Let’s Go Halvsies

It is no secret that our blow dryers and flat irons dry out our gorgeous locks! That’s why here at The Beauty Place we live and die for our hair masques, heat primers, and shine sprays. But lately we’ve come up with an even better technique. We like to call this “halvsies”. You save part of your hair from intense heat by only straightening half of it at a time!




Option 1: For pretty waves just iron halfway down from your roots. This will straighten the pieces around your face and head, but leave you with a natural look. The best part? Your hair iron will never touch your sensitive tips, therefore lessening the likelihood of breakage, and dry, split-ends.





Option 2: For lots of body only straighten the bottom half of your hair starting about 3 inches away from your scalp, depending on your length. The best part? You’ll get tons of body up top while rocking silky, straight hair on the bottom!

Tutorial Tuesday – How To Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron

Everyone is always asking us how to use your flat iron to create loose, large waves in their hair. Today, we reveal the secret. As shown here, start to rotate your wrist toward the bottom of the piece of hair you are working on. For a tighter curl, start closer to the scalp. If your hair usually holds a curl, you’re ready to go. If it has the tendency to drop when you leave the house, put a mist of light hairspray before you bounce. No pun intended! TT-CurlwithIron

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Give your hairstyle high gloss with TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Mist. Bold eyeliner never goes out of style and always adds a refreshing pop of color to any ensemble. Our favorite is the TIGI Cosmetics Perfect Eyeliner in Peacock. It is a cool blue that complements green and blue eyes perfectly! When paired with brown eyes, it makes them look more golden and any green flecks in them will really stand out. Made up of over 70% moisturizing ingredients, it requires very little pressure to apply the eyeliner and with its built-in smudgy it doubles as an eyeshadow!

When you want to impress, your hairstyle is still your best budget-friendly accessory! Give your smooth and sleek hairstyle high gloss with a finishing spray like TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Mist. Its super-fine mist is lightweight and won’t weigh your hairstyle down. Highlights and hair color will look more vibrant and rich. This super shine spray is perfect for curly hair! Those beautiful round curls will look like they have more bounce.

Get a salon blowout by using the TIGI Bed Head After-Party Smoothing Cream. A dime-size amount applied on towel-dried hair will keep your hair looking sleek and smooth for days! Apply from the middle of the hair strand down to the ends to tame frizz. After you blow dry your hair in sections, dab a tiny bit on finger tips and apply around your hairline to smooth flyaways for the entire day.

Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo and Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

Finding a shampoo that moisturizes as it cleanses and protects our hair color is sometimes considered like playing the Russian Roulette. How do you know if a shampoo will work you and treat all your hair care needs? Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo 33.8 oz $23.69, is a liter size of nourishing ingredients ready to use with a single pumping action. The ingredients include Macadamia and Argan oils all helping to smooth and tame all types of hair from fine, thick or curly. Curly hair can sometimes be a tough job considering how much of it needs to be managed. Imagine all soft and flexible hair after cleansing with Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo. A great benefit of using such a nourishing shampoo is that it gently washes your strands. Meaning that all your time and money at the stylist is not going down the drain and you can enjoy more time in between color sessions.

And for all the stylish girls who always rock a hair do everyday and need a styling tool to perform the Macadamia Natural Healing Oil Treatment 4.2 oz $23.88 is available to protect hair from the high temperatures of our styling tools. Frizz, fly-aways, and that poufy look need to be tamed! Sleek and smooth is our prerogative because chic and polished is our goal. And if dry or damaged hair is the state in which the hair treatment finds you, you can count on it to repair the damage with essential oils.

Ever tried this professional brand of salon products? They never disappoint and since stylish hair is always a must, hurry and get these on sale now at TheBeautyPlace.com!

Paul Brown Hawaii Hair Care

Paul Brown Hawaii is in essence everything Hawaii. This brand of hair care products is formulated to fit the needs of all hair types while incorporating essential oils and botanicals from the Big Island. A salon quality shampoo to complement your hair type and a refreshing experience to cleanse and condition hair, Paul Brown Hawaii delivers.

Paul Brown Hawaii Ceramic Flat Iron 1″ gives you limitless options on how to hairstyle your hair. The curve-edged ceramic plates allow you to curl, straighten, flip or twist hair. The flat iron heats up quickly and delivers superior conditioning. At your next business meeting look sleek and professional with side-swept hairstyle with smooth and frizz free strands.

Before you flat iron hair though use a hair cuticle sealer like Paul Brown Diamond Heads Shine Serum. All day long hair shines with diamond-like radiance! Since it seals the cuticle using Kukui Nut Oil, your hair is protected from breakage and damage high heat causes hair.

Be gentle to your hair and have perfect hair always! TheBeautyPlace.com offers the best beauty products at discounted prices. Let us know how Paul Brown Hawaii hair products work for you.

Hair Treatment for All Hair Types

A great hair treatment can change the way your hair looks and feels! Hair that is dry with split ends or curly hair that has a life of its own can be easily tamed. Hair treatments contain vitamins and minerals that nourish hair and the best ones transform hair into a silky waterfall or into lush and defined curls.

A thick and creamy hair treatment like Joico Revitaluxe Restorative Treatment will have you flaunting your glorious mane. Consider it a deep conditioner, effectively penetrating every hair strand leaving hair soft and manageable. If you use heated styling tools to get curls or to straighten hair, this hair treatment helps dry hair get the moisture it loses when hairstyling.

Another reason why you should be using this hair treatment is if you color your hair or do any chemical processing. When hair is chemically processed, for instance, hair that is bleached, highlighted, chemically straightened or permanently waved it can seem like a full time job to maintain it looking healthy. Basically, this hair treatment will be a lifesaver for your hair. Try it and if your hair looks a bit dull, you will definitely reap results.

