Tutorial Tuesday – Mr. Loud Look from TIGI B for Men

Not into the Mr. Geek look? How about Mr. Loud ? Deep down everyone loves the sexy, bad boy! Follow the steps below for a Tyler Durden-esque look in under 2 minutes!

1. Charge Up Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner 2. Matte Separation Workable Wax 

Let’s Go Halvsies

It is no secret that our blow dryers and flat irons dry out our gorgeous locks! That’s why here at The Beauty Place we live and die for our hair masques, heat primers, and shine sprays. But lately we’ve come up with an even better technique. We like to call this “halvsies”. You save part of your hair from intense heat by only straightening half of it at a time!




Option 1: For pretty waves just iron halfway down from your roots. This will straighten the pieces around your face and head, but leave you with a natural look. The best part? Your hair iron will never touch your sensitive tips, therefore lessening the likelihood of breakage, and dry, split-ends.





Option 2: For lots of body only straighten the bottom half of your hair starting about 3 inches away from your scalp, depending on your length. The best part? You’ll get tons of body up top while rocking silky, straight hair on the bottom!

Unveiled: The Hottest Hairstyles for 2012

The Hottest Hair Trends of 2012

Every year has it’s must-have ‘do.  And the results for 2012 are now in for what we can expect to see in terms of hair styles next year.  Just this week, the global creative directors of Wella Professionals teamed up–as they do every year–to identify the top four emerging hair trends.

The four female “characters” represent four individual fashion styles and were named Grace, Blaze, Celeste and Roxy.  If you are feeling a little fashion forward, these are great sources of inspiration for this year’s homecoming hairstyles.

Grace: The Modern Muse

Grace is the leading lady–poised and glamorous without even trying.  “The main inspiration for Grace is nature, although there is nothing natural about this look,” explains the press release.  Think pristine, polished styles and glamorous, bouncy blowouts.    Meanwhile, the color palette is soft and light, with a warm glow to emphasize healthy, shiny hair.

To achieve this look, you first want to start with an incredible blowout.  A great hairdryer, such as the T3 Evolution, is essential.  Ditto a perfect round brush.  We like the Bio Ionic Nano Blue Wave Large Round Brush.  If your hair is fine, you might want to help create the illusion of voluminous locks.  The CHI Magnified Volume Stylist Kit is ideal for that.  A little back-coming for added height and you’re done.


Blaze: The Femme Fatale

This trend focuses on stealing the spotlight.  High gloss, statement styles and Latin flair.  Passionate colors like black, grey and fuchsia accent graphic styles and daring shapes.  This look is all about drama.

Though presented as a dramatic, futuristic look at the presentation, you can achieve the effect of this look for your homecoming hairstyle by straightening your hair with a flat iron like the CHI Nano Silver Digital flat iron.  If you want, clip in colorful hair extensions in fuchsia, grey and black.  Spray your hairbrush liberally with hairspray to prevent fly-aways and then brush your hair into a high ponytail, a la Cleopatra.

Celeste: The Free Spirit

“Celeste is an ethereal, otherworldly persona of pure perfection that cannot be pinned down,” say Wella Professionals.   A flattering look for every woman, Celeste is bound to be a year-round popular look.

This look is more about color and shine than a hairstyle itself.  Rosy blonde shades in high-gloss tones are how you can lend a little Celeste to your look.

Roxy: The Scene Stealer

Roxy is the natural center of attention and the life of every party.  Think Studio 54–this is a bold style in a cool red palette for the ultimate style statement and the height of sophistication.

Just as Celeste is more about color, Roxy is about texture.  Inspired by the Missoni Spring/ Summer 2012 runway, the Roxy is all about crimping, curling and back combing for lending your hairstyle a lot of texture and height.

No matter the length of your hair, you can lend this to your homecoming hairstyle, by using a heated tool like the CHI Auto Digital Waver.


Decorate your Wavy Locks

Jennifer Behr, a New York City hair accessories designer, introduced her 2010 Spring collection to several excited fans. The line boasts a very 1920s-French style crossed with the urban sophistication of modern New York in 2010. The accessories perfectly complement sweet and charming hair waves that  can be created with the FHI Heat Curling Iron. Our online beauty store, Thebeautyplace.com, offers the hairstyling tool at the best price online.

Photo from JenniferBehr.com

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