How to take the perfect selfie

Instagram_selfieAccording to Time Magazine we are in the me…me…me generation also referred to as the millennials. This means were all about us with our facebook, twitter, and instagram accounts and of course all of those social networks wouldn’t be possible without the renowned selfies.  Having just conquered the art of the selfie, I thought it was my duty to share my secrets. Your pictures are now circulating the web for everyone to see so we think it’s our duty to give you the tools to put your best face forward.

To take the perfect picture the first step is no foundation. Of course everyone’s impulse is to cake it on but according to celeb artist, Pati Dubroff, it actually accentuates lines, pores and dry patches. Instead, try using a matte primer, it prevents shine and minimizes pores. Then add a touch of concealer on any other visible spots you find on your face.

Now we want your eyes to pop! Bright eyes are a must for the selfie! Because selfies create bad lighting and grainy videos it ends up casting a shadow under your eye. Use an eye-brightening concealer or pen. Add a touch of it underneath your eye and blend it.

Moving to the picture perfect lip, go 3-D. Red lipsticks read too flat and the camera craves dimension. Instead, pick moisture pink or berry lip balm. This will give you more dimension and keep your lips from blending in with the rest of your face.

Next skip the eye shadow! Eyeshadows weigh down your eyelids. Instead use a liner it will emphasize the eyes without adding weight. Choose a dark grey or brown (black may be too harsh) and trace the liner along the top lids only!

How can we forget, your cheeks? For the selfie dewy cheeks create a nice glow so leave out the dull powders and apply a cream blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Now that you’re selfie superstar, your photo shoot is almost ready to start! One of the most important aspects of this picture is the angle. Avoid doubling your chin. A universally flattering angle is slightly above your face and having your face turned at an angle.  Another tip is to pay attention to the lighting. Professional photographers suggest using indirect light as opposed to shining light directly on a subject. You can achieve this effect by shinning your light onto a wall or using a large white poster board to bounce the sunlight onto you. Probably the most important factor in conquering the perfect selfie is just RELAX. Taking a picture of yourself is supposed to be fun, not stressful. Plus you have the ability to take as many photos as you want and can delete the ones that aren’t post worthy! Now you’re ready to be the selfie superstar we talked about earlier! Be a photographer for the day and showcase the art of yourself and your own work!

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