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Just because it is winter doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be paying attention to SPF values in our skincare.  UV protection is not just for lying out and it is important to look for a minimum UV protection of 15SPF in your everyday moisturizer.  However, all the numbers and letters of sun protection can sometimes be confusing.  In light of this the FDA just issued new rules to prevent false and confusing claims.  Here, our rundown on what SPF factors you should look for when buying a face cream.

Look for the term “broad-spectrum,” since only products that shield against both types of radiation–UVA (which causes wrinkles and skin cancer) and UVB (which causes burn)–can make that claim.  We suggest trying the Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30, which offers broad spectrum protection.

Murad Oil Free Sunblock

Murad Oil Free Sunblock

Only sunscreens with broad-spectrum protection and an SPF of 15 or higher may claim that they reduce the risk of skin cancer and early aging if used as directed–with frequent reapplication.  We love Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant, which has an SPF of 30.

Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant Boasts A 30SPF

In addition, misleading terms like “waterproof,” “sweatproof,” and “sunblock” have been banned altogether.  What’s more, a product that claims to be “water resistant” must now specify how long you can stay in the water for before it wears off.


Celebrity Skincare Secrets: Day 3

Here at we are committed to getting you the best beauty scoop, information and entertainment.  On Friday, we began our three-day series on Celebrity Skincare Secrets and today we conclude with two more important steps to great-looking skin.



‘It’s a myth that the more you scrub the more refreshed your skin will look — over-exfoliating will do more harm than good,’ cautions Marie Reynolds, head of international education for Eve Taylor Skincare.  We suggest using a gentle scrub, twice a week.  And one of our faves is the Peter Thomas Roth Botanical Buffing Beads.

BEST TIP: Don’t forget to include the neck and décolleté in your skin care routine as these will be on show, too. Keep the delicate skin in these areas well-moisturized and glowing.

Peter Thomas Roth Botanical Buffing Beads



‘Most people suffer from bad skin from time to time, says Una Brennan, beautician to actress, Sienna Miller and model, Laura Bailey. ‘If the breakout is a hardened painful swelling under the skin, don’t touch it, it will just make a mess. Instead, use a cold compress on it to bring the swelling down and send excess blood supply away from the area and apply a good clay mask.  We absolutely love the Murad Clarifying Mask.

BEST TIP: Drink an antioxidant-rich juice to brighten your skin. Put the following into a juicer: 2 apples, 1 stick celery, 1 carrot, a handful of spinach, 1in ginger, 1 lemon, handful sprouts (anything but alfalfa), 1in courgette, 1in cucumber, 1 beetroot or half a large beetroot.  Blend juice with an avocado and two spoonfuls of flax seed. Your skin and eyes will immediately be brighter.

Murad Clarifying Mask

Murad Clarifying Mask


Celebrity Skincare Secrets: Day 2

Here at we are committed to getting you the best beauty scoop, information and entertainment.  On Friday, we began our three-day series on Celebrity Skincare Secrets and today we offer two more important steps to great-looking skin.


‘A good way to boost your skin’s circulation is to freeze some hydrating toner or floral water in an ice cube tray and pop one out to rub over the skin when you need an extra glow,’ advises Julia Hart, whose Shinso Natural Facelift has been described as the ultimate in skin rejuvenation. ‘Wrap muslin or cotton wool around the ice cube. The coldness will stimulate the circulation and reduce puffiness.’  Why not try the Peter Thomas Roth Conditioning Tonic.

Pssst: Shinso fans include Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston and Charlize Theron.

Peter Thomas Roth Conditioning Tonic


‘Rescue parched skin with an at-home remedy mask,’ suggests Sarah Chapman, whose High Definition Facial is loved by Queen Rania of Jordan and actress Naomi Watts. ‘Use ingredients which contain nourishing vitamins, anti-oxidants, natural soothers and exfoliators.  We like the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Masque.

BEST TIP: DIY it!  Honey is a natural moisturizer and milk, natural yogurt and bananas are perfect for nourishing and soothing the skin.  Mix together to create a paste, gently rub over the skin and leave for 15 minutes to allow it to be absorbed.’

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Masque

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Masque


Celebrity Skincare Secrets


‘The first product to get right is your cleanser,’ says Vaishaly, whose signature facial has many fans, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle Macpherson.

Try Murad Essential-C Cleanser, which is good for all skin types.  And follow with Murad Essential-C Toner, which helps restore your skins pH level.

