How To Choose The Right Hair Brush For You!

choosing-the-right-hair-brushThe right hair brush can dramatically affect the condition of your hair. Be sure to be working with the correct brush to get that marvelous hair you’re striving for because gorgeous hair is just a brush away.


Hair is structurally weaker when wet, so rough brushing can cause snags and tears. Gently loosen your tangles with a brush that has widely spaced bristles designed to detangle wet hair.


If you want soft curls without using a curling iron, use a round brush with a ventilated metal, thermal, or ionic barrel. These barrels efficiently trap and circulate heat when you blow dry, plus you’ll cut drying time in half using the ventilated design. The Bio Ionic Round Wave Brush is great for creating curled or wavy hairstyles and looks.


A flat, boar bristled paddle brush is perfect for smoothing hair after a blow dry. A flat paddle has a larger surface area designed to reach larger sections of your hair. The Macadamia Paddle Brush with Boar bristles is a quality hair brush that is gentle on the scalp. This brush will create a naturally smooth straight finish.


You can blow dry all hair lengths and textures straight with a round brush. Choose metal, synthetic or natural bristles depending on your hair texture and condition. The longer your hair is, the larger the brushes diameter should be.

Style Long

A mixed bristle brush is best for long hair. The natural boar bristles polish the hair while the synthesize nylon ones gently grab and hold sections of your hair. Look for a brush with an air cushion, which allows the brush to glide over painful knots that could potentially break long locks.


Vented brushes work wonders for volume! The open design evenly circulates air throughout your strands when you blow dry, resulting in a light, and bouncy finish with tons of movements.


Use a narrow brush with rows of densely packed bristles to backcomb your hair and smooth out the top layers.

Remember… “a hair on the head is worth two on the brush”

Sex and the City 2 Makes Waves

CC by IKEA Boy ??J.D Chen?™

The sequel to Sex and the City hit theaters May 27th and many fans across the country had their tickets before that first opening day. I personally think Sex and the City should have been allowed to fade out with its already-achieved success and glory after the first movie. In any case, my subject of interest is style and beauty – which is something that each of these characters certainly have. I was able to find some of the backstage hair tips shared by Frank Barbosa, the head of the movie’s Hair Department, and of course, I’m going to share them with you. For this movie, the characters rocked flawless waves. This is how they got them:

  1. Start with a base of blow-dried hair.
  2. Spray hair with a finishing spray that creates instant hold. (Joico Joi Mist Firm Finishing Spray)
  3. Wrap locks of hair around a closed 1 ½ inch FHI Heat curling iron, securing the end under the clamp.
  4. Release the curl and loosen it by running your fingers through it.
  5. Do this all around the head.
  6. Finish the look with a spray like CHI Shine Infusion Polishing Spray to add shine.

The Master of Big, Beautiful Hair

CC by plasmastik

Elle magazine’s April 2010 issue features Paris-based hairstylist Sebastien Richard in the 2010 Genius Awards section. Richard is best known for massive, healthy-looking, slightly disheveled hair creations. He has styled ‘dos for celebrities such as Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Pamela Anderson and several high-fashion models. An “old studio trick” that Richard shares for increasing volume without redoing hair from scratch is to flip your head over and spray your roots with dry shampoo. The celebrity stylist recommends using a small-barreled curling iron to create not-so-perfect curls, sleep on the curls overnight and then spray them the next morning. Richard didn’t close his interview before specifically mentioning BioSilk Shine On as his secret to adding gentle, high-shine to dry hair strands.

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