Best Hand Lotions for Soft, Smooth, Touchable Hands

Washing dishes, cleaning around the house, and plain old time can take a toll on our hands. Dry, cracked skin sufferers like those in the medical field suffer from dry skin because of the constant hand washing necessary. Secretaries, printing professionals and people who work with paper all day long or those who live in extreme hot or cold climates can suffer from dry skin. We all use our hands so treat this delicate area by using a hand moisturizer and one that includes anti-aging benefits is recommended for hands to look healthy and younger-looking. Here we take a look at the best performing hand creams!

Jan Marini Age Intervention Hands contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids. These gentle acids help improve any discoloration and age spots. It lightens skin and addresses the signs of aging and sun damage. It contains sunscreen to protect hands from any more wrinkles, freckles, and age spots. In about two weeks, if applied twice daily, you will notice a significant difference in texture and tone! The result: soft, silky, younger looking hands.

Strivectin Volumizing Hand Cream this brand knows all about skin care and they have included nourishing ingredients in this effective anti-aging skin care hands product. It contains shea butter, botanical oils and brighteners that will help you achieve the most soft and young looking hands you can achieve. This hand lotion address dryness, firmness, brightness and tone. This hand cream is perfect for the office type because it is non-greasy so you will spare the keyboard and it does not contain sunscreen. If you are out and about during office hours use StriVectin Age Protect SPF 30.

NIA24 Sun Damage Repair for Decolletage and Hands this anti-aging nutrient rich hand cream delivers intense moisture. You can apply this cream to hands, decolletage and shoulders! These areas receive maximum sun exposure and may be prone to photo-damage with signs like age spots and discoloration. This cream contains botanicals, antioxidants, and vitamins to help brighten and repair skin that is sun damaged. It will also condition and protect skin from future damage. This skin treatment will help you get skin that is supple, moisturized, and younger looking.

All of these great hand creams to achieve soft and smooth hands are available at A really great benefit is the anti-aging ingredients they contain. After looking at our face, people look at our hands. Show them soft and silky hands that look younger than your age! offers all the best beauty products at discounted prices. Come back and let us know the results you achieved.

Top Eyelash Enhancers at, the leading online retailer of discounted beauty products ranging from skin care to hair care, always attempts to fulfill the beauty needs of their numerous clients. Consultants are carefully trained to answer questions and advise on product use and efficacy. Due to the regular contact with clients, the consultants have compiled a list of eyelash enhancers given the most top reviews.

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum is a best-seller of the online retailer. Due to its popularity as an effective eyelash enhancer it has taken the first position of the best eyelash enhancer available in for its cost and effectiveness. It has been clinically proven to promote healthy, natural lashes and brows in just 4 to 6 weeks. The formula is highly concentrated with vital proteins, potent polypeptides, vitamins, minerals and botanicals. A client who places an order regularly for a tube of RapidLash states, “I used to wear mascara and fake eyelashes to get a full look. I was tired of it. Not only were my lashes dry and brittle because of the glue that you put on with fake eyelashes, but I noticed that the little bit of eyelashes I had were starting to fall. I was horrified! My friend bought me a tube to try and I thank her often for doing it. After Rapidlash, I stopped using mascara and fake eyelashes. My eyelashes are now thick and full and look incredibly healthy!” RapidLash should be applied in the evening and application is similar to that of a liquid eyeliner. Starting with clean, dry lashes and brows, RapidLash is to be applied to the base of the upper eyelashes starting with the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. It can also be used if thicker eyebrows are desired. Application is directly to the brow line. Regular use of the eyelash enhancer is recommended for maintenance and health of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Coming a few reviews short of first is the Jan Marini Lash Eyelash Conditioner. It is available in 2 month and 1 year supply product sizes. Clients loyal to the skin care brand come back often to purchase the lash conditioner. Many clients state this beauty product for lash growth has significantly made a change in their eyelashes. Full eyelash results have been clinically and client proven. Rebecca, lead consultant, states, “the formula is non-prostaglandin and is very effective for eyelash growth. Most of my clients are very careful of what they apply and this eyelash conditioner is very safe.” Many clients have reviewed with words like “lush”, “thick” and “dense” after use of the eyelash enhancing conditioner. “I will keep on recommending this product,” says Rebecca.

Another excellently reviewed eyelash enhancer is the always best-selling
Talika Eyelash Conditioning Cream
. Consultants recommend the eyelash cream to clients with short lashes, clients losing their lashes or clients who feel it is necessary to protect and strengthen their lashes because of excessive use of eyelash extender glues, and eyelash curlers. It is recommended for use as a night treatment for dry, brittle, and sparse eyelashes. “Talika Eyelash Conditioning Cream is a very luxurious eyelash treatment. Just a tiny little bit is needed to treat eyelashes,” said Rebecca.

