Tutorial Tuesday – DIY Gel Manicure


Gel manicures are a hands on girl’s best friend! They last far longer and keep your nails strong and less prone to breakage. The downside is that they can be costly, and your local salon may not have the color that you want in gel polish. Here is how to recreate a gel manicure in any color of nail polish you want!

Step 1: Apply two coats of Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat

Step 2: Apply one coat of the nail polish color you want to rock for the next couple weeks followed by another coat of Gelous.

Step 3: After allowing the coats from Step 1 & 2 to dry, apply another coat of the color polish & finish it off with top coat.

Your friends will be super “gelous”! (Was that too cheesy?)

Follow our previous tutorial tuesday to learn how to remove a gel manicure at home when you’re done!


Nails: Water Marbling!

We heard of an awesome nail trend over the weekend, it’s called water marble nails. We love this trend because it’s an easy do it yourself kind of thing. First gather your supplies.

1 plastic container (big enough to fit your hand)
1 roll of tape
2 wood cuticle pushers
Angled brush
Nail Polish!

Here are some easy steps to get started:

First, go ahead and fill the plastic container half way up with room temperature water then with we go ahead and start off with a base coat. We used the CHI Ceramic Nail Base & Top Coat just so our nails wont get stained. After that is dry we went ahead and painted our nails with OPI’s Amazing Spiderman Collection My Boyfriend Scales Walls. We waited for that to dry completely.

Once we made sure that was dry we went ahead and started to tape up around the cuticle (we do this so we wont have a mess on our hands and less to clean up). Go ahead and grab the CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer Muy Caliente and place a drop in the water. Then grab the OPI color and place a drop. Keep adding as many dots as you want. Then go ahead grab your cuticle pusher and swirl the colors together when you have a desin place your first finger in face down (make sure to do these steps fast you don’t want the colors drying)
Keep your finger there until the colors on top of the water is dry and pick them up with the cuticle pusher.

Follow these steps for the rest of your fingers. Grab the CHI Base and Top coat and apply on top. When you are done make sure your hand is pretty dry and take off the tape. After grab the angled brush, dip it in acetone and clean up any of the nail polish around your nails. Voilà you have a pretty marble nail.

OPI Shatter Collection

OPI Red Shatter

If you have been observing the latest nail polish trends, nail art is a form of expression to highlight our mood or our own personal sense of style. We have seen nails with graduating colors of shades, called ombre, funky designs, the Miami skyline, music notes from music sheets and puzzles from the daily crossword. There is no limit to nail design and the OPI Shatter Collection takes us to new heights in what we can do with nail art. We consider OPI nail lacquers one of the best nail polishes and we were excited when OPI formulated a way to paint your nails while achieving a unique design called shatter. The collection comprises various shades of shatter nail polish. You can mix-and match the nail polish with whichever color you prefer. We considered applying a pink nail polish as a base, and applied the OPI Red Shatter on top. We were amazed at how great our nails looked. We tried a gold nail polish as a base, and applied the OPI White Shatter on top. The combination of gold and white shatter looked real glam. If you have been asking where to find OPI Shatter, find it at TheBeautyPlace.com. The price is low and we carry various and popular shades by OPI. Love the nail design you get from trying OPI shatter? Come back and share your nail art!

OPI is Here!

CC by Etsy Ketsy

For all of you OPI nail polish lovers:

Good News! TheBeautyPlace.com has now added OPI nail polish to their inventory! OPI nail polish is one of, if not the most popular nail polish brands out there. Known for their extensive variety of colors and their super strong durability, its clear why OPI is preferred. Not only do they have a number of shades and hues popping with personality, but they also have OPI Shatter, a top layer of nail polish that comes in different colors and leaves behind a cracked look. The OPI nail polishes also feature that ProWide Lacquer Brush that improves even, streak-free application. Best of all…you can buy them at uber-low prices.

What is your favorite OPI nail polish color?

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