Beauty News: Bold Eyebrows Are Back

Sienna Miller Is Flaunting A Fuller Brow

Here, in offices, we have been whispering about the demise of the super arch since the spring shows, but celebs and us mere  mortals seemed reluctant to adopt this new bushy brow look.  But then Sienna Miller proved us all wrong with her fabulous take on the fuller brow.

Makeup artist and stylist to the stars, Romina Perrotta says thin brows are unflattering and make a women seem unapproachable.  What’s more over-plucking is anti-aging, she says. Instead, go with your natural shape and manicure rather than massacre what you have.

So, if you have fallen victim to the overplucked look and want to take on the new trend, what do you do?  It would seem that there is no choice but to go for it and go cold turkey on the plucking.

It takes about 12 weeks for eyebrows to return to their natural shape.  For a helping hand try a brow-growth gel.  We love the Talika Eyebrow Lipocils, which is a colorless, odorless plant-extract based gel.  Applying this gel twice a day to your eyebrows naturally reshapes the line of the brow by stimulating their growth. Eyebrows become thicker and healthier.

In the interim, while you wait for your brows to grow out, why not create the look?  You can do this Eyebrow Extenders.  They come in dark or light.   Thanks to these magical fibers, your eyebrows can be thickened and redrawn for a natural look.  The transparent gel is filled with brown fibers that act as new eyebrows and stay in place for a whole day.  In an instant, your eyebrows look naturally thicker, your look is deeply intensified!

Let’s face it girls–the big brow is back.  So, embrace your inner Brooke Shields and flaunt a fuller brow this season.

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