Quick Beauty Tip – DIY Lip & Body Scrub


With the ending months of winter and the incoming months of spring, you don’t want to be the girl who has a fabulous manicure accompanied by dry, cracked hands. Here in Florida, winter seems to be nonexistent but no matter where you are or what season it is, we all should take 5 minutes to make this scrub at home with stuff you probably already have.

Scrubs give you the opportunity to increase the circulation in your body, have glowing skin, sensuous lips, and are great exfoliants! A two-for-one recipe, this DIY works wonders for your entire body and pout!

Here’s how it’s made:

  1. Get 1/4 cup of coarse sugar. If you don’t have coarse sugar, you can use brown sugar or salt
  2. 1/2 lemon
  3. 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil
  4. 1/8 cup of Olive oil
  5. Mix all the ingredients together in a small bowl until the coconut oil chunks have disappeared. Once it’s done,  it should be a creamy consistency.
  6. Scrub your hands with this for 2 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Do not use soap! This allows the remaining oils to stay on your body and soak in.
  7. Pat dry with a towel

I love, love, love this scrub! It leaves my skin baby soft! But if you do not have time for that just use the Bliss Lemon + Sage body Scrub & the Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub. You’ll love the results!

The Beauty Place Team’s Favorite Products with SPF


  1. Bliss Everyday Face Lotion SPF 15
  2. Peter Thomas Roth Foundation
  3. Bosley Scalp Protect Spray
  4. Tan Towel

CC Creams Have Always Been Here!

CC creams - Moisturize, Protect, and Correct Skin

CC creams short for color and correct are the newest in skin care offering more benefits than BB creams. They are multi-tasking with high SPF’s, they moisturize better and contain effective anti-aging ingredients.

A great example is Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation SPF 30 1 oz. This foundation has a smooth oil-free finish, contains 30 SPF, gives a translucent coverage, smoothes fine lines, and delivers free radical fighting antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients.

Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Makeup-Less Tinted Moisturizer contains pigments that camouflage dark shadows and uneven color, reduces the look of expression lines and wrinkles, and contains a chemical free 30 SPF. This one shade fits all skin tones corrector is a great beauty pick for mornings when you have to run out the door.

Ready to experience what a CC cream can do?

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2012 at TheBeautyPlace.com

Mother’s Day 2012 is on May 13th! Have you picked out a gift for Mom yet? We have a great selection of hair care and skin care products sure to please Mom. Just so you know, more than half of the products are at less than $50! Check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2012. Here we feature a few of our favorites!

For gifting to a mom with a short hairstyle, the CHI Volumizer 3/4 Inch Iron features curved plates to create volume and lift at the roots and at the ends of hair. It provides multiple functions to achieve curls, straightened, flipped or wavy hairstyles. The plates use ceramic ionic technology to eliminate static and frizz.

Macadamia Natural Oil Gift Box Set brings hair care essentials which help in achieving and maintaining healthy, thick, and frizz-free hair. Every item in this best-selling hair care line is formulated with Macadamia and Argan oils. Both these oils are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and help to repair dry or damaged hair. The set includes a rejuvenating shampoo, a healing oil treatment, a deep repair masque and a natural oil infused comb. The shampoo and hair treatments are gentle for use on chemically enhanced hair. The wide-toothed comb detangles hair and works for effective and balanced application of the healing oil treatment and the deep repair masque.

Vitamin C and E are excellent ingredients in any skin care product for their anti-aging benefits. Vitamin C is the main ingredient featured in Murad Radiant Skin Renewal Kit and is one of the under $30 products available in TheBeautyPlace.com Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2012. The kit contains anti-aging skin treatments to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, and discoloration caused by age and sun damage. Included is the Essential-C cleanser, the active radiance serum, the age spot and pigment lightening gel and a moisturizer with SPF 30 for prevention of damage to skin by the sun’s UV rays. This kit is the best gift available in the gift guide. Mom deserves to be pampered and this kit has all the tools to do just that. Plus after using this line of skin care, Mom will notice her skin looks smoother and refreshed.

The best beauty products at discounted prices are at TheBeautyPlace.com. Do not scramble at the last minute looking for the perfect gift. Go to our Mother’s Day 2012 Gift Guide and get Mom the best gift! The gift of beauty! Come back and let us know what Mom thought.