VAISHALY’S BEST TIP: Nourish your skin by massaging in hydrating serums at night, which allows the ingredients to be absorbed properly. This will also stimulate the circulation and even-out skin tone.  One of our favorites is the Murad Age-Diffusing serum.


‘Use a moisturiser that is loaded with hyaluronic acid’, recommends Michelle Peck, who counts Madonna as a client. ‘This ingredient is a fantastic hydrator because it can hold up to 3,000 times its weight in water, so it really quenches thirsty, dry skin.’

We suggest Murad Perfecting Night Cream, which is packed with hyaluronic acid that works well on your face, but also your neck, decolletage, hands and knees,’ she explains.

PECK’S BEST TIP: ‘To help stop my hair and skin drying out too much, I sleep on a silk pillow case, a tip passed on to me from my grandmother, who had barely any wrinkles. It means I get a few extra days out of my blow dry, which is essential during any packed pre-Christmas schedule.’

Best Eye Creams

Those of us who were blessed with dark circles or puffy eyes or who have developed fine lines around our eyes, have probably tried several different eye creams to get rid of those eye concerns. Whether you have experienced it or not, eye creams can and often do deliver results when used correctly and for enough time. Following are some of users’ favorite eye creams:

1. Dr. Brandt Flaws No More R3P Eye 1.7 oz, $113
This eye cream fades circles and lines instantly. The light cream is easy o apply and improves the texture of your skin.

2. Kinerase Extreme Lift Eye 0.5 oz, $67
Some have said that this eye cream is a great alternative to eye surgery. It tightens your skin and leaves behind a bright and youthful look. Kinerase Extreme Lift Eye goes on great under makeup.

3. Dermalogica Total Eye Care SPF 15, $32
This eye cream smoothes the eye area and soothes irritation and redness. It improves the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

4. Murad Renewing Eye Cream .5 oz, $51
This eye cream hydrates, smoothes and gets rid of dark circles. You’ll notice a difference in your tighter and brighter skin.

Are there any eye creams that you think should be on this list? Please comment and let us know!

How to Look Younger

CC by Joe Crawford (artlung)

A lot of people think that the key to looking younger is to get rid of wrinkles but there are a lot of other features that age you. Concealing or getting rid of wrinkles on your face can only do so much. Women who do actually master the art of maintaining a youthful look don’t just have great complexions; they also have whiter smiles, thick hair and a young scent. Following are all the different things to pay attention to in your efforts to appear ageless.

More than wrinkles: Aside from the wrinkles and fine lines on your face, skin tone and radiance make a difference in your seeming age. Some of today’s anti-aging products, such as Bremenn 6 in 1 Face Cream ($48), contain adenosine, a collagen-stimulating molecule that already naturally exists in the skin’s DNA.

Keep hair thick: As you age, your hair thins. Use volumizing shampoos as well as the quickest, most effective solution: volumizing spray mousse like Big Sexy Root Pump Plus Volumizing Spray Mousse ($15.99). For the best results, spray it on the underside of your hair, near the roots.

Conceal chest spots: After time, the sun causes age spots to form on the chest, making you look older. To prevent chest blemishes from forming, wear sunscreen on your chest and switch to a body lotion that has discoloration-reducing ingredients such as the Murad Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Gel ($54.49).

Reduce redness: Another result of sun damage, which ages you, is redness and apparent blood vessels on the cheeks and nose. You can effectively get rid of the red with laser treatments, though they tend to be pricey. A more affordable alternative is to use a yellow-based concealer. Dot the concealer over the red areas and then tap it into the skin with your ring finger until it vanishes. Go over it with a tinted moisturizer like the Murad Correcting Moisturizer ($24.99) or a foundation like Peter Thomas Roth UnWrinkle Foundation ($35.99) that matches your skin tone.

Bright pearly whites: Because stains accumulate on your teeth over the years, whiter teeth make you look younger. If you are using an at-home teeth-whitening system, make sure you don’t go overboard and make your teeth look fake. Your teeth should never be whiter than the whites of your eyes.

Rejuvenated hands: Keep hands looking fresh and hydrated so that fine lines aren’t accentuated by the dryness of your skin. Use and toning and firming hand moisturizer like StriVectin Hand Cream ($37).

Fresh feet: Time will eventually lead to dry, callused feet. Smooth the bottom of your feet with a foot file at the end of your bath and then follow up with a smoothing foot cream like the DDF Pedi-Cream ($29.99). Finally, add an extra touch of youthful fun by selecting a bright nail polish for your toes like the CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer Meet me in the Copy Room ($5.49).

