The Best Beauty Products Celebrities Love Under $30

While A-list celebrities tend to gravitate toward high-end makeup brands, there are actually a lot of stars out there who are hooked on inexpensive products. But don’t let the price fool you—they’re as high quality as it gets. From foundation to lipstick, we’ve found some of the most affordable makeup products in the market right now that come with a stamp of approval right from your favorite Hollywood actresses.


Celebrity makeup always begins with a flawless base; namely, Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizer Primer ($30.99). Vanessa Hudgens wore this primer to the MTV Video Music Awards back in August, showcasing seemingly perfect skin. No surprise though, as this two-in-one product gives you a glowing complexion while blurring out all of your pores like a selfie filter.,c_limit/beauty-2015-05-jennifer-aniston-beauty-star-main.png

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It’s hard to believe that Jennifer Aniston is almost 50 years old with skin that amazing, but one of her secret weapons is Youngblood Liquid Foundation ($26.99). “I like how lightweight it is and it blends well,” she told The Cut, adding that she could also build up more coverage if needed. Infused with ocean minerals, green tea extract, and more, this fragrance-free product does as much good to your skin from within as it does on the outside.


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For touching up any spots, Gal Gadot’s makeup artist revealed to HELLO! that she loves using bareMinerals bareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer ($16.99) on her. In fact, she said it’s “one of her favorite products of all time.” If it’s good enough for Wonder Woman, it’s good enough for us mortals! The silky smooth formula is guaranteed to cover up both your under eye circles and discolorations while not being heavy on the skin.


You may know Jennifer Lopez for that signature “J. Lo Glow,” but even she turns to powder to set her makeup. Used by her and Kirsten Dunst, Glo Minerals Pressed Base ($26.99) gives the skin an all-over even finish. You can use it either as a skin-colored setting powder or as a replacement for foundation if you’re not a fan of liquid formulas.

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Emma Watson is all about eco-friendly and ethical beauty products, which is why she turns to Jane Iredale Liquid Eye Liner ($15.99) in Brown. She told The Gloss that it took her six months to find a good, natural eyeliner, but that this one’s it—and we agree. The latex-free eyeliner is gentle and nourishing on the skin thanks to essential oils like rosemary leaf and radish root extracts.


To finish off any makeup look, a nude lip color is essential. Youngblood Lipstick ($12.99) is a great option as it’s a super pigmented lipstick formulated with natural oils and minerals. In fact, celebrity makeup artist Monika Blunder told Glamour she applied the lipstick in Brown Sugar on Jessica Alba for a gala to accentuate the natural fullness of her lips. It also comes in 24 other colors so you can pick the perfect shade for your skin.

Cut Your Own Bangs

Bangs are everywhere you look these days. Vanessa Hudgens has them; Hilary Duff; Emma Stone – the hair trend is in full force. Should you get inspired to do them one day and you don’t want to make an appointment to then chicken out during the wait for the big day, cut your bangs yourself! Surprisingly, cutting your bangs well is simple as long as you become familiar with the steps and you use the right tools. Most important are the technique, correct sectioning and the right scissors.

First thing’s first: Make sure you start with dry hair so that your bangs are cut to the actual length at which you want them to hang.

Sectioning: Collect hair starting 1 inch in from your hairline (in the middle of your face) and gradually thinning towards the sides. Clip the rest of your hair back and out of the way with Bio Ionic iTools iClips. DO NOT section your bangs wider than the outsides of your eyebrows.

Cutting: Using hair-cutting scissors, hold the scissors vertically and cut vertically. Use the tip of the scissors to point cut so your bangs don’t form a very strong, straight line across your face.

– Cut the edges slightly longer for a softer, more natural look.

If you have a cowlick in your bangs: Using a fine-tooth comb like any in the T3 Professional Comb Collection and a Bio Ionic iDry Whisper Light Pro-Dryer, comb your bangs in towards the middle of your face while blow-drying.

Good Luck! And if you try it, let me know how it came out 🙂

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