Have you used a Joico product or this particular hair treatment before? Let us know how it works for you! The best beauty products at discounted prices are at TheBeautyPlace.com!

Smooth and Straight Hair, Carly Rae Jepsen

If you haven’t gone shopping for your summer wardrobe, now is the time to go! Before thinking of breaking out your cutest sandals, what hairstyle are you going to sport this Memorial Day Weekend? It is just around the corner, and we saw the perfect hairstyle on Carly Rae Jepsen, last weekend, at the Billboard Music Awards 2012! The “Call Me Maybe” singer’s really straight hairstyle looked fabulous and glam. Here we show you how you can get this gorgeous hairstyle at home.

After cleansing hair, apply TIGI S-Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum. This serum is non-greasy and protects hair from thermal damage. It moisturizes hair, so that hair is left soft and really smooth after blow drying. Since it contains sunflower seed extract, your locks will look healthy and shiny.

After blow drying, separate your hair into sections. Flat iron your hair with an iron with ceramic plates. Bio Ismooth Conditioning Flat Iron 1’’ flat irons your hair fast, but effectively! This flat iron uses ionic technology to condition and smooth hair while protecting it from breakage.

To finish the look, apply a holding spray like TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Firm Hold Spray. The spray prevents frizz and does not leave hair hard! It contains violet, jazmine and lavender so it adds even more protection and conditioning to hair. And of course, locks your hairstyle with instant shine!

The best beauty products at discounted prices are at TheBeautyPlace.com.

Mousse for a No Hassle Hairstyle

Agadir Argan Oil Volumizing Styling Mousse is the perfect styling product to apply on damp or dry hair for a quick and easy hairstyle. It contains 100% argan oil which is packed with nourishing ingredients like antioxidants and vitamins. It is a great way to protect hair from thermal damage when styling hair with a curling iron or flat iron. After washing hair, towel dry and apply mousse with your fingers thoroughly. You can either air dry your hair for a look with volume and sexiness. Or for a more styled look, use your curling iron to make defined waves. If you prefer to blow dry hair, you will notice every section of hair frizz free with stylish volume. With a hairstyle like that, all you will need is some smokey eyeshadow and a night out on the town with girlfriends. What is great about this mousse is its versatility in helping hair stay healthy with use of essential oils and its ability to act as a thermal protector.

Do you use mousse to style your hair? Have you tried one with an essential oil like argan? Hurry and get your mousse bottle at TheBeautyPlace.com. The best beauty products at discounted prices are available here.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2012 at TheBeautyPlace.com

Mother’s Day 2012 is on May 13th! Have you picked out a gift for Mom yet? We have a great selection of hair care and skin care products sure to please Mom. Just so you know, more than half of the products are at less than $50! Check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2012. Here we feature a few of our favorites!

For gifting to a mom with a short hairstyle, the CHI Volumizer 3/4 Inch Iron features curved plates to create volume and lift at the roots and at the ends of hair. It provides multiple functions to achieve curls, straightened, flipped or wavy hairstyles. The plates use ceramic ionic technology to eliminate static and frizz.

Macadamia Natural Oil Gift Box Set brings hair care essentials which help in achieving and maintaining healthy, thick, and frizz-free hair. Every item in this best-selling hair care line is formulated with Macadamia and Argan oils. Both these oils are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and help to repair dry or damaged hair. The set includes a rejuvenating shampoo, a healing oil treatment, a deep repair masque and a natural oil infused comb. The shampoo and hair treatments are gentle for use on chemically enhanced hair. The wide-toothed comb detangles hair and works for effective and balanced application of the healing oil treatment and the deep repair masque.

Vitamin C and E are excellent ingredients in any skin care product for their anti-aging benefits. Vitamin C is the main ingredient featured in Murad Radiant Skin Renewal Kit and is one of the under $30 products available in TheBeautyPlace.com Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2012. The kit contains anti-aging skin treatments to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, and discoloration caused by age and sun damage. Included is the Essential-C cleanser, the active radiance serum, the age spot and pigment lightening gel and a moisturizer with SPF 30 for prevention of damage to skin by the sun’s UV rays. This kit is the best gift available in the gift guide. Mom deserves to be pampered and this kit has all the tools to do just that. Plus after using this line of skin care, Mom will notice her skin looks smoother and refreshed.

The best beauty products at discounted prices are at TheBeautyPlace.com. Do not scramble at the last minute looking for the perfect gift. Go to our Mother’s Day 2012 Gift Guide and get Mom the best gift! The gift of beauty! Come back and let us know what Mom thought.

Suitcase Friendly Beauty Products at TheBeautyPlace.com

Summer is just around the corner and many of us may decide to take a weekend get-away or a vacation with the family. A great idea would be to have a suitcase-friendly styling tool like the Bio Ionic Travel Pro Dryer Dual Voltage. This hair dryer compact design makes it easy to fit in any carry-on, but it is still powerful and provides a faster drying time. Also, with its nano ionic mineral technology, it delivers frizz-free results. Included is its own diffuser so that your hair is protected from heat damage. A great benefit if traveling overseas is its dual voltage feature. It will connect anywhere an electric adapter plug is available! No converter or transformer needed. Take with you an anti-frizz serum, that will pass TSA inspection like the Bio Ionic Super Hydrator Weightless Shine Sealer. Its size is approved for carry-on and the vibrant shine it provides after blow-drying will have you posing and looking fabulous for awesome vacation photos. Get ready with all your favorite beauty items to take on your get-away at TheBeautyPlace.com. All the best beauty products at discounted prices are available here. When you come back from your sure to be amazing trip let us know how fabulous a time you had.

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