How to Nourish Color-Treated Hair

If your hair is color treated, you’re probably familiar with the many frustrations that accompany the fine art of maintaining that color for as long as possible. If you’re like the majority, it probably starts to fade far more quickly than you’d like. Maybe it just doesn’t look as fresh as you’d like it to be. In either case, there are ways to remedy the situation. We’ve got all of the products you need to revamp your locks and give your color-treated hair the attention it deserves.

Use the Right Shampoo

Shampoos formulated for color-treated hair are gentle enough to cleanse without stripping your locks of the hue. We love Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo ($10.99), an industry standard that many appreciate for its mild lather and shine-boosting properties. Remember, too, that not everyone needs to shampoo every single day. If you can stretch those days out, you can help prolong your color even more.

Use a Color Depositing Product

Some genius brands have added color-depositing shampoos and enriching conditioners to their lines. These are designed to keep your hair bright and lively longer than if you would have used basic shampoos and conditioners. John Masters Organics Color Enriching Conditioner ($20.99) is available in shades for black, brown, and blonde hair and they are all designed to refresh color while restoring shine to lackluster manes.


Use a Targeted Treatment

We don’t all have the same hair type, and in today’s versatile beauty world there’s a product for everyone. Bosley Defense Treatment for Color ($22.99) is one such example; it’s designed to give thinning hair a livelier appearance while protecting hair color. What better way to knock two problems out in one step? You’ll enjoy more voluminous hair with better-looking color.


Use a Curl Enhancer

Curly hair alone requires some extra TLC that normal strands don’t need. Curly Sexy Hair Color Safe Defining Conditioner ($9.99) is a smart choice if your hair is both wildly curly and color treated. It not only protects your color from fading early but also helps tame frizz and uncontrolled strands. The result is a sleeker finish that won’t weigh down your hair, so your curls will still look fresh and bouncy.


Use a Deep Treatment

There are treatments available for every possible type of hair situation, including fading color. At least once a week, massage CHI Ionic Color Protector Leave-In Treatment Masque ($13.99) into your hair and let it do its thing. Infused with a nourishing complex that soaks strands with moisture while locking in color, it will leave your hair smoother and softer without leaving behind any telltale buildup.


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Protect Color-Treated Hair

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Those of us who color our hair would like to keep the hair color alive and vibrant between salon visits. Good News: it’s actually not hard to do. Keep your hair color the same shade you originally paid for it to be. Daily factors such as the sun, environmental damage, product buildup, chlorine, saltwater and hard water deposits are all to thank for dulling our hair color. Red hair fades most. Use at-home color enhancers to maintain your hair color. Following are a few color-enhancing products I recommend.

For Brown and Red hair:
CHI Organics Tone & Shine Marigold Conditioner

For Brown hair:
TIGI Bed Head Brunette Goddess Products (shampoo, conditioner and shine spray)

For All Hair Colors:
CHI Ionic Color Protect Products

TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Products

TIGI S Factor Color Savvy Collection (shampoo, conditioner and Balance Boosters)

Have you tried any of these products already? What do you think?

CHI Organics for a Beautiful Blonde

Whether you’re a natural or unnatural platinum blonde, honey blonde or dark blonde, keep your color looking radiant and as fresh as it was intended to be. Celebrity hairstylist Brian Perry insists that any shade of blonde can work on any individual, as long as the color is done in moderation and is customized for that particular person.

It’s very important to make sure you maintain and protect your beautiful blonde by using the right products. CHI Organics Olive Nutrient Shampoo and CHI Organics Olive Nutrient Therapy Treatment Paste are perfect examples of the ideal products to maintain the perfect blonde hue. Keep your confident, bold, platinum blonde popping; your classic, honey blonde glowing; and your sophisticated darker blonde glamorous.

Comments or questions on CHI Organics or on maintaining blonde color? Post a comment!

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Keep the Red Alive – Maintaining Red Hair Color

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I’ve dyed my hair red a few times. Every time I see old pictures of myself with my highlighted, auburn color I think, “I should go red again. Why did I change it?” It complemented my skin tone by bringing out a bronzy/golden color instead of washing me out. So why did I get rid of it? Oh right! I didn’t. It got rid of me.
Red is the hardest hair color to maintain (and strangely, also the hardest to kill when you’re trying to make that cross over to another color). Red fades rather quickly but there are things you can do to extend its vibrant life expectancy. Jason Backe, a well-known celebrity colorist from Ted Gibson Salon, shares his tips on maintaining red hair color.

First, try to shampoo as rarely as possible; the more often you shampoo, the quicker your color will fade. Shampoo your hair every other day or every third day, if your hair allows it. When you do shampoo, use a sulfate-free shampoo that doesn’t strip your color. The TIGI S-Factor Color Savvy Shampoo cleanses your hair without stripping the hue.  Follow it up with the TIGI S-Factor Color Savvy Conditioner, which moisturizes hair while sealing the cuticles.

Every third wash, or so, use a color-boosting conditioner like CHI Organics Tone & Shine Marigold. The CHI Organics Tone & Shine Marigold is made specifically for maintaining brown and red hair. It provides ultimate moisture as it enhances color.

Make sure your hair is protected from damaging UV rays every time you step out of your house. Sun exposure is a huge factor in why hair gets that brassy-metallic look. The CHI Ionic Color Protector Leave-In Treatment adds shine and body to your hair while protecting it from UV rays.

Use a temporary root-covering pen (like Touchback) in red, to cover up new growth between color touch-ups. You’d be surprised how much influence even just a little bit of root color has on the overall vibrancy of your hair color.

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