The Key to Wrinkle-Free Skin

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Around age 35, our body’s natural ability to produce collagen begins to dwindle. Collagen is a tough, rubbery protein that gives our skin structure. Without as much collagen, our skin thins and wrinkles. A good amount of collagen is essential to younger-looking skin. Sun, smoke and pollution are other contributing factors in the loss of collagen. The intake of certain foods (fish, white tea, berries, soy and dark green, orange, red and water-rich vegetables) boosts collagen. A combination of collagen and elastin keeps skin firm and flexible.

Some benefits of collagen include:
Less cellulite
Fewer stretch Marks

Topical skincare products such as the DDF Anti Aging Wrinkle Resist Pore Minimizer or Kinerase C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment can help maintain the skin’s strength and volume. Collagen skincare products can accelerate the healing of wounds as well as repair damaged collagen. Topical skincare collagen creams normally take about three to four weeks to show visible results; however, you must continue to use the skincare collagen cream to maintain the effects.

Stay Wrinkle-Free, Longer

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Wrinkles and fine lines can begin moving in with every smile or facial expression starting as early as when you are in your 20s. Other factors that contribute to wrinkling include the loss of collagen, oil and elastin in your skin as you get older. The key to maintaining youthful-looking skin for a longer amount of time is to start practicing preventive measures as soon as possible.

Avoid Excess Sun Exposure

Some sun exposure is good. It’s necessary to get your Vitamin D. If you are going to be spending extended amounts of time outside, protect your skin with a lotion that contains SPF of at least 15.  (Murad Perfecting Day Cream SPF 30)


Dead skin is shed more slowly as you get older. Get through that flaky layer and may way for fresh skin by exfoliating with a scrub made of synthetic beads at least twice a week. (Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Buffing Beads)

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that protects from environmental harm such as the sun, which causes skin to wrinkle and sag. Invest in a facial moisturizer containing l-ascorbic acid, which is the type of vitamin C that is most easily absorbed by the skin.  (Kinerase Cream)

Eye Cream

Apply an eye cream with retinol to minimize crow’s feet before going to bed. Retinol makes skin sensitive to the sun so put it on at the end of the day.  (Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream)

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