Which Tan Towel is right for you?

Spring has just started, but the weather doesn’t seem to be ready to change! It makes it a little difficult to be fresh & sun kissed, when we’re still bundled up in our Winter clothes! We have a solution for you…  Tan Towel! You’re probably thinking “I will end up looking like an orange” or even better, “an orange Zebra”. Well, you’re wrong! You can achieve a gorgeous tan safely at home with these very practical tanning towelettes. Application is simple, the solution is odorless, and it does not streak! A fabulous perk these tanning towelettes provide is that you can prevent tanning lines! No one likes a strapless dress with an invisible bikini top sticking out. Tan Towels are the next best thing next to the bandeaux top!

Now to the real question… Which one do I use? Well our amazing team has created this simple flow chart for you to follow and figure out which is the best for skin color & skin type. Happy bronzing!

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Tan Skin Without Sun Damage

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Summer is just around the corner and for some of us, it feels like it’s already arrived. Hot weather calls for more skin exposure and bikinis. It’s only natural for you to worry about looking as good as possible when you are showing more skin. One accessory that has long been in style is a tan. You look better and sexier with a healthy glow. A tan also helps hide cellulite and makes you look thinner. At the same time, (fortunately) more and more people are recognizing the serious dangers associated with tanning and excessive sun exposure.

– One intense sunburn can boost your risk of skin cancer. As little as just five bad sunburns can double your risk of skin cancer.

– Tanning beds can cause unattractive dark spots; receiving short spurts of intense UV exposure is the fastest way to damage and age your skin.

Get a beautiful tan while minimizing the risks.

Tip 1: Avoid midday sun and sun overexposure to prevent pigmentation marks.

Tip 2: Regularly wear sunscreen of at least 30 SPF on your face. A good option is the Kinerase Daily Defense Cream.

Tip 3: Get a safe, year-round natural-looking tan using TanTowel self-tanning towelettes. The towelettes come in two different shades of darkness (original TanTowel or TanTowel Plus) and are easy to apply sans mess. Use the towelettes on dry, clean skin and for even darker results, just reapply it more frequently.

Tip 4: Use a product like the DDF Hyperpigmentation Protect & Correct SPF 15 to get ride of minor discoloration.

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