Get the Look: How to Achieve Sexy Tousled Hair

Do you ever stop in your tracks when you see a woman with an absolutely glorious mane? I know I do—especially when that hair is casually tousled to perfection. It’s that look that’s so undone and so unfussy that somehow it just seems like the style to have. Do you have what it takes to pull off that chic, beachy hair? Of course! Here’s how to make that tousled look yours, with a few products from



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Start with clean, dry hair. Second-day hair can be easier to style, but if you’re doing that be sure to apply some TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo ($8.99). Just massage it into your roots to soak up excess oil and buildup.



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Now it’s time to get started on your glamorous beach style. Apply a spray specifically formulated to give your hair that telltale texture, such as Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray ($14.95). It contains sea salt, which lends your hair that lively look. Simply spritz it on all over and scrunch gently with your fingers. If your hair needs a little extra boost, apply it to your roots and lift your hair slightly to increase volume. (Bonus: You can use this directly on wet hair, too; just spray on and let it air dry!)




Next, bring those waves to life with TIGI Foxy Curls Contour Crème ($11.99). This highly effective emollient does several things at once: it reduces frizz, smoothes wayward strands, resists humidity, and holds your waves in place.

To create beach waves with this product, rub a nickel-sized amount in between your hands. Separate your hair into sections, roping them off piece by piece into tight coils simply by twisting with your hands. While these coils press against your head, use your coated hand to scrunch them firmly. Then release.

And that’s it—no need to finish with hair spray or other styling products, or you risk losing that lovely texture and playful wave that makes this look such a summertime standout. You can find all of the products you need, plus more summer beach finds, at

Tutorial Tuesday – Sea Salt Spray Recipe

celebrity-beach-wavesIf you’re envious of the gorgeous beach waves that walk the red carpet, join the club! Almost all beachy wave hair tutorials tell you do use a sea-salt spray. Here is our favorite recipe for one that is super simple and gives you a Hollywood look! You will need: a clean spray bottle, 1 cup of water, 1 tsp of sea salt, 1 tsp of hair gel (you can steal your boyfriend’s for extra hold), and 4 drops of essential oil. The last ingredient is optional, but will add scent to your mixture.

Mix the above ingredients in your spray bottle and spritz onto damp hair. Scrunch up each piece you spray. Pair this look with a nice Sunless Tanner and you’ll look like you spent the day on the beach!

Holiday Party Hairstyles

You’re bound to attend a couple of holiday parties this month. It seems people dress to impress at these parties, and surely, you still want to turn heads in this crowd of beautiful, decked out people. Try something new to spice up your look. Make your style more fun, more elegant or sexier with the perfect hair-do. Following are a few of my favorites and the how-to’s to achieve them:

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Natural, Sophisticated Waves
Sultry waves have been in style for some time now, and they’re still going strong.  I touched on one technique to create the look in the Sex and the City 2 Makes Waves post, but another way to get elegant, classy waves is to apply BioSilk Silk Mousse to wet hair before blow-drying hair. Use Bio Ionic Nano Blue Wave Large Round Brush while you dry your hair. Curl 2-inch sections of hair all over with a large-barrel CHI curling iron. Wait a couple of minutes for the hair to cool off and gently comb your fingers through your hair to loosen the waves. Lock in your style with CHI Enviro Flex Hold Hair Spray.

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Neat, Polished Bun

A nice, clean bun can really dress up your ensemble – if you do it right. Start the process of creating an elegant hair bun by blow-drying your hair straight. Use Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Paste Texture Pomade to slick back your hair and pull it into a ponytail. Secure the ponytail with an elastic band and twist your hair around the base before pinning your ends underneath.

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Fun, Easy Braided Twist
This popular braided twist is being worn by a lot of today’s celebrities. Good news: it’s easy to do AND looks fun and feminine! Apply TIGI Bed Head After-Party Smoothing Cream throughout damp hair. On both sides of your hair partition, separate 2-inches of hair and begin a French braid on each side that continues down and around your head until the two braids meet in the lower back of the head. Twist the ends and then secure them with bobby pins at the nape.

Sexy, Classy Chignon
Class up your look with a sexy, elegant chignon. To get the look, spritz Big Sexy Spray & Play Hairspray on the front part of your dried hair. Comb that section back with your fingers to create some volume. Roll the entire rest of your hair into a French twist and pin it up. Smooth back the front section and pin it at the crown of the head.

If you try out any of these looks for upcoming holiday parties, feel free to send me a picture to show me how it came out. I’d love to see it!

Sex and the City 2 Makes Waves

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The sequel to Sex and the City hit theaters May 27th and many fans across the country had their tickets before that first opening day. I personally think Sex and the City should have been allowed to fade out with its already-achieved success and glory after the first movie. In any case, my subject of interest is style and beauty – which is something that each of these characters certainly have. I was able to find some of the backstage hair tips shared by Frank Barbosa, the head of the movie’s Hair Department, and of course, I’m going to share them with you. For this movie, the characters rocked flawless waves. This is how they got them:

  1. Start with a base of blow-dried hair.
  2. Spray hair with a finishing spray that creates instant hold. (Joico Joi Mist Firm Finishing Spray)
  3. Wrap locks of hair around a closed 1 ½ inch FHI Heat curling iron, securing the end under the clamp.
  4. Release the curl and loosen it by running your fingers through it.
  5. Do this all around the head.
  6. Finish the look with a spray like CHI Shine Infusion Polishing Spray to add shine.
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