Perfect your legs: Get rid of aging varicose and spider veins quickly and easily with the help of a sunless tanning product like TanTowel Half Body Classic towelettes ($5.99).

Eat well: Stay away from extreme diets. Drink lots of water and consistently eat healthy for fresher, more vibrant skin.

What “stay young” tips do you have?

Look Better in the Buff – Or Showing Some Skin

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You can feel a bit more confident when you show some skin by doing some things to fake a leaner, more toned body. Even if it’s just temporary, try some quick, light fixes.

Brighten Chest and Back
Use a body wash with glycolic acid, such as Murad Acne Body Wash, to gently wash away hyperpigmented cells, revealing a more even skin tone. Then, while your skin is still damp, rub in a moisturizer that contains Vitamin A, such as Murad Essential-C Moisture, to stimulate collagen.

Toned Arms
Temporarily firm sagging “bat wings” by using a cream that contains an amino acid that firms the skin such as the Clarisonic Refining Skin Polish. To give arms a smooth appearance, dust shimmer powder along the inner biceps.

Smooth Butt and Thighs
Massage a lotion that contains caffeine into your thighs and butt twice a week to stimulate circulation and reduce water retention. A great product designed especially for that is the Bremenn Butt Lift Plumping System.

Share your thoughts on your results!

Murad Miracle Workers Set Giveaway!!!

Its contest time again!

Win a Murad Miracle Workers gift set. The Murad Miracle Workers gift set has a $60 value and comes with an instant firming serum that fights hormonal aging, a soothing serum that hydrates dry skin, a treatment that protects against damage and signs of aging and a gel that fades post-acne discoloration. The Murad Miracle Workers gift set includes:

Age-Diffusing Serum .33 Fl Oz
Cellular Replenishing Serum .24 Fl Oz.
Day Reform Treatment .125 Fl Oz.
Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel .5 Fl Oz.

To win, write a review on ANY of the products you have used that we have on our website. Post a link to your review in the comments for this blog post.

The contest will close on July 15th, 2010 at 11:59PM and the winner will be announced on Friday, July 16th.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

Conceal and Treat Acne at the Same Time

CC by HShapiro

When I get a pimple, I want to do whatever gets it to go away the fastest. Usually, I feel that covering it up with makeup will only aggravate it but I don’t want people to see that ugly blemish unmasked, in its natural, vulnerable state! And of course, if the blemish is not covered up, it seems to be ALL people are looking at when they’re talking to me. It makes me want to do an awkward introduction to the pimple, tell everyone to say their hellos and move on. Thank you, Murad, for making a concealer that covers and treats face acne! Choose from the Murad Acne Treatment Concealer Light, Murad Acne Treatment Concealer Medium and Murad Acne Treatment Concealer Medium/Dark. The small oil-free acne spot treatment concealer stick contains Salicylic Acid, Vitamin A and Green Tea Extract. A massive 86% of users reported better skin overall, after just 2 weeks of using the Murad Acne Treatment Concealer. Apply the acne spot treatment concealer with a concealer brush for a natural-looking finish. The tones that the acne spot treatment concealer stick comes in are especially great for people with yellow undertones. Hopefully, Murad will soon come out with a broader variety of colors. The main benefits of the Murad Acne Treatment Concealer:

  • Long lasting coverage
  • Fights and prevents face acne
  • Oil-free?Conceals blemishes

Stay Wrinkle-Free, Longer

CC by elward-photography

Wrinkles and fine lines can begin moving in with every smile or facial expression starting as early as when you are in your 20s. Other factors that contribute to wrinkling include the loss of collagen, oil and elastin in your skin as you get older. The key to maintaining youthful-looking skin for a longer amount of time is to start practicing preventive measures as soon as possible.

Avoid Excess Sun Exposure

Some sun exposure is good. It’s necessary to get your Vitamin D. If you are going to be spending extended amounts of time outside, protect your skin with a lotion that contains SPF of at least 15.  (Murad Perfecting Day Cream SPF 30)


Dead skin is shed more slowly as you get older. Get through that flaky layer and may way for fresh skin by exfoliating with a scrub made of synthetic beads at least twice a week. (Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Buffing Beads)

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that protects from environmental harm such as the sun, which causes skin to wrinkle and sag. Invest in a facial moisturizer containing l-ascorbic acid, which is the type of vitamin C that is most easily absorbed by the skin.  (Kinerase Cream)

Eye Cream

Apply an eye cream with retinol to minimize crow’s feet before going to bed. Retinol makes skin sensitive to the sun so put it on at the end of the day.  (Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream)

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