Get SPF Protection Through Your Beauty Products

If you could acquire a lotion that can be used all over your body and prevented 90% of spots, wrinkles, and discoloration in your lifetime would you use it? Yes! Great! SPF or better known as sunscreen is this lotion! Sunscreen is a great anti-aging beauty tool yet not many of us take advantage of it. Here we list a few beauty products that you may already use and if you don’t, think about switching over. Your healthier, younger-looking, smooth skin self will thank you for it!

Your daily moisturizer should have a little sun protection. DDF Anti-Aging Daily Protective Moisturizer SPF 15 is a moisturizer and has a little sunscreen. It is lightweight and does not leave skin feeling greasy. This is an advantage for normal or oily skin types. You can use this facial moisturizer underneath makeup or if going natural your skin gives off a healthy glow.

Another moisturizer with 50 SPF and offers anti-aging benefits is the BioElements SPF 50 Facescreen. The formula is incredible and contains antioxidants, skin calming chamomile, and Chinese herbs. A moisturizer so hard working deserves an award!

Before you blow dry or flat iron, apply a hair treatment like Agadir Argan Oil. We feature it for its UV filtering qualities, but it is great for preventing thermal damage. It’s alcohol-free formula allows it to nourish and repair dry hair. Because it is full of antioxidants and vitamins it helps alleviate itchy scalp problems.

Still concentrating on hair care, we look to TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Weightless Shine Spray. It works as a finishing spray to add shine to any finished hairstyle while protecting hair from UV rays!
TIGI Rockaholic Rocktastic Hardcore Spray Gel is another hair care UV damage protector. It provides maximum hold to any hairstyle. Rocking an awesome hairstyle? The gel is humidity resistant so it will hold up when you are out and about.

There are plenty of beauty products with UV protection and choosing is easy! Look for the SPF notice. The best beauty products at discounted prices are available at TheBeautyPlace.com. Come look for your favorite! We can’t wait to hear from you.

The Best Night Cream for Younger Beauty

A quality night cream can lead to smooth, firm, and wrinkle free skin all while you sleep! When deciding on a face cream for use overnight, pick one that will work with your skin type. Know that when you catch your beauty sleep you are giving your skin time to regenerate. Using a night cream as part of your skin care routine like DDF Advanced Firming Cream is a great choice if you do not know where to start. Its formula is fragrance free and works as an anti-aging moisturizer. It is perfect for dry skin, because it provides the moisture dry skin needs. If you do not have dry skin, a moisturizer is still beneficial to use at night because that is when we lose the most hydration. Firming and smoothing of crow’s feet and lip lines are visible with this effective face cream. This hydrating anti-aging skin treatment fortifies and tightens the skin to reveal more healthy and radiant skin. Apply this cream at night, and if you have dry skin, during the day. Use it on face, neck and decollete. Treating all of these areas will help you achieve smooth and younger looking complexion.

If you currently use a night cream, let us know which you use and what results you have achieved. If you do not, start applying one now. The end-results are definitely worth it. The best beauty products at discounted prices are available at TheBeautyPlace.com. Find all your skin and hair care products with us.

Fruity and Floral Fragrances at TheBeautyPlace.com

Our favorite celebs love fans so much they want us to smell just like them! Fruity and floral scents are contained in uniquely designed bottles representing the signature personality of the celeb. One excellent example is Katy Perry’s PURR Eau De Parfum Perfume Spray. From looking at the bottle’s playful kitty cat design it simply motivates you to obtain it as a keepsake. However, the best thing about this perfume is its scent! It combines the scents of sweet peaches and apples with light floral jasmine blossom, Bulgarian rose, and vanilla orchid. It will leave you radiating sweet airiness. By the end of the day you will notice the scent of sandalwood and musk. This perfume emanates sweet charm and playfulness yet its appeal is very refined.

A scent that imparts glamour and sultriness is Kim Kardashian Signature Eau De Parfum Perfume Spray. Very feminine and sophisticated, this perfume is infused with soft jasmine, tuberose, and gardenia. Undertones like tonka bean, jacaranda wood and sandalwood warm down the fragrance.

For a sexy and sultry fragrance, Kim Kardashian Gold Eau De Parfum Spray is here to welcome summer! This scent’s opulence should totally be rocked with a cute summer dress and sandals.

For those of us interested in taking these fragrances anywhere, say in your purse, for travel or to spritz on after your shower at the gym you need to get Travalo Refillable Perfume Spray. It is available in 6 different colors so that you can distinguish all your favorite scents. It is wonderfully easy to use as you only use a pumping action to fill the refillable spray. If the thought of dropping and breaking your precious bottle of fragrance leaves you dismayed, you need to get this!

