How to Get a Voluminous Blowout

TIGI Bed Head Cocky Texturizing Paste

If you are always going for a sleek and smooth blowout try a voluminous blowout for a change in just a few easy steps. Blow drying your hair is the only styling step required to get this hairstyle with lots of volume and bounce. First, start by cleansing hair to get rid of any styling products that might wear your hair down. Then apply TIGI Bed Head Cocky Thickening Paste on damp hair and blow dry. The paste will help fine hair appear thicker and fuller. We also found that the paste added texture and strength to our strands and added great volume and shine. Also, the movement and bounce it created made our hair appear gorgeous and luscious. Try these steps to achieve a sexy voluminous blowout next time you decide to blow dry. Come back to and let us know your great results.

(Easy) Tricks for Creating Volume

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There really doesn’t need to be a whole hoopla to get some volume in your hair. It’s actually pretty simple. Choose the route you want to use: a styling product or a styling tool.

Using a styling product:
First, it would be helpful to wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner such as the Rusk Full Shampoo and Rusk Full Green Tea & Alfalfa Bodifying Conditioner After you have styled your hair, to add a bit of volume, just spray some hairspray such as the CHI Helmet Head Hair Spray on the roots in the front of your hair, right at the part. Also, mist your fingers with hairspray. Run your fingers along the hair from the front of the hairline to about an inch back into the hair part. Lift that section straight up, and then gently let it fall back down. Voila! Subtle volume 🙂

Using a styling tool:
The latest issue of Allure featured a section where they discussed how you should go about finding the right flat iron for your hair texture. For fine hair, Allure recommended the CHI Volumizer, which has curved plates that add some boost to your roots.

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