Nioxin vs. Bosley

Nioxin and Bosley hair loss products lead the pack when it comes to the care of thinning hair and the prevention of hair loss. Shampoo, conditioner, leave-in treatments, and styling products make up each line’s offering of thinning hair care. Here we compare the products Nioxin and Bosley offer in the treatment of hair loss yet keeping in mind each line’s careful dedication to hair loss sufferers.

Nioxin offers 8 systems made specifically for each type of hair condition while Bosley offers 2 systems as shown below. Nioxin and Bosley assist users in selecting a hair product for the maximum benefit of the user. Both brands understand that thinning hair needs gentle cleansing and strengthening of hair follicles. Each are free of sulfates and cleanse scalp, removing toxins such as DHT – a primary cause of hair loss.

Nioxin Hair Loss Care

Nioxin System 1– for Fine, Natural, Normal to Thin-Looking Hair
Nioxin System 2– for Fine, Natural, Noticeably Thinning Hair
Nioxin System 3– for Fine, Chemically Enhanced, Normal to Thin-Looking Hair
Nioxin System 4– for Fine, Chemically Enhanced, Noticeably Thinning Hair
Nioxin System 5– for Medium/Coarse, Natural, Normal to Thin-Looking Hair
Nioxin System 6– for Medium/Coarse, Natural, Noticeably Thinning Hair
Nioxin System 7– for Medium/Coarse, Chemically Enhanced, Normal to Thin-Looking Hair
Nioxin System 8– for Medium/Coarse, Chemically Enhanced, Noticeably Thinning Hair

Bosley Hair Loss Care

BosDefense for Normal to Fine Hair
for Non Color-Treated hair
for Color-Treated hair

BosRevive for Visibly-Thinning Hair
for Non Color-Treated hair
for Color-Treated hair

Nioxin and Bosley offer styling products made specifically for thinning hair. They understand hairstyling thinning hair can be a bit difficult, and offer hair products to make thinning hair look thicker with more volume using mousse, hairspray, or styling gel.

Bosley Styling Products
Bosley Volumizing and Thickening Styling Gel
Bosley Volumizing and Thickening Styling Mousse
Bosley Volumizing and Thickening Styling Hairspray

Nioxin Styling Products
Nioxin Smoothing Reflectives Finishing Creme
Nioxin Volumizing Reflectives Niospray

We hope our comparison of each hair care line for the treatment and prevention of hair loss helps you in selecting a system. The best beauty products at discounted prices are available at

Nioxin Scalp Renew Hair Loss Treatment

Nioxin Scalp Renew is an anti-aging scalp treatment complementing the Nioxin 3-part systems. Acting like a facial, it uses dermabrasion technology, to gently exfoliate the scalp. It removes build-up around hair follicles and it is recommended for use every 30 days. This very effective hair loss product helps scalp better absorb Nioxin hair loss systems. It gently clears dead skin cells for maximum hair growth while at the same time treating scalp to prevent hair loss. Nioxin Scalp Renew through its natural dermabrasion treatment, gently exfoliates to regenerate and revitalize scalp surface skin. Ultimately, Nioxin hair loss products achieve what they are formulated to do-prevent hair loss, help promote hair re-growth and help thinning hair appear thicker and fuller. You can find Nioxin Scalp Renew and other Nioxin hair loss products for discount prices at Try it. Come back and share with us your hair re-growth results.

Hair Loss Treatment: Nioxin Diamax

Nioxin Diamax

Many hair loss products are available for thinning hair in men and women and none have been as popular and effective as the Nioxin 3-part systems. A new complement to the Nioxin systems is Diamax. It is an intensive therapy treatment containing caffeine, niacinamide, and panthenol. Each of these ingredients have a specific duty and we investigated the effects of caffeine applied topically. Guess what we found? Caffeine helps reduce hair loss and promotes hair growth! Niacinamide is a vitamin B and panthenol makes your hair shiny and soft. The reviews for Nioxin Diamax have been outstanding. This leave-in treatment is lightweight and penetrates the hair strand making hair look thicker and stronger. Strengthening your hair’s resilience means that thin hair will not be prone to breakage. Prevent hair loss and increase the diameter of each existing hair strand with Diamax. You will feel and see a difference in your hair’s texture. Volume, bounce, and hair growth are all the benefits available with this hair loss treatment. This may be one of the best hair products available for those of us who suffer the loss of hair. Find Nioxin Diamax now at for a low price we are sure can’t be beat. Try it and share with us your unbelievable results. Announces Their Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