All of these fragrances and refillable perfume sprays are on sale now at TheBeautyPlace.com where you will find the best beauty products at discounted prices. Choose a scent because of the celebrity or take our word for it. We love these fragrances and we are sure you will too! Come back and let us know your favorite!

Overnight Cream for Oily Skin

Applying a night cream is an important beauty routine for effective anti-aging skin care. Night creams are formulated with active ingredients that nourish and repair specific skin conditions. A skin treatment that will take care of age spots caused by sun damage works great at night. When we sleep, our skin regenerates itself and attempts to repair any damage done throughout the day. Unfortunately, as we age, this process is not as quick as when we are younger thus our use of creams and treatments. An oily skin treatment like BioElements Oil Control Sleepwear controls oil production while smoothing and firming skin. It’s an overnight creme that increases hydration while controlling excess oil and repairing skin. Its main ingredients are retinol to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and regenerate skin, protein peptides to help stimulate collagen production, vitamin e and green tea to provide skin with antioxidants. Before you apply, cleanse face and neck to completely remove makeup and dirt. Apply the night cream immediately to dry face and neck. A small amount is all that is needed and included with the creme is a small measure spoon. After consistent use you will promote more firm skin and notice that fine lines and wrinkles are smoother. Having great skin whatever your age is a great confidence booster and you project a younger, brighter appearance. All it takes is an excellent and always easy skin care regimen. If you want to start today, check out a the full selection of BioElements Skin Care. The best beauty products at discounted prices are at TheBeautyPlace.com. See you there! Have any skin care tips? Let us know.

Must-Have Skin Care and Hair Care for Summer Beauty

TheBeautyPlace.com believes in offering their clients essential beauty products at discounted prices. With summer season beginning in a couple months, sun protection is a major focus for the consultants of the online retailer. Besides skin care to prevent sun damage, the consultants concentrate on hair care products to protect clients hair from exposure to the elements.
The consultants of TheBeautyPlace.com continually recommend to their clients the use of sunscreen year round, but when the warmer weather start coming around their recommendations become a passionate endeavor. Rebecca, the lead consultant, stated, “the best anti-aging skin treatment is sunscreen! Wrinkles, sun spots, leathery skin can be avoided if you were sunscreen.” Consultant favorites are Supergoop! SPF 30+ Sunstick .27oz and Supergoop! Everyday UV Body Moisturizing Sun Protection Lotion 15oz. Consultants recommend them for their cost-effectiveness and for their practicality. When using the sunstick, gliding the product across the skin is all that is needed to apply sun protection. The everyday SPF lotion, comes in a container with a pump so that perfect amounts are used for face and body. “Repeated sun damage can lead to other skin conditions like melanoma. Protecting you and your family is smart,” Rebecca stated.
A sun free glow is a favorite of the consultants. Their go-to sunless tanning product, Tan Towel, uses a towellete for convenient application. Clients constantly rave the beauty product provides streak-free and odor-free benefits. Olga, a regular client, stated, “Tan Towel is my favorite tanning product. I use it every time I want to have a bronzed look. I have gotten the same results in a tanning booth, but this is a safer alternative.” Tan Towel towelettes are infused with a clear self-tanning formula which produces a healthy a natural sunless tan in just a few hours. If a client wants a glow they can choose to apply Tan Towel Classic. If a client is looking for a deeper tan they can choose to apply Tan Towel Plus.
Agadir Argan Oil Spray Treatment 5.1oz is a hair treatment that conditions hair while providing protection from thermal styling and UV exposure. It repairs and adds elasticity to dry, damaged hair. Providing nourishing with Vitamin E, lineolic acid, unsaturated fatty acids and Omega-9. Rebecca stated, “this is a great styling product and protection for hair from the sun. If you braided your hair to go to the beach or park, undo the braids and spritz this on and scrunch your hair with your fingers for a beachy hairstyle. The smell of this treatment is amazing. ” It also ideal for use with flat irons, blow dryers and other heat appliances.
Another summer beauty product is TIGI Bed Head Brunette Goddess Shine Spray 4.23oz to help achieve shiny hair. Shiny hair gives off the impression of strength and health. The shine spray’s consistency is non-greasy and helps define natural and color-treated highlights. It also conditions hair leaving it soft and smooth. Jennifer said, “any hairstyle looks great with a little shine, and since its non-greasy you can’t go overboard.”

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