF 15 1.7oz. This lightweight cream is oil-free, but will leave your dry skin saturated and soft. Our favorite moisturizer is Pevonia Dry Oil Body Mist. It is a body moisturizer that leaves skin feeling absolutely luxurious. It revitalizes and nourishes with lavender and chamomile leaving skin silky-soft and wonderfully scented. It is no wonder this body mist is one of our best-selling beauty products. Rejoice! No more dry skin! For this and other great skin care products go to Tell your friends where to get the best beauty products at discounted prices.

Younger looking skin with StriVectin Overnight Facial Resurfacing Serum

Anti-aging skin treatment StriVectin Overnight Facial Resurfacing Serum

Achieve younger looking skin while you sleep with StriVectin’s Overnight Facial Resurfacing Serum. The overnight face serum acts as an exfoliator to reveal skin that looks fresh and glowing. As we age, our skin starts showing imperfections like wrinkles and areas with discoloration because cells and enzymes take longer to break down. With this night serum, you can give your skin a little help and reveal the healthy-looking skin you already have! Laser skin rejuvenation and microdermabrasion can set you back a couple hundred dollars and both of these types of skin treatments are harsher on skin. While a great benefit of this facial serum is that it uses plant-based exfoliators to treat skin. No harsh chemicals are used. This anti-aging skin treatment works by multi-tasking. Dry, dull skin is moisturized and brightened. Enlarged pores are minimized. It is suitable for sensitive skin! You use nightly after washing skin. Apply 4 to 6 drops and concentrate on areas that are rough, flaky or that are sun damaged. Wait 3 minutes to let the serum set and apply your nightly moisturizer. It works great with other StriVectin skin treatments. A great skin care product would be an eye treatment like StriVectin Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles. It increases circulation around the eye area, reducing dark circles and puffiness. With regular use, your eyes look more renewed and fine lines start visibly fading. Get this skin treatment today and solve all your skin problems! offers the best beauty products at discounted prices. Get all your favorite skin care and hair care products at Come back and share with us your results.

Old Hollywood Glamour Hairstyles at

Old Hollywood Glamour Hairstyle

Old Hollywood glamour hairstyles quintessentially represent the seductive and mysterious grace of old Hollywood starlets. Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor all let their hair styled in soft waves and elegance speak volumes. For the modern gals, achieving these old glamour hairstyles are a fun, cute, and totally great way to dress up any outfit. Want to achieve a hairstyle of ultimate femininity and elegance? First, apply an anti-frizz styling cream like Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream to damp hair starting at the roots. We do not want humidity to wreck havoc and the styling cream will help your strands stay in place for a longer-lasting defined hairstyle. Next, blow dry your hair with a round brush to smooth out hair and get silky, polished strands. Once you have completely blow-dried hair, we want to create a frame with a deep side part. Get your curling iron, preferably one that is 1” or 1 1/2”. Starting from the bottom, curl sections of hair. Curl the sections of hair all in one direction. When you are done curling hair with a curling iron, you can pull all the curls to one side, or leave them alone. Finish your hairstyle with a medium hold spray like TIGI S-Factor Vivacious Hairspray. This spray provides long lasting hold minus the flakes, and will help fight frizz and humidity. Lastly, a little shine goes a long way, especially for the cameras, spray BioSilk Shine On for a brilliant shine, to your hairstyle. Don’t forget your red lipstick and apply a mascara that will make your eyes look va-va-voom! Here at, we want you to look your most glamorous and beautiful by offering the best beauty products at discounted prices. Come back and share with us where you went to rock your glamorous ‘do.