The best beauty products at discounted prices at! Come back and let us know lash-tastic results! News: SPF Update

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be paying attention to SPF values in our skincare.  UV protection is not just for lying out and it is important to look for a minimum UV protection of 15SPF in your everyday moisturizer.  However, all the numbers and letters of sun protection can sometimes be confusing.  In light of this the FDA just issued new rules to prevent false and confusing claims.  Here, our rundown on what SPF factors you should look for when buying a face cream.

Look for the term “broad-spectrum,” since only products that shield against both types of radiation–UVA (which causes wrinkles and skin cancer) and UVB (which causes burn)–can make that claim.  We suggest trying the Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30, which offers broad spectrum protection.

Murad Oil Free Sunblock

Murad Oil Free Sunblock

Only sunscreens with broad-spectrum protection and an SPF of 15 or higher may claim that they reduce the risk of skin cancer and early aging if used as directed–with frequent reapplication.  We love Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant, which has an SPF of 30.

Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant Boasts A 30SPF

In addition, misleading terms like “waterproof,” “sweatproof,” and “sunblock” have been banned altogether.  What’s more, a product that claims to be “water resistant” must now specify how long you can stay in the water for before it wears off. Announces Their Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

TheBeautyPlace.comHere, in The Beauty Place offices, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best beauty discounts to our customers.  So we strove to think big when it came to our Black Friday and our Cyber Monday sales.

Prices on products and tools for both skin and hair, by leading manufacturers and brands such as CHI, Nioxin, Dermalogica and Jan Marini, are already heavily discounted on our site.  However, our Thanksgiving holiday promotions on the The Beauty Place’s site will provide our consumers with further incentives by providing them with additional discounts.

Black Friday is traditionally the beginning of the Christmas-shopping season. The Beauty Place’s Black Friday sale will offer consumers exclusive pricing on their extensive beauty-product and -tool inventory.  For one day only,’s shoppers will be able to buy products and tools at dramatically discounted prices and be offered an extra 20% off their purchase of $99 or more.

Anti-Aging: How To Age Like A Supermodel

These days we all want to look younger and with amazing anti-aging products on the market, such as the Jan Marini Age Intervention collection, it’s not just about good genes.   Can you believe that Brooke Shields, Paulina Porizkova-Ocasek, Patti Hansen and Yasmin Le Bon are all aged 45 and older?  Allure magazine recently asked them how they’ve maintained their looks (and their outlooks) with diet, exercise, beauty rituals, lifestyle changes and attitude adjustments.

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields, 45, has been gracing magazines, billboards and our televisions for years.  Famous for her Calvin Klein ad campaign, Brooke is a poster child for anti-aging – she looks just as amazing today, 30 years later, as she did in 1980.

“I’m very proud of being fit and strong at this age. I like to Spin three times a week at least and couple it with yoga. I’ve been dancing on Broadway for years, so when I’m in a show, my muscle memory comes right back. It’s like being an athlete.”

Paulina Porizkova-Ocasek

Paulina Porizkova-Ocasek, 46, was one of the original supermodels – gracing the catwalks and glossy magazine with the likes of Naomi, Cindy, Linda et al.  Hard to believe that she credits simply taking care of her skin as her personal anti-aging strategy.

“After age 27, I’d always put SPF on my face. This is just my face. No Botox, no fillers, no nothing. When I compare myself with women my age who haven’t been so SPF-specific, it does seem like their skin took more of a beating. I didn’t worry about my chest, so the difference can be seen there. It’s way wrinklier than my face.”

Patti Hansen

Patti Hansen, 55, is rock and roll royalty – she is married to Rolling Stone musician, Keith Richards. Patti looks as amazing now as she did when she originally caught Richards’ eye.

“In my 20s, I ate hamburgers and pizzas. In my 40s, I started getting—and I’m still getting—more health-conscious. I don’t eat a lot of meat, and I get my vegetables. When I run out [in the morning] and don’t eat right first thing, I get dizzy and need a protein or juice fix. [I must] eat right at the start of the day!”

Yasmin Le Bon

Yasmin Le Bon, 46, is another poster child for anti-aging.  The mother of three teenage girls looks more like her daughters’ sister than their mother.  The beautiful model – and wife of Duran Duran front man, Simon Le Bon – still has an active modelling career.

“I popped out my first daughter when I was 24, and gray hairs appeared the next day. I get a shine treatment every few weeks and stay on top of the color. I get depressed when I start seeing that halo of gray.”

At we have a lot of products that are specifically engineered with the latest in anti-aging technology.  Jan Marini, for example, is a leading manufacturer of clinically validated skin care and aesthetic products for the professional marketplace.  The award-winning products are used by celebrities including Cher, Amber Valetta, Vanessa Williams, Naomi Campbell, Naomi Watts and Paris Hilton.  The number-one selling item form Jan Marini is the Jan Marini C-ESTA Face Cream.  If you try it, you’ll understand why.


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