What’s so special about the FHI HEAT Platform SE Flat Iron?

As you probably know, there is an ever-evolving list of flat irons – each one claiming to be better than the one before it. There are a few flat iron brands, such as CHI and FHI, which we know and associate with high quality flat irons. FHI has taken a special interest in their FHI HEAT Platform SE (Special Edition). What’s so special about the FHI HEAT Platform SE? For starters, it uses FHI’s Nano Fuzeion Technology, in which negative ions float directly over the straightener plates, making the most of the ionic effect and resulting in glossier, healthier hair. The nano titanium oxide and nano silver technology help eliminate destructive bacteria. Use the FHI HEAT Platform SE to flip, straighten, curl or twist your hair. Below is a list of the flat iron’s features to help summarize what separates its from its competitors.

FHI HEAT Platform SE Special Features:

  • Especially quick heating time
  • Scratch-resistant plates
  • Easy Glide plates
  • Allows styling on damp or dry hair
  • Ceramic Plates
  • Heat is distributed evenly along plate surfaces
  • Adjustable temperature (from 140 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Maximum far infrared heat (less damaging type of heat)
  • Seals in natural moisture and eliminates frizz
  • Protects Color: Seals in color molecules and helps color last up to 2 weeks longer
  • Tourmaline treated plates produce up to 20 times more negative ions than the closest flat iron competition. Negative ions allow the hair to absorb more water, thus improving the hair’s state

How to clean a ceramic flat iron?

Whether you use your hair straightening iron occasionally or regularly, it will eventually develop a film of residue, resulting from the hair products you use as well as natural oils and dirt in your hair. It is important to clean the ceramic plates in your hair straightener in order for it to work more efficiently and because the build-up can damage your hair by snagging and pulling.

Fortunately, learning how to clean ceramic plates on a straightener is quite simple. First, make sure the flat iron is unplugged and cool. Then, either spray the ceramic plates with a cleaner designed specifically for thermal hairstyling tools (available at beauty supply stores and most drugstores), or you can saturate a piece of cotton with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover and let it soak for a minute or so. Rub the plates vigorously with either cotton or a clean cloth. Do not use strong solvents or scrub with anything abrasive, as you may damage the plates.

Clean any small crevices with a cotton swab and/or an orange stick covered with cotton or soft cloth, which is how to clean the hair off the hair straightener that may have gotten stuck as well as other dirt particles. Finally, wipe the entire flat iron with a clean, damp towel to remove any chemicals used during cleaning.

Repeat this process after each use of your flat iron or at the very least when you start seeing a residue building up.

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