How To Create a Faux Bob

Every now and then, many of us like to switch up our hairstyle for a day or night without having to make a long-term commitment.  Eventually, you may start feeling that you’ve already tried every hairstyle you can think of at least three times. What a nice, exciting change would it be if you can fake an entirely different hair cut for a day? For people with short hair, extensions will help to fake long hair. And, those of us with long hair can fake a short, bob haircut for a day with a faux bob. The faux bob is easy enough to do on yourself. Here’s how:

Prep: Apply a bit of TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Mousse to damp hair and blow-dry with a round brush for volume. Use a curling iron to add curls all over the hair.

Anchor: Create an anchor at the nape hairline by either rolling up a small, tight, but flat bun or creating a 1” wide braid that runs from side to side. Use bobby pins to flatten the braid against the nape horizontally.

Secure: Divide hair into 3 very low ponytails. Secured the ponytails several inches away from the scalp with small elastic bands.

Pin-up: Grab the very tips of one of the ponytails and roll it up and back toward the scalp. Do this to each of the ponytails. Pin the rolled up ponytails into the anchor braid/bun to secure. Use your fingers and CHI Infra Texture Dual Action Hair Spray to get the final shape you want.

Finish: Lightly run your fingers through the surface of the faux bob and let some natural, short/layered pieces hang over. Mist CHI Infra Texture Dual Action Hair Spray over the style for a hold.

What other different hair styles do you suggest?

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