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Nioxin vs. Bosley

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Whether you have been a follower of our blog for a while or you’re new and have done a quick browse-around, you have probably seen us mention Nioxin hair loss products. Recently, we added one of Nioxin’s  popular competitors: Bosley. Bosley is probably a more recognized hair loss brand, as its had commercials and infomercials on television for years. For all of you Nioxin fans who are curious to know some more about Bosley, this blog post is for you. 🙂

Similar to Nioxin, Bosley consists of 3-part systems: Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment. You can purchase any of the system items individually or all together in the Starter Packs.

There are four different 3-part systems:

  1. BOSDefense for Normal to Fine, Non Color-Treated Hair
  2. BOSDefense for Normal to Fine, Color-Treated Hair
  3. BOSRevive for Visibly Thinning, Non Color-Treated Hair
  4. BOSRevive for Visibly Thinning, Color-Treated Hair

Bosley also offers hair styling products like gel, mousse and hairspray.

If you’re a Nioxin user looking to make a smooth transition to Bosley, following is a list of Nioxin and Bosley’s comparable items:

If You Use Nioxin: Use Bosley:
System 1 or 5 BOSDefense for Non Color-Treated Hair
System 3 or 7 BOSDefense for Color-Treated Hair

System 2 or 6

BOSRevive for Non Color-Treated Hair

System 4 or 8 BOSRevive for Color-Treated Hair
Thickening Gel Styling Gel
Niosprays Styling Hairspray

Good luck. Please comment to share your experience with Bosley!

Hair Styles for Middle Aged Women

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The ideal hairstyles for middle-aged women have little to do with age, and more to do with the condition of her hair, her face shape or the kind of lifestyle she leads. Long hairstyles are not only reserved for young women. Learn how to wear your favorite hairstyles in an age-appropriate way.

Hair Type:
Brittle Betty:
If you have brittle hair, you will want a cut that minimizes the brittle appearance as well as style that does not require maintenance with several styling products.

Slightly thinning:
Choose a cut that adds body to your hair and use hair products that assist with hair thinning. Nioxin is a popular brand that has several different systems so that you may customize your hair care to your hair type.

Make sure that you choose a hairstyle that you have the time to maintain for it to look its best. For example, if you are an on-the-go woman who always has somewhere to be and someone to meet, an easy-to-maintain hairstyle would suit you best. On the other hand, if you’re the type who can always be found browsing the cosmetics aisle or getting your hair done, you can pull off a hairstyle that requires more attention.

Hairstyle Types:
If you know what style you want to wear but just want to know the best way to pull it off, below are a few popular hairstyles for middle aged women:

Long Hairstyles with Highlights
If you have your heart set on wearing your hair long and highlighted, you don’t have a problem. The trick to pulling off this look in an age-appropriate way is to maintain your highlights just one to two shades lighter than the base color.

Bob Hairstyles
Bobs are a great example of a classic look that never goes out of style. Another benefit of the bob hairstyle is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. All it needs is some simple blow-drying. You can choose to have a one-length bob or one that is shorter in the back.

Curly Hairstyles
Curly hairstyles immediately soften the face and can be worn short or long. The key to pulling off this style is to make sure that the curls are soft and not tight. You can get soft curls using products like one of the many TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock hair products.

Super Short Hairstyles
If you have naturally delicate features, you should be able to carry a pixie haircut just fine.  You can wear it slicked back with Paul Brown Stay Straight Smoothing Balm, messy, decorated with headbands and hair accessories or with a side part. Its not as limited as one might think.

Don’t feel like you are too old to wear your favorite hairstyles. Make them work for you.

