How To Choose The Right Hair Brush For You!

choosing-the-right-hair-brushThe right hair brush can dramatically affect the condition of your hair. Be sure to be working with the correct brush to get that marvelous hair you’re striving for because gorgeous hair is just a brush away.


Hair is structurally weaker when wet, so rough brushing can cause snags and tears. Gently loosen your tangles with a brush that has widely spaced bristles designed to detangle wet hair.


If you want soft curls without using a curling iron, use a round brush with a ventilated metal, thermal, or ionic barrel. These barrels efficiently trap and circulate heat when you blow dry, plus you’ll cut drying time in half using the ventilated design. The Bio Ionic Round Wave Brush is great for creating curled or wavy hairstyles and looks.


A flat, boar bristled paddle brush is perfect for smoothing hair after a blow dry. A flat paddle has a larger surface area designed to reach larger sections of your hair. The Macadamia Paddle Brush with Boar bristles is a quality hair brush that is gentle on the scalp. This brush will create a naturally smooth straight finish.


You can blow dry all hair lengths and textures straight with a round brush. Choose metal, synthetic or natural bristles depending on your hair texture and condition. The longer your hair is, the larger the brushes diameter should be.

Style Long

A mixed bristle brush is best for long hair. The natural boar bristles polish the hair while the synthesize nylon ones gently grab and hold sections of your hair. Look for a brush with an air cushion, which allows the brush to glide over painful knots that could potentially break long locks.


Vented brushes work wonders for volume! The open design evenly circulates air throughout your strands when you blow dry, resulting in a light, and bouncy finish with tons of movements.


Use a narrow brush with rows of densely packed bristles to backcomb your hair and smooth out the top layers.

Remember… “a hair on the head is worth two on the brush”

Let’s Go Halvsies

It is no secret that our blow dryers and flat irons dry out our gorgeous locks! That’s why here at The Beauty Place we live and die for our hair masques, heat primers, and shine sprays. But lately we’ve come up with an even better technique. We like to call this “halvsies”. You save part of your hair from intense heat by only straightening half of it at a time!




Option 1: For pretty waves just iron halfway down from your roots. This will straighten the pieces around your face and head, but leave you with a natural look. The best part? Your hair iron will never touch your sensitive tips, therefore lessening the likelihood of breakage, and dry, split-ends.





Option 2: For lots of body only straighten the bottom half of your hair starting about 3 inches away from your scalp, depending on your length. The best part? You’ll get tons of body up top while rocking silky, straight hair on the bottom!

Tutorial Tuesday – How To Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron

Everyone is always asking us how to use your flat iron to create loose, large waves in their hair. Today, we reveal the secret. As shown here, start to rotate your wrist toward the bottom of the piece of hair you are working on. For a tighter curl, start closer to the scalp. If your hair usually holds a curl, you’re ready to go. If it has the tendency to drop when you leave the house, put a mist of light hairspray before you bounce. No pun intended! TT-CurlwithIron

Hair Styles for Middle Aged Women

CC by david_shankbone

The ideal hairstyles for middle-aged women have little to do with age, and more to do with the condition of her hair, her face shape or the kind of lifestyle she leads. Long hairstyles are not only reserved for young women. Learn how to wear your favorite hairstyles in an age-appropriate way.

Hair Type:
Brittle Betty:
If you have brittle hair, you will want a cut that minimizes the brittle appearance as well as style that does not require maintenance with several styling products.

Slightly thinning:
Choose a cut that adds body to your hair and use hair products that assist with hair thinning. Nioxin is a popular brand that has several different systems so that you may customize your hair care to your hair type.

Make sure that you choose a hairstyle that you have the time to maintain for it to look its best. For example, if you are an on-the-go woman who always has somewhere to be and someone to meet, an easy-to-maintain hairstyle would suit you best. On the other hand, if you’re the type who can always be found browsing the cosmetics aisle or getting your hair done, you can pull off a hairstyle that requires more attention.

Hairstyle Types:
If you know what style you want to wear but just want to know the best way to pull it off, below are a few popular hairstyles for middle aged women:

Long Hairstyles with Highlights
If you have your heart set on wearing your hair long and highlighted, you don’t have a problem. The trick to pulling off this look in an age-appropriate way is to maintain your highlights just one to two shades lighter than the base color.

Bob Hairstyles
Bobs are a great example of a classic look that never goes out of style. Another benefit of the bob hairstyle is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. All it needs is some simple blow-drying. You can choose to have a one-length bob or one that is shorter in the back.

Curly Hairstyles
Curly hairstyles immediately soften the face and can be worn short or long. The key to pulling off this style is to make sure that the curls are soft and not tight. You can get soft curls using products like one of the many TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock hair products.

Super Short Hairstyles
If you have naturally delicate features, you should be able to carry a pixie haircut just fine.  You can wear it slicked back with Paul Brown Stay Straight Smoothing Balm, messy, decorated with headbands and hair accessories or with a side part. Its not as limited as one might think.

Don’t feel like you are too old to wear your favorite hairstyles. Make them work for you.

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