Your Iron Can Do More Than Just Straighten

Flat Iron Styling Tricks

My flat iron won my personal VIP beauty award the day I first used it. In just minutes, it took my thick, wavy, sometimes uncontrollable hair under its wing and transformed it into the smooth, silky, straight hair of my dreams. And for years, I used it solely for that purpose—to combat my hair’s natural texture and give it a sleeker appearance.


But did you know that flat irons are capable of doing so much more? At the time, I didn’t, and now that I do I regret wasting so much valuable flat iron time using it only to achieve one style! Here are several fun, chic styles you can achieve using your flat iron.



Get Cool, Beachy Waves

 Who knew? It turns out a flat iron can give you those beachy waves all of us covet throughout summer. The easiest way to achieve the look is to begin by braiding your hair. My preference is to create three or four braids, but this is dependent on your hair’s volume. (Even one braid works if your hair is on the fine side.) Follow by running your flat iron over each braid, slowly working down and applying gentle pressure. When you’re done, undo each braid and run your fingers through your hair for an effortless, tousled look. Finish with a spritz of TIGI Session Series Salt Spray ($13.99) to increase the textured finish and combat humidity.


Curl Your Hair

You can also use your flat iron just like a traditional curling iron—and in many cases, you might even achieve a more natural looking curl with your flat iron. To get a tight coil with heavy bounce, grip your hair between the iron’s plates just as you would if you were straightening. As you slide the iron down, slowly twist the iron in your hand so that your hair wraps around the barrel of the iron. It should wrap in a complete rotation. Hold this for a moment before gently releasing the hair. It should fall into a bold curl. If you want to loosen the curls up, run a comb or your fingers through your hair and shake it out. For great results, try FHI HEAT Eps Black Diamond Digital Hair Iron ($168.89). Its one-inch size makes it easy to achieve many different looks.


flat-iron-s-waveCreate a Vintage “S” Wave

Ever wish you could emulate the glamorous look of your favorite old-world screen stars? I do, too—and if only it was as easy as waking up in the morning and being as naturally elegant as Hollywood’s most classic sirens. But a flat iron can do at least a portion of the job just as well. The vintage “S” wave is one you’ll recognize immediately. It’s associated with the Roaring Twenties, a look that’s just so iconic you can’t help but appreciate its beauty. The easiest way to get the look is to push a section of hair into an “S” shape (best achieved by pushing it upward), clamping down on this section with your flat iron, and holding to set the wave. Then repeat, working your way down until your entire mane is complete. Hold the waves with a setting product, like Big Sexy Hair Spritz & Stay Intense Hold Fast Drying Hair Spray ($14.99).



Blow Them Away Contest!

Can you get impressive results when blow drying your hair?

Send a before and after photo of your best blow dry  to [email protected]. The best Before & After will win an FHI HEAT Nano Weight Pro 1800 Hair Dryer – Pink ($150 value).

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Photos must be received by August 31st, 11:59PM.

What’s so special about the FHI HEAT Platform SE Flat Iron?

As you probably know, there is an ever-evolving list of flat irons – each one claiming to be better than the one before it. There are a few flat iron brands, such as CHI and FHI, which we know and associate with high quality flat irons. FHI has taken a special interest in their FHI HEAT Platform SE (Special Edition). What’s so special about the FHI HEAT Platform SE? For starters, it uses FHI’s Nano Fuzeion Technology, in which negative ions float directly over the straightener plates, making the most of the ionic effect and resulting in glossier, healthier hair. The nano titanium oxide and nano silver technology help eliminate destructive bacteria. Use the FHI HEAT Platform SE to flip, straighten, curl or twist your hair. Below is a list of the flat iron’s features to help summarize what separates its from its competitors.

FHI HEAT Platform SE Special Features:

  • Especially quick heating time
  • Scratch-resistant plates
  • Easy Glide plates
  • Allows styling on damp or dry hair
  • Ceramic Plates
  • Heat is distributed evenly along plate surfaces
  • Adjustable temperature (from 140 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Maximum far infrared heat (less damaging type of heat)
  • Seals in natural moisture and eliminates frizz
  • Protects Color: Seals in color molecules and helps color last up to 2 weeks longer
  • Tourmaline treated plates produce up to 20 times more negative ions than the closest flat iron competition. Negative ions allow the hair to absorb more water, thus improving the hair’s state

CHI hair dryers compared to FHI hair dryers

It’s hard to decipher which hair tool is the right one for you when there are so many choices being offered. I want to make your shopping experience a little easier by explaining the differences between the CHI brand and FHI brand of blow dryers. Both FHI and CHI are leading brands in the beauty industry providing professional salon quality hair tools.

First, I’ll begin by listing the hair dryers offered by each beauty brand to get you acquainted with each hair tool.

FHI Nano Salon Pro 2000
red or pink at 40% OFF!
$195.00 $119.99

FHI Blow Dryers:

CHI Rocket Hair Dryer
at 60% OFF!
$303.92 $117.99

CHI Hair Dryers:

Note: CHI also offers the mini CHI Ceramic Pro Dryer. It’s a travel size version of their CHI Pro Hair Dryer that comes in a flat iron & hair dryer set.

CHI vs. FHI hair dryers

Price Comparison:

The cheapest hair dryer from both brands is the FHI Heat Nano Weight Pro 1800 Dryer (not including the mini offered by CHI).

The CHI mini travel set retails for about the same price as the cheapest fhi dryer. Because it’s a set of 2 hair tools, you can say, the mini hair dryer is less expensive than any original-sized blow dryer made by either brand. Plus, according to Farouk CHI, the mini is just as powerful as the CHI Pro.

CHI hair tools sale FHI products blowout sale.

It’s no secret that you can find way cheaper priced hair dryers but we think paying for a better quality hair tool is worth your investment. A better dryer means healthier and stronger hair.

Technology comparison:

Both FHI Heat and CHI use ceramic technology in their hair dryers. Ceramic hair dryers are safer for your hair than those without ceramic technology. One benefit is the reduced drying time it takes to blow dry your hair.
FHI Heat takes it a step further by creating ceramic tourmaline hair dryers. Simply put, tourmaline boosts the amount of negative ions produced by ceramic heat.

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