NIOXIN’s Main Ingredients

® represents a line of scalp therapy and hair styling products used for thinning hair. There are no single active product ingredients in NIOXIN® products. Each NIOXIN system product has its own complexes. NIOXIN® products are created using all-natural ingredients including soothing essential oils, special antioxidants, enzymatic complexes and vitamins. All NIOXIN system product ingredients are safe and approved by the Personal Care Products Council. Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) is not a harmful ingredient and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in cosmetics. NIOXIN® uses synthetic fragrances and essential oils where appropriate.
A couple of the NIOXIN products contain alcohol. Though we try to avoid the use of alcohol in NIOXIN system products, it is an ingredient found only in products in which it is necessary for product function.
Some of the NIOXIN system product ingredients include:
  • Dehydrolyzed mucopoloysaccharides
  • Biotin
  • Ginseng extract
  • Saw palmetto extract
  • Superoxide dismutase
  • Niacin
  • Natural herbs and botanicals
  • Coconut and Soy
  • Hydrolyzed Vegetable protein
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin
  • “PVP” or Polyvinylpyrolidone
  • Phenyalanine (as a conditioning agent)
  • Serenoa Serrulata (The Follicle Booster® contains significantly more than the Cleanser)
  • Specially formulated NIOXIN® complexes
Ingredients in specific NIOXIN products:
The NIOXIN Cleansers contain Cocamidopropyl Betaine.
The NIOXIN Systems 5 – 8 contain Kukui Nut oil.
NIOXIN Systems 2, 4, 6 and 8 contain Algae Extract.
NIOXIN® Scalp Therapy System 1 contains walnut leaf extract.
The Glyco Color Shield™ Complex has botanicals that benefit chemically enhanced hair:
• Fennel Seed Extract – color protection
• Green Tea Extract – anti-oxidant; removes chemical residue
• Wasabi Extract – soothes scalp; removes chemical residues
• Grape Seed Extract – moisture and sun protection

Nioxin: Skin Care for the Scalp

Our scalp is a part of our skin that we often ignore, but it needs some tender love and care in order for us to maintain strong and healthy hair. Just as with the skin on our face, everyday toxins, such as chlorine, sunlight and UV rays, may threaten the quality of the scalp, thus resulting in cell-aging, which thickens the scalp and leads to the aggravation of thinning hair.

The average shampoos, conditioners and styling hair products aim solely to clean, condition and style hair but many contain damaging alcohols and PVP film formers which may clog the follicles and worsen thinning hair. The Nioxin Research Labs developed the most advanced, natural-based hair loss treatment system. Nioxin’s hair loss treatment shampoos aim to inhibit DHT, which is one of the hormones most blamed for hair loss.

After a 3-question assessment, Nioxin matches you with a tailored hair loss treatment Nioxin system for your specific scalp or hair concerns, maximizing your results. The eight different Nioxin Systems are geared toward different kinds of hair ranging from coarse to chemically treated manes. Each of the eight different hair loss treatment Nioxin systems comes with the NIOXIN Cleanser, NIOXIN Scalp Therapy and NIOXIN Scalp Treatment. If you are struggling with thinning hair, find your perfect Nioxin Hair Care System and give it a try.

Following are the eight different Nioxin Systems:

  • Nioxin System 1 – For Fine, Natural, Normal to Thin-Looking Hair
  • Nioxin System 2 – For Fine, Natural, Noticeably Thinning Hair
  • Nioxin System 3 – For Fine, Chemically Enhanced, Normal to Thin-Looking Hair
  • Nioxin System 4 – For Fine, Chemically Enhanced, Noticeably Thinning Hair
  • Nioxin System 5 – For Medium/Coarse, Natural, Normal to Thin-Looking Hair
  • Nioxin System 6 – For Medium/Coarse, Natural, Noticeably Thinning Hair
  • Nioxin System 7 – For Medium/Coarse, Chemically Enhanced, Normal to Thin-Looking Hair
  • Nioxin System 8 – For Medium/Coarse, Chemically Enhanced, Noticeably Thinning Hair

For more information visit:

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