The Hairstyle That’s Making Waves

A Zac Posen model sports the wavy look

Here in offices, we are always gossiping about our favorite looks, and love to spend our lunch hours huddled around the glossy magazines.  What we have noticed is that this winter a new hairstyle is making waves on the catwalk – Christian Dior, Diesel and Zac Posen all featured models sporting tumbling, wavy tendrils.

Lisa Snowdon, Cheryl Cole and Kate Moss have also all recently sported the wavy look of late.  But just because it is a high-fashion look, doesn’t mean you can’t make it work at home. Thanks to innovative wave tongs, the hairstyle is easily achievable at home.  This ingenious heated styling tool has been used by stylists for years, but only recently hit the consumer market.

To draw gasps this festive season get practicing now for the ultimate in amazingly glamorous party hair.



  • Ensure hair is clean and dry or the style won’t hold.
  • Apply a thermal protection product to your hair, such as CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection.
  • Start from underneath, separating a 2in wide handful of hair and clamp between the tongs–we like the CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Waver –for a few seconds.
  • Hold tongs for a few seconds longer and harder for tighter waves or less and looser for a more natural finish.
  • This look improves as waves loosen, so style early.
  • To ensure waves hold, spray hair liberally with hair spray.  We love CHI Enviro Flex Hold Hair Spray.
  • Effects can last a few days but just wash your hair or wet it if you are feeling “waved-out.”

Perfect Winter Season Hair

CC By whoSHOTyah?

There are different looks that are seasonal. For example, many people lighten their hair color during the summer (because summer sun is conducive to naturally lighter, brighter highlights and overall hair color) and darken their hair during winter. Not including hair color, many of the popular winter hair characteristics you’ll see this year include:

Volume: To balance the bulkiness that comes with layered clothing. Use TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost and TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Elevating Shampoo to add volume.

Bangs: Bangs draw attention away from pale winter skin.

Long Hair: Winter is definitely the time for longer hair because it adds some warmth and looks good.

Formal Winter Styles

When you need to dress up and look elegant, some of the Holiday Party Hairstyles are a good fit. Aside from the styles already mentioned there, French braids are among this winter’s most popular elegant updo hairstyles. Updo styles definitely take sophistication up a notch. Add a winter touch to your updo with hair accessories like those we recommended to decorate your wavy locks.

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