Trend Alert: Embracing The Frizz

frizzy heair trend

Frizzy hair at Marc Jacobs

Here in offices, we refer to “frizz” as “the other ‘F’ word.”  And, as our home-base is Miami, Florida, our hair succumbs to the not-so-positive effects of humid heat all too often.

So, we were slightly amused to hear that some of the world’s leading hairstylists (such as Orlando Pita and Guido) have taken on the mission of inviting women to embrace the fuzz by making it bigger and better than ever.

“Say what?!” We hear your cry?  We KNOW!  We reply.  We couldn’t believe it either.  But, having reviewed the runways we can tell you: it’s true.

And here, our essential five products for embracing–and rocking–the frizz.


  1. Thickening Lotion:Apply to damp hair to give body and texture.  We recommend BioSilk Thickening Creme.
  2. Volumizing Mousse: Apply to damp hair to give hold.  We like Big Sexy Root Pump Plus Volumizing Spray Mousse.
  3. Dry Shampoo or Texturizing Spray: Spray on dry hair until you get a chalky, powdery feeling and then tease.  One of our faves is CHI Infra Texture Dual Action Hair Spray.
  4. Boar-and-Nylon Hairbrush: Adds volume and fluff when used for teasing.  It’s also less damaging than a comb.
  5. Hairspray: Spritz your favorite hairspray (we like TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Firm Hold Hairspray) on a brush to help tame flyaways, or spray directly onto teased hair to help maintain height.

Redken in the Virtual Gaming World

It seems that Redken, a brand of hair care and styling products only sold in salons, is on the popularity rise. Not only have they come out with different lines of hair products that cater to all different kinds of hair such as Fresh Curls or Color Extend, but they are now getting into the gaming industry as well.  Redken, owned by L’Oreal, is the first salon brand to sponsor a console game.

Redken teamed up with video game publisher Little Orbit and created Busy Scissors, a hairstyling and simulation game for teenage girls, made for Nintendo Wii and DS. An element of reality is integrated into the game where the techniques and products used are those really used in Redken salons. In the game, you can pretend you’re sectioning and blow-dry using the Redken way in your own Hollywood salon. You also shampoo, cut and color hair for your high-end, glamorous clientele. Gain points by using proper techniques.

Redken also plans to use the game as a way for their salon customers to pass the time as they wait for their appointment. Interesting, huh? What do you think of this idea?

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