The Top 3 Hairstyles for Fall

Every season has it’s look and there’s no doubt a hairstyle from the runway that you would like to make work for you.  Here’s our top three favorite looks for Fall.

The loose braid, as seen at Lanvin



Where we saw it: Lanvin, Pucci

How to get it: This summer staple will still be going strong right into fall. To create the “easy, girly” braid apply a texturizer like the CHI Infra Dual Texture Hairspray to your wet hair for hold, then roughly blow the hair dry to maintain its texture. Add a center part, then braid your hair starting at the nape of the neck, leaving the front pieces free.

Low ponytail, as seen at Ralph Lauren


Where we saw it: Ralph Lauren, Prada, Balmain
How to get it: The bouncy, cheerleader-esque ponytail is taking a hiatus in favor of lower, more understated styles. To create the sleek version at the Ralph Lauren show, pre-treat hair with a thermal protection spray, and straighten hair to prep it with a CHI flat iron.  Next, pull the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.  Spray liberally with hairspray to keep flyaways in place.

The soft chignon, as seen at Chanel


Where we saw it: Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana
How to get it: The classic chignon has been around forever, but this season, it got a new twist with a sweep to the side. Start with dry hair and create a low side-part with a comb, then add a light misting of hair spray. Comb hair into a low side ponytail just below the ear. Tease the ends of the ponytail, braid the last two inches, and fasten it with an elastic.  Next, roll everything up into a ball and lightly secure it with bobby pins.
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