Tan Towel Tanning Towelettes at

Tan Towel Tanning Towelettes

Beautiful and healthy skin starts with sun protection. Nothing beats applying sunscreen to achieve the best anti-aging benefits, but wanting to look bronzed and sun-kissed is a determining factor in whether we apply sunscreen or not. Many of us tan and ignore the risks of getting skin cancer, early onset of fine lines and wrinkles, and having skin that looks tanned, but dry and leathery. Do you want a sexy glow and at the same time have buttery, soft skin, free of wrinkles, and lower your chances of getting skin cancer? wants you to try Tan Towel! Now, there is no excuse for you to bake at the beach or in a tanning bed. You will achieve the same tanning results, safely, at home with these very practical tanning towelettes. Applying is simple, the solution is odorless, and it does not streak! Tan Towel has two formulas, Classic and Plus. The Tan Towel Classic formula is recommended for fair to medium skin. When you use these towelettes, it will give you a sun-kissed glow. The Tan Towel Plus formula, contains an additive called eurythrylose. This additive will help you achieve a deeper, darker tan, and is recommended for medium to dark skin tones. A fabulous perk these tanning towelletes provide is that you can prevent tanning lines! At the beach you get tan lines because of your bathing suit. Use Tan Towel in the privacy of your home! Give this amazing tanning product a try, and come back and let us know how sexy your tan looks. Let your friends in on your incredible find, and tell them the best beauty products at discounted prices are here at

StriVectin-SD Instant Retexturizing Scrub

With the ongoing prevalence of social media in our lives, everyone likes to stay connected by taking pictures and running videos on websites like YouTube. Being ready for a closeup is essential or are you the one who volunteers to take the picture? A blemish here or a few wrinkles there may have us self-conscious about our skin, but now you do not have to be. StriVectin Instant Retexturizing Scrub will have you running to be in pictures front and center. It exfoliates dry skin cells to help reveal healthy looking skin. It smoothes out roughness and say hello to smooth and clear skin. StriVectin is a brand focused on anti-aging and wrinkle minimizing lotions and creams. Exfoliating is a great way to minimize wrinkles because it works as a gentle resurfacer. There are some extreme exfoliation procedures like chemical peels and dermabrasion, but this scrub will save you a trip to the dermatologist office. This scrub is a more inexpensive and gentler way to minimize wrinkles or fine lines that may become deeper. A nice thing about this facial scrub is that results are guaranteed the first day you use it. StriVectin promises that on day one smoothness is clearly visible. After using for about two weeks, you will notice a visibly brighter, more even tone. The scrub is thick and pasty and remember to apply to your face and neck in circular motions going outward. Another great thing about this scrub is that it has a moisturizer built-in, so do not worry about over-drying. It won Allure Magazines Best of Beauty Awards in 2011, and you know their recommendations are superb. Get your Strivectin-SD Instant Retexturizing Scrub tube today and let us know about your smooth results. Here at, we have the best beauty products at discounted prices. Take advantage!

Murad Acne Complex 30 Day Kit

If you have oily or acne prone skin Murad Acne Complex 30 Day Kit will help you achieve clear skin. It includes a clarifying cleanser, an exfoliating acne treatment gel, an acne spot treatment, and a skin perfecting lotion. These acne products work together to treat gently, but effectively reduce breakouts and blemishe s. We tried it out for 2 weeks and we were noticing a big difference in the texture of our skin. The quick results were surprising and it did not dry out or irritate skin.
The Murad Clarifying Cleanser acts as an antibacterial. We definitely want to wash away impurities and help our pores not get clogged by dirt or makeup. It contains salicylic acid so it will treat active breakouts and prevent new ones from forming. It left our face squeaky clean and at the same time soft! After washing with the clarifying cleanser, we applied Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel. Wow, this gel really did a number on blemishes near the chin and jaw line. After a day, we saw blemishes minimizing and did not dry out our face. It also works as a cleanser, but not in the same way as the clarifying cleanser. This gel cleanser contains acne medication just for acne and blemish prevention. We applied Murad Acne Skin Perfecting Lotion to hydrate skin after cleansing and spot treating skin. This lotion worked great! It was not oily and did not leave a greasy feel. It reduces redness if you are prone to redness on your cheeks and chin. It promises to tone and tighten enlarged pores. We definitely want tiny pores because they do not absorb buildup that causes blemishes and breakouts. An on-the-spot pimple treatment is the Murad Acne Spot Treatment. This spot treatment works fast and keeps inflammation under control. The minute you feel or look at a blemish starting to develop treat it with this. We are sure it will not develop any further.
Clear and beautiful skin is just four weeks away with Murad Acne Complex 30 Day Kit. The best beauty products at discounted prices are available here at Hurry and find all your favorite skin care and hair care products. Come back and let us know how much you love them and what they do for you!

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