Flat Iron Your Hair Like a Pro

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Flat irons are the best way to get stick straight hair that shines and moves. However, if you don’t use a flat iron correctly, it can have very damaging effects on your hair. Flat irons can give off quite a bit of heat. If you saw the much-awaited season premier of Jersey Shore Season 4 in Italy last night, you saw Deena burn off a good chunk of her hair with a piping-hot hair iron. The following tips to flat iron your hair like a pro will help you avoid damaging it like Deena!

Wash your hair properly. A flat iron is less effective on dirty or oily hair. If you flat iron your hair on a daily basis, use a thermal protection shampoo and conditioner, such as those in the CHI Infra Home Stylist Kit, $40. Side note: try not to flat iron your hair every day.

Do not use any hair products after washing (aside for some thermal protection like CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray, $11 or a straightening balm like Straight Sexy Hair Power Straight Balm, $11.59).

Dry your hair completely with a professional hair dryer (roots to tips). Even slight moisture can cause damage to your hair AND flat iron.

After your hair is dry, now you may apply the straightening balm and heat protection spray mentioned above.

Comb out any tangles in your hair while you give your hair iron a few minutes to heat up.

Of course, start by owning a professional flat iron.

Divide your hair into 4 sections.

Iron sections a maximum of 1 inch wide (beginning at the bottom and moving towards the top).

Do not let the hair iron sit on any one piece of hair for too long. Keep the iron constantly moving.

Comb through hair after each section is straightened.

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How to Use a Flat Iron – The Right Way

Flat irons hit the market with a strong slug a few years ago. Every girl in every city was using one. Over time, manufacturers got it right; we were all introduced to the ceramic flat irons and all of our former irons went in the trash. Ceramic irons became so popular because they diffuse heat better and cause less damage. Nowadays, a flat iron is essential for any girl with straight or wavy hair. CHI is a brand that became renowned as a quality hair flat iron. Today, CHI flat irons are still considered hairstylists favorite flat iron. These pricey hair styling tools stay around for several years, giving you definite bang for your buck. To get the most from your CHI flat iron, make sure you have perfected the art of utilizing a flat iron.

Step 1: Apply styling cream such as the CHI Straight Guard to damp hair from the middle of hair length down to the tips. If you want extra straight hair, use a straightening balm such as Straight Sexy Hair Power Straight Balm.

Step 2: Spray hair with a heat-protective spray such as the CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray.

Step 3: Part hair into four or five sections and blow each section dry. Make sure hair is thoroughly dried before using the flat iron.

Step 4: Take a one or two-inch section of hair and clamp the iron as close to the scalp as possible. Slowly pull iron down to the tips. Work your way from the bottom layer of hair to the top.

Step 5: Rub gloss such as the Sexy Hair Shine On Polishing Gloss between your hands and apply to hair for extra shine and for anti-frizz support. For frizz along the hairline, spray hairspray on a disposable toothbrush and gently brush it down.

How to clean a ceramic flat iron?

Whether you use your hair straightening iron occasionally or regularly, it will eventually develop a film of residue, resulting from the hair products you use as well as natural oils and dirt in your hair. It is important to clean the ceramic plates in your hair straightener in order for it to work more efficiently and because the build-up can damage your hair by snagging and pulling.

Fortunately, learning how to clean ceramic plates on a straightener is quite simple. First, make sure the flat iron is unplugged and cool. Then, either spray the ceramic plates with a cleaner designed specifically for thermal hairstyling tools (available at beauty supply stores and most drugstores), or you can saturate a piece of cotton with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover and let it soak for a minute or so. Rub the plates vigorously with either cotton or a clean cloth. Do not use strong solvents or scrub with anything abrasive, as you may damage the plates.

Clean any small crevices with a cotton swab and/or an orange stick covered with cotton or soft cloth, which is how to clean the hair off the hair straightener that may have gotten stuck as well as other dirt particles. Finally, wipe the entire flat iron with a clean, damp towel to remove any chemicals used during cleaning.

Repeat this process after each use of your flat iron or at the very least when you start seeing a residue building up.

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